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September 21, 2012

Body Moments ~ In the Moment to Strengthen Your Personal Power!
Issue #023 - September 21, 2012

Centennial Goal Progress (Top 100 Peaks in Colorado)

"After climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb." ~ Nelson Mandela

Well, summer is winding down and my family and I were lucky enough to escape to the Weimenuche wilderness again, an area near Silverton, Colorado, over Labor Day weekend. We made it a four-day weekend and climbed our 96th Centennial Peak in Colorado called Vestal Peak.

The climb was one of the most arduous I've done, involving a train ride into the wilderness, followed by a strenuous backpack up to the Vestal Basin and the climb of the 13,864 foot peak. You can read the article on my adventure at Mountain Climbing Vestal Peak.

Or you can just look at the pictures on my Vestal Peak Album by clicking the link to Facebook.

For me, mountain climbing is one of the most significant ways in which I reconnect to all that heals my body, mind and soul! It is the best religious experience for me. A foray into areas which man has not touched is a special experience that never fails to re-connect me with God and all things.

I doubt there will be time left to hike any more of the peaks, but if the weather holds out, it might still be a possibility.

You can follow the fun, if you like, on Facebook at Body Window. While you are there, "like" my page!

In the Moment with the Dolphin Pose to Increase Your Personal Power!

Life is flowing…
Moment to moment…
Flow with it,
And be sheltered from the hassles
Of time and space.
Life is full of Power… From breath…
To breath!"

~ Yogi Bhajan

A lot of my body moment issues have focused on relaxing and releasing. I realized that it has been awhile since I addressed the strengthening aspects of Yoga.

If you can hold a pose that requires strength, especially strength in your core, this creates strength in the area of your personal power.

Those individuals who have no personal power are easily influenced and tossed about from one person's opinion to another. Sometimes it is difficult to speak up for oneself, so that your identity is preserved and you are able to express yourself in a constructive manner. Or sometimes you just need energy to move you forward in your growth in life. Change and growth take a lot of personal power!

The Dolphin Pose will strengthen your physical core, and move energy to the center of your being, otherwise known as your third Chakra, your Dan Tien, or what I like to call the "core of my being." Come join me in our effort to be strong and tall and able to connect with our personal power. It may be just what you need to pull that trigger to accomplish something that destiny is awaiting you to do!

This energy movement is NOT about ego-based power that exploits. It is about finding your personal strength to move you forward in all that is necessary for growth in your life. This a love-based power that begins with self-love and expands to all around you. All benefit when this power is expressed!

Table To Pose.

Start in Table Top Pose

Downward Dog Pose

Push up to the Downward Dog

Dolphin Pose

Dolphin Pose

Begin by coming to a table top position as shown in the first photo. Focus on your breath and begin to center yourself by breathing deeply.

When you are ready, inhale deeply and as you exhale, turn the balls of your feet under and push up from them, lifting your knees off the ground and pushing up into the Downward Dog pose.

Relax in the Downward Dog for a few breaths, maybe walking out your legs to stretch and open your hamstrings. Then hold the pose here as you settle into the Downward Dog. Adjust the width of your feet to find your comfortable spot. Push your chest towards the floor as you raise your hips even higher.

When you are ready, keeping this pose as you have adjusted, lower your forearms to touch the ground. You should not have to adjust the rest of your body. Your heels may naturally pop up. Let them do so.

You will feel the tension in your arms, shoulders and belly. Draw your belly in toward your spine and upwards to maintain the position. Look up with your head, slightly, to keep your head from touching the floor. Make sure you are engaging your core, mostly.

Make it your intention to hold this pose as long as you are able. Feel the tension within you and hold it. Breathe through this tension as your energy surrounding the Core of Your Being is filled. Breathe in this powerful energy and breath out. Take in as much energy as you can and relax into the pose.

While holding the Dolphin Pose, you may wish to affirm:

  • "I am strong and believe in myself."
  • "In this moment I am charged with Power."
  • "In this moment I strengthen my ability to be whole."
  • "In this moment I AM whole."
  • "In this moment I receive strength from a Higher Power, channeling through me."
  • "I am open to positive energy for growth in my life!"
Or you may wish to create your own mantra to help you find your own personal power in regards to your individual needs.

When you can no longer hold the Dolphin Pose, drop back down to your knees to the table top. Relax and breathe here for several cycles of breath.

Repeat the exercise, once again, and push back up to the Downward Dog and then the Dolphin. Hold again for as long as you are able.

By practicing this pose every day for the coming weeks, you will find that your strength will improve from your very core and you will move the energy needed to go forward in your life.

The more you experience this energy in your body, the better able you will be to discern the strength you will need in your everyday life.

'May you energize the Core of Your Being as you fill yourself with personal power! May you find your personal voice and your personal strength when you spend this moment with your body!'

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