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Hello Welcome to In the Moment with a Standing Twist!
May 19, 2013

In the Moment with a Standing Twist!
Issue #031 - May 19, 2013

Recently I have been writing articles on moving and balancing your subtle body energy. This is what yoga does, regardless if you realize it or not. When you do yoga and body meditations such as these in Body Moments, you change your energy in your body, for the better!

This month I have chosen a wonderful and simple meditation to open your third chakra, for personal power. This is an energizing meditation that activates your core and ignites the personal fire within you!
Yoga Standing Twist, Center

Begin by inhaling your arms up.

Yoga Standing Twist, Left

Exhale and twist to the left.

Yoga Standing Twist, Center

Inhale and release back to the center.

Yoga Standing Twist, Right

Exhale and twist to the right.

Yoga Standing Twist, Center

Inhale and return to the center.

To begin, stand in your tall mountain pose, with your arms at your sides. Spend a moment with your hands together in the prayer position with your thumbs on your heart center. Begin to come into the present with your body, as you focus on your breathing. Lengthen and deepen your breath. Root your feet down firmly into the ground, and as you do, lift your chest and elongate your spine.

Begin the meditation, by inhaling your arms up to shoulder level, palms facing upwards as shown in the first photo. On your next exhale, twist your torso to the left as shown. Keep your feet firmly rooted on the ground at all times, and your hips square toward the front and center. This twist should come from your waist and your core, NOT from your hips. It isn't important how far you go into to the twist, only that you are activating your energy from your core.

Inhale and move your torso back to the center. Exhale and twist to the right. Inhale back to center. Do this twisting motion as many times as your heart desires, but make sure you do it to the rhythm of your breath: Inhale and elongate your torso, exhale and twist.

This movement should be slow and mindful, full of awareness of the breath, coordinated with your body's motion. Focus on your mid-section, and feel the energy building as your fiery, solar plexus becomes infused with energy.

This energizing meditation, to bring you personal power is especially useful if you are heading to an interview, a big meeting, a difficult interaction, or whatever situation requires you to show self-confidence.

You may wish to say the following affirmations when you do this body moment movement:

“I honor myself!”
“I can do it!”
“I am strong and powerful from my very core!”
“I am filled with personal power in the core of my being!”
“My core is filled with energy!”
I believe in myself and my abilities!”

If you wish to learn more about the 3rd chakra, and to find more exercises to open and balance this emotional and energy center, see my Chakra Healing Meditation for the 3rd Chakra.

May you always be introspective and use your intuition when you do your healing meditations. May your Body Window messages be heard, honored and cared for!

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