acute bronchitis

by Sandi W
(Florida, USA)

Hi and Thank you for this wonderful website!
I had acute bronchitis, was in hospital three days, on steroids (100 percent better now though) this was about a month ago- but I have never coughed and vomited out so much mucus in my entire life!!! Let me begin by saying I have always stuffed my emotions and was wondering all I could actually feel was disturbed and upset...Can you tell me what the metaphor for mucus is? I had soo much I think it came from my stomach but they didnt really know what I had so they said it was asthma-I did go to church and ask for healing and I believe I got one!
Just wondering what the ton of mucus that I got rid of meant-Im thinking it was anger?
Thanks for shedding some light on this for me.
Sandi W

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by: Elle Bieling, RN, RYT, HHP

Hi Sandi. Thank you for your nice comments about my website! The metaphysical concept behind most respiratory conditions, is "not having room to breathe." You may want to hold that expression in your heart. Also, what came to my mind, reading your submission, on a similar line, is that you were essentially choking on your own mucus. You might want to consider what it is you were choking on? Yes, it could be anger, if that is your sense. Maybe there was more to it, maybe not. Your anger may have been literally choking you, until you got your healing! I hope your anger is healed, as well as your body! Good for you, for understanding how your emotions effect you at a deeper level. Many blessings to you! Most warmly, Elle

by: Sandi W

Hi Elle and Thanks so much for the quick response!!
Well, theres another part of the story-My 20 year old son was dealing with depression and threatened suicide because he felt no one loves him-(mostly my mom who is 86 and just never showed any of us affection thats just the way she is) and so I brought him to the doctor and got referral to a psychologist but he also tried some wine which I know is normal for young adults so I teach him about the pros and cons and how wine is supposed to be paired with food etc and so on and since Ive stopped working hes not tried the wine any more-which is a good thing-but there was another part of the story when in the past I had become the victim of nurse bullying at my previous job-and left after almost a year and a half as I caught my biss changing things that I did then blaming me-so there are a couple of things that I "stuffed down my throat" feeling wise and never dealt with... I did take some time off because I was unsure of what type of job I would do..thirdly, we had a family meeting and a long lost cousin was called (who was a financial advisor) sat at the table with mm sis me and sis boyfriend and they pretty much quietly stated that they were worried about moms finances and not in so many words I was told to fill out a budget so they all could see where the "gap" was (where her money was going) as I basically got accused of spending it all! Well when my cousin called me from Philadelphia he mentioned that the reason mom was running out of money was because she helped sis and her ex husband with thousands over the years and now sis needs to get off her butt and help mom out financially!!!(I never knew...) So, needless to say I never talked about how I felt about all these things, just tried to deal with them in other ways and be as happy as I could til I was getting up twice every night for a long quality of sleep went out the window... being moms caregiver since 2010 both mom and dad (he passed in 2012 from pneumonia and pulmonary fibrosis) had open heart surgery, urinary infections, constipation, moms diabetic so I took her to classes numerous times, emergency room visits for high and low sugar reactions, she had a mild stroke, had her upper and lower teeth out, had three falls, broke her left thigh bone and had a rod placed plus therapy in a facility for six weeks, emergency appendectomy (she was complaining of pain you know in the lower abdomen) her carotid arteries were done three times, a copd exacerbation, as of lately (four months ago had come home not looking good) I took her to emergency room and they had ended up removing her gallbladder- so I also do grocery shopping, bill paying and now work besides-I cant do it all!!! So not knowing me or my situation, I am moms live in caregiver-here to help when she needs it but sis is so super now Im ready to go back to work but deep inside dont want to because I am needed here at home...but when I was not working I had to ask mom gor things I wanted or needed-which was not much but it wasnt good for me as I need a paycheck! So I think the stress of everything was what I was choking on-I "swallowed it all" and had to get it out!!! And out it came, albeit reluctantly-(Thank God for the Mucinex) I just wanted to be able to breathe!!! (still do!) I remember a few years back when my neice stayed with us until she got married, she came to me one day and complained that mom (her grandmother) was suffocating her!!! She said to me "I feel like Im suffocating! Its her! Its her!" Well at the time I never noticed... I do do a lot for mom now that I think of it... lastly, thinking back when my folks first moved out to Florida my breathing (peak flow test) went up to 500!!! Im not blaming anyone here but its my inability to feel the feelings and deal with them... Thanks again for helping me sort things out!!! I also hate to admit that my son does give me stress at times but I have to learn healthier ways to deal with it-I guess I am angry with him for that-but families are not perfect...Anyway sorry this is so long, but Thanks again for reading- Hugs and blessings to you and yours!!!
So happy I found your site!!

You're On the Right Track
by: Elle Bieling, RN, RYT, HHP

Hi Sandi, Yes you are on the right track. Keep allowing yourself room to breathe. You must nurture yourself and find time for rejuvination through yoga, breathwork, meditation, etc. I have lots of info here on my website to help you learn how. If you need more personal coaching, I can do that too. You will be a better care provider for all, if you care for yourself first! No more swallowing it all, choking it down, or holding it in for you! Many blessing on your journey!

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