Colon Cleanse / Bowels blockage

Hi, I drink water and tea for colon cleanse, so it is says that 48 to 72 hours, 2 to 3 days, I will have colon cleanse. But I drink colon cleanse tea and water in a day, so it will block my cleanse for tmw, the third day?? Or I will cleane my body in third day? Because no food is in me, except little food in tea. On third day, hoping will feel the bowels is at lower level to let me feel I can go to bathroom. But if not, just drink water, no tea unti 4th day? There is a blockage of waste in me that is why I did not eat cause it will increase and make it worse. K, this is on 2/4/2013 that I am writing to you. As second day of not eating, soon be on third day. If you have feeling or not go to bathroom on second day, it is better to not to eat on second day. 1 day meal, I have like 2 to 3 days meal in me. 3 times 3 meal a day. So, I am not eating and on second day. It is always better than organic colon clease with food? Or you can have organic colon cleanse without food and water to reduce the hunger a bit.

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Answer to Colon Cleanse/Bowels blockage
by: Elle Bieling, RN, RYT, HHP

Hello my friend,

I believe I understand from your writing that the tea and water fasting is not cleaning out your bowels, after 2 days of this treatment. If this is true, you may want to try an abdomen massage. Lie down on your back, and massage the right side of your abdomen, stroking upwards, then across the right to the left at the top of the abdomen and then, down the left side. This is the direction that the bowels travel. Sometimes, after doing this stroking for 5 minutes, you can get your bowels moving.

If after a few hours this massage doesn't work, you may wish to try a natural laxative. Sounds like you need a little more help with your bowels than the tea is giving you. 2 days is a long enough time to wait. You can try prunes, or go to the natural place for medicine and they can recommend something to you. I prefer fiber laxatives over stronger medications, if the prunes don't work.

Don't wait too long - go today! Then eat much more fruit and vegetables and drink more water every day. You may need a regular dose each day of more natural fiber!

If anyone reading this knows a good natural remedy that has worked for them, please share your information with my readers! They will appreciate it!

Blessings to you and may be well!

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