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Hello! Welcome to Body Moments ~ In the Moment with Your Lower Back!
May 23, 2011

In the Moment with Your Lower Back!
Issue #008 - May 23, 2011

I am afraid to say that this body meditation is more personal than some of the others. I have been nursing my lower back in the last several days. I am not sure if my lower back pain is because I jarred it skiing in spring crusty snow, or if I am working through the emotions from learning that my husband's contract employment ends in another month!

No matter which case is true, I treat myself as a whole being, body, mind and soul! In order to heal my back this is one lower back meditation that I have been doing. Come join in with me if you have a sore lower back too!

Before doing this body meditation for your lower back, you may wish to warm up with this video first:

In the Moment with your Lower Back

You can do this lower back meditation at your desk at work, if you have a few minutes, while you read this. Or you can maximize your body awareness by sitting quietly, in meditative fashion in your own home.

If your lower back isn't too sore, I recommend that you sit on the floor, legs crossed Indian-style or in the half-lotus position if you are more flexible. I do not want you to feel too much of a stretch in your hips, which is what will be true for most of you, if you have tight hips and back and sit in the half-lotus.

The goal of this lower back meditation is to feel the stretch in your lower back area, not in your hips or legs. To minimize your discomfort, some may have to sit on a chair, with your legs bent so that you can be pain free to start this meditation.

It is important that while you are sitting stationary that you do not feel pain. Keep you spine in neutral and your chest lifted. Center yourself and begin your deep breathing. I recommend the breathing technique that I taught you in the April Issue of Body Moments. Place you hands on the ground in front of you, palms down or on your knees, whichever feels most comfortable to you.

While you are deeply breathing, on the exhale slowly bend forward until you feel a slight pull in your back. Inhale and hold it there. If you are sitting in a chair, you will bend forward pretty far, maybe even to the point of your chest reaching your knees. That is OK.

Breathe. When the discomfort subsides, as you exhale, sink a little deeper. Hold this and inhale. Say to yourself, "I release control and sink into the Earth. The Universe supports me. I release my fear."

Breathe and sink a little farther still. "I am bathed in the abundance of God/the Universe. All is well in my my world."

Repeat this for as many times as you wish, and for as long as your heart desires.

When you are ready, slowly bring yourself upright again.

Now, still in your sitting position, place your hands at your side. This time you will want to lower your upper body towards the side. You can either aim to touch you chest towards your knee if you are sitting Indian style, or you can move directly to the side. It is more intense a stretch if you move directly to the side, keeping your upper body facing forward, your spine neutral and your chest lifted. If your lower back pain is very mild, you can deepen the side stretch even farther by reaching up and over your head with your opposite arm. Do what is comfortable for you.

As you do the side stretch over the coming days, you can increase the intensity. Never bounce, but only go slowly and as far as there is little or no pain. You do, however want to push the boundary a little, so find a nice medium. I find that I like any and all these positions, depending on how I feel that day. I also make circular motions if I feel like it.

For the first time, exhale, as you move into the side stretch, to your tolerance. Keep deeply breathing as you say to yourself, "I bend and flow with ease, like a young willow. I move to the rhythm of the Earth. I release the burdens from my back. I am supported and I am free."

Exhale, and go lower, as before. Really feel the stretch as you open the space in your heart and in your lower back for a new reality and for healing.

Stay in this body moment for as long as your heart desires. Spend equal time stretching both sides.

The lower back is a highly emotional and sensitive area. You may wish to read my discussions on the back in more depth, by going to Foam Roller Exercises for the Lower Back. If you have issues with your back I would highly encourage you to purchase a foam roller and start your own self-massage using these techniques. You can keep your back healthy, as you age, if you do.

May the healing Energy that is within you be unleashed as you spend this moment with your body.

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