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Hello! Welcome to In the Moment with the Happy Baby on the Foam Roller!
March 15, 2012

In the Moment with the Happy Baby on the Foam Roller!
Issue #017 - March 15, 2012

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

'St. Patrick's Day is an enchanted time - a day to begin transforming winter's dreams into summer's magic.' ~ Adrienne Cook

May you have the luck of the Irish on St. Patty's Day and may you always look forward with transforming thoughts and positive affirmations!

Spring is here and new hopes and dreams abound!

In the Moment with the Happy Baby on the Foam Roller

St. Patty's Day and Spring bring about lightness and happiness. It is the time for new beginnings and turning to the light. It is a very happy time for most people.

In response to this, I will focus on a light-hearted "Happy Baby" pose on the foam roller. I took these photos last fall, so the warmth of the fire is still welcome in the coolness of the Spring.

(You can do the Happy Baby pose on the ground if you do not have a foam roller. You just won't feel the massage on your sacroiliac area of your lower back in quite the same way. If you would like to purchase a foam roller, please support my website and go to my favorites at Amazon. I thank you and your body-mind-soul will thank you too!)

This body movement starts with the foam roller under your hips. You can use a yoga mat if needed, but if you are on the carpet, most likely you won't need a mat. If you have lower back pain or sacroiliac joint pain, go carefully at first. Do not push through any pain. If you are menstruating, you may enjoy this movement (a lot of women do) or it may bring you more pain. Do not do it if you feel more pain.

Raise your knees up as shown and relax and breathe here as you center yourself on your breath. Make it your intent to bring in new light and life into your being! Take several deep breaths as you focus inward.

Knees to Chest Pose on Foam Roller.

Knees to Chest Yoga Pose on the foam roller.

Now, widen your knees as you reach up with your hands. Take your first three fingers and wrap them around your big toe.
Happy Baby Yoga Pose on Foam Roller.

Happy Baby Yoga Pose on the foam roller.

Once your fingers are securely wrapped around your big toes, play with the movement in your legs. Straighten one or both. Rock back and forth or side to side.

This is a happy, joyful pose and hopefully you can enjoy this way of being, just like a new baby.

You will want to notice where it feels good on your body as you roll around on the foam roller. This is a lovely pose with small movements and feels especially good on your lower back at the sacroiliac joint. If you have pain or discomfort in this area it just may make you feel better. If it does not, do not do this movement.

You may wish to affirm, "Life is Happy and Free like a baby!" "Joy surrounds me!" "I roll and play and focus on new life and energy!" Or you may wish to create your own mantra for joy!

As a completion to this body meditation, you may wish to relax, straighten and hold your legs up in the air for a few moments on the foam roller. Or you can do Legs Up the Wall Pose that I taught you in the August Issue of Body Moments. Hold this pose for a few minutes before exhaling your legs back down.

Regardless of where you body intuition leads you, I hope that love your foam roller as much as I do.

'May you feel joy and happiness when you relax and move like a baby, all shiny and new! May you always feel support from the Energy from above as you relax and renew in this moment with your body!'

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