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Hello! Welcome to Body Moments ~ In the Moment with Your Hands!
November 23, 2010

Body Moments ~ In the Moment with your Hands ~ A Hand Meditation!
Issue #002 - November 23, 2010

Allow at least 15 minutes for this exercises to be the most effective. Sit on the floor, in a comfortable position, Indian style, or lotus style, whichever is best for you. If it is too painful for you to sit on the floor, sit in a chair with your feet supported. Keep your spine erect.

In the ancient Qi Gong practice in China, they believe that merely by keeping the spine erect, that energy or 'Qi' (same as "Chi") can more easily flow.

When you have found a comfortable sitting position, with your spine erect, and your shoulders and neck relaxed, start to center yourself. Focus on your breath as you breath in and out. Allow time to have your body sink into the position and relax. Feel your body relaxing as you keep your spine erect. B-r-e-a-t-h-e.

When you are ready, turn your focus to your hands. If they are in your lap or at your sides, turn them upwards and place them on your knees. As you continue to breathe, notice the mild tingling in your fingers as you turn your attention to your hands. Just for awhile, feel this tingling and meditate on your hands. Understand that it is your hands that are your tools in life - they are how you "handle" all things. So now, peacefully and meditatively, "take matters into your own hands."

When you are ready, bring your hands into the prayer position and place them in front of your chest. Notice if your wrists crack or hurt when you do this movement. Slowly and reverently, lean your weight of your arms into your hands, deepening the stretch at your wrist. Keep your hands touching at all points and breathe. Notice how you hands feel.

When you are ready, slowly and meditatively raise your hands, still in the prayer position, to the center of your forehead. Ask your 'third eye' for wisdom, to help you 'see' any issues that you have with your hands. Meditate here and breathe.

When you are ready, bring your hands back down to your chest, still in the prayer position. Notice any sensations with your hands in this position. Notice if you feel any energy coming from your heart. Take a moment and love your hands, and how much they help you handle the events in your life. Thank your hands for their help. Feel lovingly toward your hands as you meditate here for a moment. Lovingly release your hands from any duties as you stay in the moment with your hands. Send your hands unconditional love.

When you are ready, with you hands still in the prayer position, rotate your hands to point outward, away from your body and towards the wall. Feel your wrists, forearms and hands stretch as you sink into the movement. Keep your shoulders relaxed. Notice any sensations of discomfort, or release. Tell your hands that they can relax and release into this moment.

Now bring your hands back to pointing upward. Spread your fingers wide open, and roll the palms outward until only your fingers are touching. Your arms and hands should form one straight line as you stretch into your fingers. Keep each finger touching the other, opposite finger. Now keep rolling until only the tips of each finger touches the opposite finger.

Focus your attention on each and every finger as you stretch them. Notice any feelings in each or all of your fingers. Meditate here for a moment.

When you are ready, bring your hands back to the center in the prayer position. Now, rotate them inward, so the fingers point into your chest, still keeping all points of your hands and fingers touching. Feel the sensations here. Notice anything unusual or freeing.

You may also try pointing your hands downward, from either direction, if you are able.

When you finish and come out of your stretch, allow your hands and wrists to relax. Feel the tingle and the relaxation.

Your hands definitely tell your story. Are you fingers crooked and bent? Are they stiff? Do you have arthritis? What is in your life that is difficult to handle? Do you work too hard at a computer? Do you take frequent hand stretching breaks, like this one to help you handle your work load easier? Or is your work load too hard to handle? Or is it your kids that are too hard to handle? Do you always handle too many things, or do you have to control everything by always taking matters into your own hands?

When you do this hand meditation, meditate on what your Body Window is trying to tell you through your hands!

Be lovingly aware of your hands every day for the coming week. They are how you 'handle' all things in your life. Be thankful for your hands!

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