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These are my inspirational photos from my personal photo collection. I have added the inspirational sayings to the photos, from wisdom teachings that I love. Every so often, I get inspired and I added my own inspirational saying.  You will know the words are my words, if there is no quotation marks, and there is no author given.

In my foray through nature, I have accumulated so many photos and it seems I  can never enjoy them enough. When I work with my clients, it was very helpful for me to give them inspirational sayings that I had collected. 

When I got the idea to add the inspirational life quotes to my photos, my inspirational photo collection was born! I advise my clients to download a photo/saying that has meaning to them, to their desktop on their computer or the wallpaper on their cellular device. This way every time they open their device, they are reminded of the inspirational saying, so they can hold it in their hearts.

It is by changing our thoughts that we slowly learn to change our behavior, so these inspirational life quotes can help! 

This photo with the inspirational life quote by Deepak Chopra, was inspired by a trip to the Canyonlands National Park in Utah. As we watched the sunset from the overlook in the Islands of the Sky section, a storm was brewing on the horizon. It was indeed a lovely sight, as long as the rain and lightning were way out there!

Storm in the Canyonlands, Utah

Here is another view of the Canyonlands, on a different evening. Even without the storm, this was such an awe-inspiring view.

The beauty of the firmament in Canyonlands Utah

So many things to photograph that are inspirational in the Canyonlands of Utah. This rock formation, with the La Salle mountains as a backdrop, reminded me of a Buddhist Stupa. The scene inspired me for this saying:

Unity in the Canyonlands, UT

The skyline at sunset of Denver, CO, from our apartment balcony, inspired this photo.  

Denver skyline at sunset.

I honor my body

This photo was taken from the Elk Creek Trail, just before the turn off to the Vestal Creek drainage in the San Juan Wilderness of Colorado. This is a picture of Vestal Peak from the beaver ponds, in the alpenglow at sunset. Only the top of the peak was lit up. We had summitted the peak earlier that day.

Alpenglow on Vestal Peak, CO

Single candle flame

A stunning sunset on the famous 7-mile beach in Negril Jamaica was the motivation for this photo.

Sunset at 7-mile beach, Negril, Jamaice

The Catwalk, a hike in western New Mexico, near the town of Glenwood, leads you up a steep canyon through hanging bridges and stairs.

Catwalk Steps on the trail, Glenwood, NM

A beautiful sandy path at Arches National Monument, Utah, led to this lovely, shaded arch. It was a lovely respite from the hot sun.

Shady arch at Arches National Monument, Utah

Colorado Penstemon inspired this lovely wildflower photo.

Colorado Penstemon Wildflower

Here is a forest path along the front range, near Denver, Colorado, inspired this inspirational photo.

Forest Path on a front range trail of Colorado

Here is an amazing sunrise as we got an alpine start to our climb up Vestal Peak. Inspirational photos abound when you get up before dawn!

Sunrise from Vestal Basin

Believe it or not, this photo I took inside a Las Vegas casino. The spiral of lights were on the ceiling as I looked up. It reminded me of the "circle of life" the ever present force of the balance between giving and receiving.

Las Vegas Ceiling Lights

Here is a photo of my sweet view of the Sangre de Cristo mountains of southern Colorado, from my deck. I have gazed at so many sunrises and sunsets from here! This moonset at dawn was a very special moment for me and was the catalyst for this inspirational photo.

Moonset at Sunrise, Sangre de Cristo mountains, CO

I hope you enjoyed my inspirational photos.

Hopefully you will just get out and take your own and be inspired by the great Cathedral of Nature that is awaiting you!

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