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Inspirational Photos, Taken from my Facebook Posts

Here are more inspirational photos for you to enjoy, taken from my Facebook Posts. Now Facebook allows you to directly embed your Facebook Posts into your web site. I thought, why not? I can now expose my web audience to the same posts I do in Facebook, for my readers here to enjoy too!

"All of Nature surrounds you, for you to enjoy, be inspired by and to lift your energy levels. Nature will always take you to a place of Peace and Happiness. Dare to step out to experience this natural high..."

This first post I did from a picture from our trip to Jupiter Mountain. This was taken by my friend, Nadine, of her husband, Norm. We had climbed to this lovely high meadow by Columbine Lake, just below Columbine Pass on the Johnson Trail. While the rest of my group went on to climb the mountain, Nadine and Norm hung out by the lake, capturing moments like this!

I hope you are inspired by the wildflowers and the high San Juan Mountain views of Colorado! Nothing inspires my body-mind-soul like being in the Great Outdoors!

This photo I took on the way to Mount Oklahoma. We entered this alpine meadow with a clear shot of the mountain, and a stream ran through it, with wildflowers all around. An idyllic place! I paired it with one of my most favorite quotes from John Muir...

This inspirational photo and quote is one of the lovely Colorado paintbrush wildflower. This variety is a deep fuchsia color, different from the regular deep red Indian Paintbrush. The alpine meadows in the Johnson Creek drainage, were covered with these wildflowers in the year we took these photos.

This is a view of Amherst Mountain, high in the Johnson Creek drainage. This mountain was our constant companion as we climbed toward Columbine Pass and Jupiter Mountain in southwestern Colorado. The early morning glow lit up the clouds above the mountain, as we walked by and inspired this inspirational quote.

This photo was taken of a the Vallecito Creek, on our hike to Jupiter Mountain.

The lovely Columbine Lake was the inspiration for this quote. This lake is deep in the heart of the San Juans, Colorado, about 17 miles from the Vallecito Creek Trailhead! A long, long back pack to reach this peaceful spot. That is Grizzly Peak in the background.

The amazingly brilliant Fireweed lined the Johnson Creek Trail as we passed by in the early morning light. Hiking long distances at altitude really teaches you something about yourself!

These rock walls, called "dikes" are formed by volcanoes that poured their magma into the earth, followed by the earth eroding away. These rock formations are plentiful around the Apishapa Trail in Southern Colorado, near Cuchara and La Veta.

This inspirational photo was taken in the Colorado National Monument area. I was amazed to see the tree growing straight out of the rock! What a testament to fortitude that we find in nature!

Despite the arid land of Devil's Canyon, near Grand Junction, Colorado, there were always flowers, poking their heads out here and there...

I hope you enjoyed my inspirational photos! You may go to inspirational quotes for more, if you like!

The Cathedral of Nature is so chocked full of things that inspire me. I love to be in the Great Outdoors, whenever, I can!

May you always find that Nature inspires your body-mind-soul as well!

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› Inspirational Photos ~ 2

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