About extreme itching

by Patricia
(Franklin, indiana)

I have extreme itching on my legs. No poison ivy or rash. This has gone on for years. Any ideas of what could be going on? I am not a diabetic. I do have poor circualation in my legs, but i do exercise.

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My Response to Extreme Itching
by: Elle, Holistic Health Coach

Hello Patricia,
You would have to ask yourself, "What or WHO is getting under my skin?" or perhaps, "What is making my skin crawl?" In other words, I would suppose that you may be extremely angry about something or angy at someone. Sit quietly, after settling in with your deep breaths, and ask your skin, where it itches, what it is trying to tell you. Keep doing this until you receive an answer. To help you, notice when it is exactly that your skin starts to itch. Is there something or someone that it triggering it?
Good luck to you and may your body provide you with the answer that you seek!

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