Thumb clicking

I have a lot of tightness in my neck and shoulder area. This has been going on for quite some time. I have just started experiencing my thumb "clicking" or "catching" when I wake up in the mornings. Sometimes it is very painful and it is very hard to bend my thumb. Are the two related?

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Answer to "Thumb Clicking"
by: Elle

Hello! Thank-you for your question in my Ask-a-Holistic-Nurse service!

Regarding your neck and shoulder pain, I hope you have read these articles of mine to help you stretch and release these tight areas: Releasing Neck Pain and Opening the Trapezius Muscles. If you do these exercises meditatively and focusing on relaxing and releasing with your deep breathing, you can open and relax these areas for healing.

I encourage folks to meditate on why these areas are so tight - why do you hold your tension here and what may be the metaphysical cause. You can figure this out, if you listen to your heart and meditate on these questions while you do the opening exercises!

Since our bodies are sublimely connected, to all the parts throughout, it could be possible that the same metaphysical reason for your thumb clicking could be connected. However, it would be hard to say without delving more deeply into your personal patterns of stress and holding.

You do not say how old you are, but as we age, sometimes our joints don't behave the same as when we were younger. Blessing our bodies as they age, and giving them the rest and tender loving care to our joints is what my website is all about, so keep on reading! You may find the stretches I offer for your forarms, wrists and hands to be helpful. Click here for those.

All-in-all, our bodies demand of us to be mindful of how we are using them improperly to cause us pain, of emotional and physical origins. You must learn to discover your own truth about this!

You may find this article to be helpful, as to why joint clicks. Click on the hyperlink to see it, from a physical therapist (physiotherapist). It is a very good explanation.

Doing gentle warm ups of your thumb in the morning, not forcing it to move until you have done some gentle passive range of motion would be helpful. It may also be helpful to soak your hand in warm water to increase the circulation in the morning, to get your thumb going.

Most likely you are not "handling" something in your life too well right now and that is why you are having hand/thumb problems!

If holistic measures do not improve your thumb, you may wish to seek medical treatment, as it may be arthritis that needs to be treated. This is true especially if your joint becomes hot to the touch and/or red and inflamed-looking.

Blessings to you on your healing journey! I would love to assist you more, if you feel that you need some more personal guidance. I am also a Holistic Health Coach! Namaste!

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