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December 21, 2012

Body Moments ~ In the Moment with Your Single Flame
Issue #026 - December 21, 2012

Peace begins in the heart of each of us, as we realize that we are all made of the same, Divine essence. Within us is the single flame, that Divine Light awaiting to be ignited.

Single Candle Flame

For the Holiday season, I have chosen a very simple meditation. Though simple, its meaning cannot be undermined. The meditation starts in the heart, our metaphorical center of Love. While it may be easy to be open-hearted during this season of giving, it is not so easy to practice the same Spirit every single day of our lives.

The meditation begins with sitting upright quietly in a comfortable position for you. Notice your feet, if you are sitting in a chair. Feel your feet pushing into the floor below you. Feel the seat below you as you firmly push downward as you inhale and elongate your spine. Keep you hands open on your thighs and focus on slowly and deeply breathing in and out.

Now turn your attention to the center of your chest. Imagine a small flame, a single candle, YOUR flame, burning brightly and glowing with warmth. As you inhale, filling your chest with energy, watch your flame glow even brighter and warmer.

On the exhale, imagine this energy, of Love and Warmth, rising up your chest, dividing and moving out to your shoulders, and down your arms, and out to the world, through your hands.

Inhale again, and make your flame grow again, only to repeat the process of sending your loving flame of warmth outward to the world.

As you send your Loving energy, affirm "We are all united in Love." "I send Peace to all." "I send Love to all." "There is Hope for us all."

Notice how you feel when you send this Love to the world.

So as not to leave you depleted, the Second step of the meditation is in the Receiving.

While still centered in your breath, imagine a Great Ball of Love, bright and warm, hovering over your body above your head. Inhale, and send your energy up from your chest, out through your head, to reach for that Light. On the exhale, imagine that the Light from above, enters through your head, and down your back and into your heart and your core.

Repeat this process until you feel filled and renewed with Love and Light. You may wish to affirm, "I am filled with Love from God/the Universe." "I am Love." "I am open to receive Love for me alone."

Since Giving is Receiving and vice versa, don't forget to do both steps of this meditation.

May you be filled with Love and Peace as your ignite your single flame, to unite with all!"

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