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’Every moment of your life is infinitely creative and the universe is endlessly bountiful. Just put forth a clear enough request, and everything your heart desires must come to you.’ ~ Shakti Gawain

Hello Body Window seeker. I am Elle Bieling, Registered Nurse, Registered Yoga Teacher and Holistic Health Coach. I am the creator of this website. Below is a form that you can submit to me, to "ask a nurse" a health question. If you have any question that you wish to ask me regarding general health, yoga or holistic health I will be happy to answer it! If you have a body part that is bugging you I will give you insights into its metaphysical cause.

Obviously, since this is not a 24/7 Ask-a-Nurse hot-line, if you are ill, it is important for you to seek timely medical care. Please consult a physician as soon as possible with severe or persistent symptoms. If it is a life-threatening situation, call 911 (in the USA) or your local emergency response system immediately.

Severe symptoms that need immediate medical attention or that may be a medical emergency would include:

  • Fever above 101 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Sudden onset of severe pain, anywhere in the body.
  • Persistent nausea or indigestion or ‘heartburn’ that does not go away.
  • Severe diarrhea or vomiting.
  • Change in mental status or behavioral changes, such as not knowing who you are or where you are.
  • Any onset of paralysis, or weakness in a muscle, even if it is only temporary.
  • Any changes in a normal movement pattern, such as frequent tripping or coordination problems.
  • Numbness and/or tingling anywhere in the body, without explanation.
  • Change in speech patterns, such as slurred or garbled speech.
  • Any bleeding that cannot be stopped.
  • Severe headache.
  • For any unusual symptom that you are concerned about.

For any uncertainty regarding what constitutes a medical emergency, remember, "If in doubt, send her out!" (In other words, go to a medical emergency care provider).

Please remember that I am unable to diagnose your problem or symptom. I cannot help you if you have severe symptoms that need immediate medical attention, or that is a medical emergency.

I can provide you with health information to further educate you.

I will try to answer your health question in a timely fashion, however, since it is just I, I do need to maintain life-balance. Most likely if you ask me a health question during the week, and I am not on vacation, I will get back to you within 24-48 hours. If you ask your health-related question over the weekend, most likely I will respond in 48-72 hours, depending on when you write.

Please also keep in mind that I am in the USA, living in Colorado on Mountain Time. But I promise to answer your question as soon as I am able!

So go ahead, Ask a Nurse! Ask me that health question that you have been dying to ask!

Ask-a-Nurse your general or holistic health question.

Ask me your health question using the form below, or add a comment. It's really easy, with this form builder from SBI!

Please remember that what you write will go live as a webpage on my website when you use this form. Do not write something that you do not wish for others to see!

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My friend said tonight she's gonna take 9000mg of zoloft and half a bottle of nail polish remover and half bottle of mouth wash will she die overnight …

acute bronchitis 
Hi and Thank you for this wonderful website! I had acute bronchitis, was in hospital three days, on steroids (100 percent better now though) this was …

About extreme itching 
I have extreme itching on my legs. No poison ivy or rash. This has gone on for years. Any ideas of what could be going on? I am not a diabetic. I do …

Obsessive picking at cuticles/nails and smelling fingers 
This is really weird, I know, and I've been doing it for years. I think part of it is related to my hands and nose being cold often, and the picking has …

Beginning of Menopause  
Hi! I've read that bleeding in between cycles is common (1 out of 5) in women starting to be menopausal. What about spot bleeding for 8 days, which started …

Thumb clicking 
I have a lot of tightness in my neck and shoulder area. This has been going on for quite some time. I have just started experiencing my thumb "clicking" …

Thumb/wrist pain 
Hi Elle- just found your website and am I huge fan already! Ok, my question is this: what does tendon/ligament pain in the thumb/wrist area mean spiritually. …

Foot pain 
Yesterday, whilst doing light preparations around the home I felt a deep twinge in my heel/sole of foot. It's an unusual symptom as I am not athletic, …

Thick, Whitish-Yellow Toenails 
Hello there, My question is about my toenails. From as far back as I can remember, I have had thick, rounded, rough, whitish, yellow toenails on almost …

Life Style Change 
I am now 71 and my wife is 65. We decided about 18 months ago to get more active in each others health by going to each others drs. app. She has been …

Right kidney and pelvis pain 
I have hydronephrosis of my kidney due to scar tissue in my ureter. Recently, the pain is increasing with sometimes sharp pain but mostly a dull achy feeling …

Spiritual Significance of Breast Cancer  
I found your site when trying to help a friend at work who is having a very difficult time dealing with a recent change. She suddenly got pink eye. …

Interstitial Cystitis 
Hi! I came across your website and it really struck me because I suffer from a chronic illness, and my goal is to become a holistic nurse practitioner. …

Colon Cleanse / Bowels blockage 
Hi, I drink water and tea for colon cleanse, so it is says that 48 to 72 hours, 2 to 3 days, I will have colon cleanse. But I drink colon cleanse tea and …

Possible Anterior Tibial Tendonitis 
I would first like to compliment you on your site and information! I stumbled across this looking for relief for “anterior tibial tendonitis” symptoms. …

Adrenal Fatigue and Sciatica Pain 
I have adrenal Fatigue and handle the problem with food and vitiamins. The Sciatica causes alot of pain and stress- my back and hip are bad.What can I …

Stress Fracture in 5th Metatarsal Bone 
Hi Elle, I love your web site and was wondering if you could assist me in healing the stress fracture in my foot. I do yogalates four times a week, …

Plantar Fasciitis - unsuccessful healing thus far 
Hi Elle, First, I want to let you know how helpful your web site has been to me. The information you provide is so comprehensive and spot on! I am a …

Trapezius and Neck Pain 
Besides the exercises demonstrated in your videos, "Foam Roller Exercises and Stretches for Your Trapezius Muscles" can you provide any additional treatment …

TMJ headaches are often being misdiagnosed 
Do you know that TMJ problems can actually cause frequent headaches? Well, at least it happened to me some years back, and I hope to share this experience …

Spinal Fusion Surgery 
I would like to know more about spinal fusion surgery? What happens step by step before the surgery after the surgery...what happens those 3 or four days …

Slurred and Garbled speech 
My sister in law is having slurred and garbled speech, and this last episode she didn't know her own last name, or her son's name. She recognized me but …

About Physical Exam I Just Had 
I am a 69 year old man. I just had my yearly exam. I am not circumcised and wondered at what age the foreskin is checked. I can't remember it being done …

Ringing in ears 
I have been reading a lot about ringing in my ears. I occasionally have ringing. I followed your advice about going into the issue and it helped the …

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Muscle strain/tightness OR muscle release - which treatment 
You say that if you have a slight strain or tightness in the gastrocnemius muscle,the RICE procedures should work well. You should NOT perform foam roller …

Because of stress I clench my jaw mostly in the day time. I am also addicted to chewing gum when I drive. I have to stop the gum chewing but I need to …

Elbow Pain 
Dear Elle, About 2 months ago I twisted my elbow while it was under tension. It did not pop but I experienced a shot of pain. Since then I have been …

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