Life Style Change

by george

I am now 71 and my wife is 65. We decided about 18 months ago to get more active in each others health by going to each others drs. app. She has been to all my physicals and regular appointments. As she has had no insurance till now as she is getting medicare. She is getting her welcome physical very shortly and I am going with her.

My question is do I ask any thing or what. Guess I am nervous. We thought 4 eyes & 4 ears were better than 2.


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My Response to Lifestyle Change
by: Elle Bieling, RN, RYT

Hello George,

Congratulations on your decision with you wife to become each others advocate in your healthcare. It is never too late to make positive changes, and indeed 4 ears and eyes are better than two!

You do not say if you have any known health problems, but it sounds like you do not. Very good for you!

You may want to ask what types of regular screenings would be appropriate at your wife's age. Some are no longer recommended (like Pap Smears) and some are added, like screening for glaucoma, osteoporosis and colon problems.

Don't be afraid to ask what tests the Dr. will do that day. Most certainly some blood will be drawn to evaluate her general health.

You may wish to to read this article Integrative Healthcare on becoming an advocate, and How to Make the Best of a 15-Minute Dr. Appointment if you haven't already.

And by all means, if questions arise during the exam, feel free to ask them! Don't be shy! More and more Dr's. are partnering with their patients. And if this doctor doesn't want to be a partner, find another who does, by asking around with your friends.

Good luck and the best of health to you and your wife!

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