Right kidney and pelvis pain

by Beverly

I have hydronephrosis of my kidney due to scar tissue in my ureter. Recently, the pain is increasing with sometimes sharp pain but mostly a dull achy feeling in my kidney, flank and pelvis area. Any suggestions as to how to handle this pain? I refuse to take pain medication. Also what emotions are involved with the pelvis and kidney? Thanks and I look forward to your insight.

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Response to Right Kidney and Pelvis Pain
by: Elle Bieling, RN, RYT, HHP

Hello Beverly,
If you have not yet read my article on 2nd chakra issues, PLEASE do so. Click here to see the article. Open your heart, first before reading it, and make sure you will not be disturbed when you meditate on its possible message for you and your life. Notice any changes in your body, as you read it - this is your truth. Notice goose bumps, holding your breath, fidgeting, and so forth.

The kidneys, pelvis, ureters and bladder all relate to the energy and emotions represented by water. Water is ever-moving and ever-changing and ever-flowing. Water is the symbol of possible changes that may need to occur in your life and the blockage (ureter) that you may have created to prevent change.

The second chakra energy also represents your relationships, and this may also play an important role in your life, as it relates to possible changes that are needed.

The right side of our body is controlled by the LEFT brain, suggesting MALE energy, or YANG energy. This energy is high, driving, extroverted and active. (As opposed to feminine, quiet, introspective energy or YIN.) Contemplate on this as well as it may relate to your relationships and change.

To relieve the pain for now, please consider using a Chinese herbal remedy called "Breakstone" that you can find in any health foods store. It helps relax the entire urinary tract. I have used it successfully with other clients with urinary problems. You can get it in pill form, or the plant leaves can be brewed for a soothing tea.

What does all this mean for your life? It will take lots of meditation/contemplation and opening to discover your real truth. If you need assistance, I would be so honored to help you further in your journey to healing. You may read about my holistic health coaching services to see if this is something you wish to pursue.

All my love and light, to you on your healing journey,

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