Ringing in ears

by Bob

I have been reading a lot about ringing in my ears.
I occasionally have ringing. I followed your advice about going into the issue and it helped the ringing.
However it comes back to me when I least expect it.

I really seems to be intermittent. Is that normal? At times when I am under stress it is a little louder. I then say "hello there MR Ringing ear, what is the issue?"

It seems to go away.

Why is that?

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Ringing in Ears or Tinnitis
by: Elle Bieling, RN, HHP

The medical term for ringing in the ears is Tinnitis. Tinnitis itself is not a disease, but a symptom of an underlying condition. Most often, tinnitis is due to the effects of aging and hearing loss. If you are over 40, this problem affects a high percentage of you. Most often this ringing in the ears is benign or nothing to worry about.

It is interesting that you ask about tinnitus, because I just spoke with a friend who is dealing with this very issue. Her specialist stated that if you try to listen for the ringing, and keep attending to it, that you can actually train your brain to "hear" it!

Sounds like you do not have a problem. The ringing in your ears is intermittent, because that is most likely when you are attending to it. I notice a mild tinnitis in my own ears, especially when I lay down to go to sleep and all is quiet. The fact that you acknowledge the ringing ears, then release it, is why it goes away!

I do believe that it is very important to acknowledge it, but not overly attend to it. There is a difference. You may even thank your ears for the perceptions they are bringing you. This way you will remember to protect your ears in the future. Always protect your ears from loud noises with ear plugs, like when you are using power tools and lawn mowers. Never listen to loud music, especially if it is directly plugged into your ears with an MP3 player.

After thanking your ringing ears, then release the ringing and go back to do something else. You are already doing this, unconsciously. Great for you!

Tinnitis may be due to something more serious, if you have pain in the ear(s) and/or a fever. Ear infections, wax build-up, trauma to the ear, blocked Eustachian tubes (common with flying), an underlying vascular problem, excessive alcohol or caffeine consumption, and some medications like aspirin can all cause ringing in ears.

As an added precaution, you may want to look at any medications you take, or reduce your caffeine and alcohol if you consume them. This might help!

Blessings to you on your health journey!

Turning self upside down a few times stopped ear ringing and it never return
by: Anonymous

Self created method-Turning oneself upside-down safely for only a few times stopped ear ringing and it never returned.

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