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Hello! Welcome to In the Moment with a Twist on the Foam Roller!
January 13, 2012

In the Moment with a Twist on the Foam Roller!
Issue #015 - January 20, 2012

Happy New Year to All!

I am rather behind the eight-ball in regards to the New Year. I never made any resolutions, but I have been thinking a lot about what direction I wish to travel in 2012.

I did burn my sorrows from 2011 in a fire that my spirituality group built, just last week. The fire was symbolic to rid ourselves of all that will not serve us in 2012. I wrote my sorrows on a piece of paper and threw them into the fire. I felt cleansed.

My life is spinning fast now, and I am trying to collect myself and re-group from all that occurred in December of 2011. Read the article under #2 below, to see why I am still spinning.

I am scheduled to teach yoga classes already, in my apartment complex, two evenings a week. Yet, I still feel unsettled! My affirmation for now, is that I tell my heart that I am on my special path, making the best of each and every day!

So, Happy Belated New Year to All! I hope that you take a step to make this an important and meaningful year for you, full of hope, joy and travel in the direction that your heart wants to go!

I am an RYT!

For those of you who do not know, I completed my yoga teacher training in December, 2011. I am now a Registered Yoga Teacher, or RYT, registered with the Yoga Alliance! It is official. Read about my yoga teacher training experience at Yoga Teacher Training. It was an emotional whirlwind!

In the Moment with a Twist on the Foam Roller

Twists are wonderful movements in yoga. They massage your organs and wring out any congestion and toxins. They rejuvenate you more than most yoga poses. I think we all could use a little more rejuvenating in the New Year.

My twist for this month's Body Moment, indeed adds an additional twist, in that I will encourage you to do this movement on the foam roller.*** If you do not have a foam roller, just roll up a blanket in your yoga mat and create one. You won't feel as much pressure as a foam roller, but it will work, none-the-less. Or you can use a nice supportive cushion or a yoga bolster if you have one. Any option will do.

I feel that by getting your hips up a bit, you are actually creating a simple inversion. Inversions increase the circulation to your head and organs of your torso, which is why they are rejuvenating. We just don't ever invert much and its benefits I believe you will find very invigorating. Please don't raise your hips if you have a headache or a migraine.

Knees to chest

on foam roller, knees in neutral position.

Starting position on foam roller, with knees up.

We start this Body Moment on the foam roller that is placed under your hips, just above your tailbone but below your lower back, on the bony area of the sacrum. Your knees should be bent, like in the knees-to-chest yoga position. However, keep your knees pointed upward vertically, as shown in the picture.

Take a moment to center yourself in this position, and turn your attention to your breath. If you are on a foam roller, you may wrap your arms around the roller for stability. Begin to breathe deeply, for several breaths. As you breathe, set an intention that during this Body Moment that you are going to wring out the old and bring in the new. Focus for several minutes on these thoughts and on your breath.

Knees to chest, on foam roller with knees rolled to the right.

Knees rolled to right side.

Then, when you are ready, very slowly lower your knees toward one side, twisting through your upper back or thoracic spine. Your hips should remain on the foam roller, and your knees will just hang over the edge. Keep both shoulders on the ground for the most twist. Hold this position.

As you breathe into the twist to the right, with each exhale, see if you can sink a little lower, wringing out more of the old sorrows and toxins. Breath here for a few more breaths.

If you feel very comfortable in the twist and want to intensify the stretch, go ahead and straighten your top (left) leg, until your foot touches the floor. (not pictured). Breathe. Exhale and sink farther into the twist. Let your legs follow your breath as you exhale and sink lower. Let your breath be your guide as to how far you can go. If you have to hold your breath to maintain the pose, ease up until you can breathe again slowly and comfortably.

Knees to chest, on foam roller with knees pointed up in neutral position.

Back to neutral position.

Knees to chest, on foam

roller with knees rolled to the left

Knees rolled to the left side.

When you are ready, slowly bring your knees back up to the neutral position. Pause here for a few breaths, as you really fill your lungs with renewed energy, energy to fill the space that you just created from the wringing out!

Now repeat the same steps on the left side, by twisting your body to the left as your knees meet the foam roller. Remember to keep both shoulders grounded on the floor.

Knees to chest, on foam roller with knees pointed up in neutral position.

Back to neutral position.

To finish this pose, you may wish to hug your knees together and squeeze them into your chest, as a final movement. By doing so, you will release your lower back. Do this only if you feel drawn to this movement, as your body allows.

As you release one final time, you may wish to affirm, "God/the Universe supports me." "I relax into the moment and am rejuvenated and renewed!" "I see the world with a new attitude and I am full of Hope and Joy." "All is well in this New Year."

Take few more minutes to come out of this inversion slowly. Place your feet on the floor, with your knees still bent. Lift your hips and remove the foam roller or cushions. Slowly lower your hips and then one leg at a time. When you are flat on your back, roll to your right side and breathe here a minute. Then, push your body up to sitting with your arms. Don't stand up right away, so you don't black out.

If your heart is drawn to this Body Moment, and you repeat this exercise as much as possible in the coming month you will ease into your new sense of feeling rejuvenated. By practicing this Body Moment, it will become easier to see your life in a new and more positive way. Then when you are feeling stressed out, just hold the feeling of wringing and rejuvinating that you experienced with this Body Moment, and your mind will automatically relax and your body along with it! In this way, you will transfer the skills from Yoga to your actual life.

'May you always feel support from the Energy from above as you relax, wring out and rejuvenate! Learn this life skill when you spend this moment with your body.'

***Note: If you don't yet own a foam roller, my intuitive movement tool of choice, you can get one at Amazon. They have a complete selection in all price ranges. Get the 36 inch one to start. You can do more with it, like the above exercise, and it is easier to learn on.

If you click on either of these links and purchase a foam roller, I will earn a small commission. I thank you and your body-mind-soul will thank you too! I promise that I will bring you many more Body Moments with a foam roller so you can put it to great use! Also see my link to the Back Issues of Body Moments, below.

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