by Alana
(Phoneix Arizona)

I have severe anxiety that has somaticized into multiple body symptoms. I have severe agitation and while trying to practice meditation it is very difficult. I would like your perspective on a nervous system that is so highly activated. I am totally disabled.

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Response to Anxiety
by: Elle

Hi Alana,
I feel for you and your anxiety! Sometimes when we can't still our minds, we can use our bodies in moving meditations to help us calm ourselves. I love Yoga, of course, and in my Body Moments newsletter, I give you great ideas to help you calm yourself. (You can subscribe for free by clicking on the left column under "Body Moments.")
In my February Issue, I give you a moving meditation using the Child's Pose. You can find it here:
Body Moments, 2-16-12.
I also suggest you do calming poses like the Legs Up the Wall Pose that you can find here, in my August issue from last year.
Body Moments, 8-28-11.
Really pay attention to your breath and focus on it only. If your mind wanders, just bring your attention back to your breath. If you do these yoga meditations at least twice a day you should see improvement.
You may wish to seek expert help and counseling to help you get your life back on track. All the best to you on your healing journey!

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