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Hello! Welcome to the First Issue of Body Moments Newsletter!
October 31, 2010

Body Moments ~ In the Moment with your Neck!
Issue #001 - October 31, 2010

Sit quietly, upright in your chair. Close your eyes. Take 5 deep, cleansing breaths. Sense your diaphragm as it moves downward and your upper abdomen swells outward as you draw the air deeply into your lungs. When you feel relaxed, turn your attention to your neck. Notice any sensations you feel. Does you neck feel tired? Stiff? Achy? Relaxed?

While still keeping your eyes closed, slowly touch your chin to your chest. Then let you head fall backward, gently, as far as it goes. Notice how this feels. Did your neck crack? Do you hear crunchy or crackly sounds? Which was easier, forward or backward? Did your neck create sounds one way or with both movements? Reflect on the possible meaning of moving forward or backward with your neck.

Now take your right ear and try to touch your shoulder, without shrugging the shoulder. Does your neck crack this time? Now take your left ear and try to touch your left shoulder. Which movement was easier? Reflect on the meaning of the right side, (left-brain controlled) fluidity versus the left side (right-brain controlled).

Next, keeping your head upright and straight, rotate your head to look over your right shoulder. Rotate back to center and then to the left to look over your left shoulder. Reflect on the right side fluidity versus the left.

Now try a tension/relaxation exercise. This time, when you rotate your head to the left, as far as it will go, place your right hand on the right side of your face. When your head is rotated as far to the left as it will go, start the movement to rotate your head back to center. Prevent this rotation back to center by pushing back with your right hand into your chin. Attempt harder to rotate your neck to the center. Push harder with your right hand into your chin, preventing the movement. Hold this tension for 5 seconds as your push against your hand. Now relax and return your head to the center. Now rotate your head again to the left. Is it easier than the first time? Can you go farther with the rotation to the left after the tension exercise? Repeat the exercise on the other side.

Very interesting exercise, isn’t it? The difference between a relaxed muscle versus a tight/tense one, and the freedom of movement is pronounced. The range of motion is so much more when the muscle is taught to relax. Try it again, later, but first focus your breath to be even deeper and relax further into the exercise, by making it deeply meditative.

Does your neck scream in agony when you do these simple movements? Is your neck simply tired of carrying your head around? Is it tired of supporting your brain? Is your neck rebelling against the burdens it needs to bear from your head? Could it be the burden from your brain that over-thinks, over-works and over-drives? Does your neck just want to lay your head down? Is the tension in your neck because of your head?

Or, has the person who is your ‘pain in the neck’ manifested itself as an actual, physical pain in your neck? Is the feelings you hold toward someone becoming your reality, your ‘pain in the neck?’ Do you need to release your negativity in regards to this person? Does your spirit need to honor the spirit in the other, regardless of your differences? Is this ‘pain in the neck’ one you wish to hold if the negativity brings you physical pain in your neck?

Are you stiff-necked? Does this inflexibility of your neck represent inflexibility elsewhere in your life?

Observe your thoughts when you attempt to perform the various movements of your neck.

When you come to understand the message your neck is presenting to you, say affirmations for your neck. Affirm that you release your neck from carrying your "head" around. Affirm that you surrender your head and its control over your neck. Affirm that you are flexible and flowing. Affirm that you are tolerant and accepting of all opinions and points of view. Affirm that you see from all neck angles, all points of view. Affirm that health for your neck is attained. Affirm that your burden’s are light and you are able to create body moments to release your tension, release your control. Affirm that love flows into your life, into your neck to bring you tolerance, bring you freedom and bring you joy.

Be lovingly aware of your neck every day for the coming week.

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