Plantar Fasciitis - unsuccessful healing thus far

by Giovanna
(New York)

Hi Elle,

First, I want to let you know how helpful your web site has been to me. The information you provide is so comprehensive and spot on! I am a big believer as well in the emotional cause(s) of disease, and you have now turned me into a foam roller addict. So, thank you! I truly appreciate and admire your work.

My issue (well, one of them :-))is plantar fasciitis. I have been struggling with this for about 2 years, with a recent flare-up that is debilitating. I have been trying to pinpoint any emotional cause, but it is difficult for me to listen to my intuition. Stretching helps and I practice yoga regularly. I have been seeing a physical therapist who has taped my ankle and taught me some exercises, none of which has helped.

Personally, I am 48 years old, and a very busy mom, wife, and teacher, and generally very healthy. I am about 20 lbs overweight (recent stubborn peri-menopause weight gain).I tend to try to solve any health issues on my own as I have found that western medicine has not really helped me in the past. My father recently passed away, and I am wondering if I am subconsciously finding it difficult to "stand on my own two feet." Though my father did not support me financially I was able to ask his advice on anything and he always helped me.

I find that my PF feels better after yoga, but when my muscles contract again after being stretched the pain returns. I have read your article on PF and would love to hear additional advice you may have, including any exercises - maybe weight training for strength? I really miss walking! Thank you!!!


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Elle's Response to Plantar Fasciitis
by: Elle Bieling, RN, RYT, HHP

Hello Giovanna,

Thank-you for putting your trust in me and thank-you for the lovely comments about my site. It makes my heart sing, to know that I can help you stay healthy and well! You truly have a self-healing personality!

Indeed, I sense that your true self is speaking when you connect your plantar fasciitis flare-up with the passing of your father. Foot/knee/leg problems are almost always a result of "grounding" issues. This means, that literally your support system was pulled out from under your feet. You are indeed afraid to step out or move forward or even "stand on your own two feet."

Your father gave you the sense of connectedness that we all crave, through the very special social unit we call the "family." Sounds like he was a wonderful emotional and spiritual support for you, and I am sure you miss him dearly. He provided your "ground" or your connectedness to Love and Support.

I would not advise that you take up any weight-bearing exercises at this time. To get moving, as I know you would love, try aquatics. Get into the pool and even if you don't swim, buy a noodle and just kick and move your arms and legs. In order to heal you MUST keep the weight off your feet! Swimming will give you the much needed movement you crave without harming your feet.

I have just put together some short meditation videos, and I would suggest you do the "Deep Support and Rejuvination" Body Meditation. You can find it here: Body Meditation Videos. It is only 6 minutes long, and is inexpensive. The price only covers my cost to bring them to you. You should be able to commit to doing this meditation 2 times a day! If you do, I promise you will feel better.

When your feet calm down, I would also recommend the "Grounding Body Meditation." But don't do this one until your feet have no pain, since all your weight is on your feet.

If you are still unable to find healing, I would be honored to be your guide. Go to Holistic Health Coach for more information.

Blessings to you on your journey to healing!

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