Creating Positive Affirmations for Health

Are you ready to create your new reality by developing positive affirmations for your life? Are you ready to throw off your negativity?

‘Where the mind goes, the energy follows.’ ~ Ancient Eastern Thought, Author Unknown

I hope that you will take the time to do a personal body scan so you know where your issues are. Then you will be ready to create a new reality and new healing of your body-mind-soul. You are ready to make changes in your life by choosing to be positive.

You are now ready to create positive affirmations for health that you will say many times a day to yourself to create the new thought that will change matter, i.e. your body. One of the keys to happiness and health is positive thinking!

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Thought Creates Matter

Remember that thought creates matter. It is even better if you can stand in front of a mirror, and say the positive affirmation out loud to yourself! I have found that if I tape my written healing affirmations to the bathroom mirror, so that every time I go by, I am reminded of my new thoughts, and then I say them out loud, while looking at myself in the mirror!

Say, for example only, that you discover that your knees are bothering you. Or maybe they have been bothering you for years, but you have just taken Ibuprofen and continued on and ignored the pain, hoping for the best.

During your body scan, you notice that your knees are hurting much more than you were aware of. They even hurt and pulsate a little when you were just sitting quietly. You do remember that once in a while, at night, your knees bothered you a bit, but you always ignored them and were fortunate enough to fall back to sleep.

Now, with your new-found body awareness and desire to seek its messages, you decide it is time you did something about your knees. During your body scan you made a promise to yourself to warm up your knees before you went out for your daily walk.

As you were standing the other day, you noticed that you tended to keep your knees in a locked position. You were stiffer than you realized, so you decided to do some stretching. You sat on the floor in the classic runner’s quadriceps stretch. You stretched both sides and noticed that the right knee hurt quite a bit compared to the left.

As you stretched the right leg and knee you closed your eyes and became aware that if you breathed in deeply the pain subsided a bit. You continued to feel your knee and breathe deeply.

Slowly, the pain improved and you discovered that you could stretch a little farther. As you stretched a bit further, suddenly, the knee tensed, you felt pain and you thought, I am pathetically inflexible! Your brain stopped, your breath became shallow and you held that thought. This brought on a wave of emotion and you felt tears form in your eyes. You knew you were on to something, and instead of shutting off the feeling, you stayed with it. You touched your right knee where it hurt and stayed present with your knee.

You thought of events where you ‘stood your ground’ at work, and would not compromise. You remembered how later, you did not feel better, but still you told yourself that you did the right thing. In fact, you ruminated over your righteous behavior for days, justifying yourself to yourself and whoever would listen.

The truth flooded in: Just as you were inflexible in your work situation, your knees were reflecting that pattern in your body. You always have to be right, and in fact, very few folks could ever convince you otherwise. Your inflexibility was showing itself through your Body Window. Your sore knees were a manifestation of your emotional reality.

I have used the above example for illustration purposes only and for the sake of brevity. In reality, it may take quite a bit of time for you to understand such a process and gain the insight necessary for healing to begin. It may take time to understand why you choose negativity

It takes practice to listen to and be aware of your body's messages to you through the Body Window. It doesn’t always pour out of you as easily as in the example. (See Nothing is Hidden).

The Cause is Unimportant

If you are a person without serious mental illness, it is unnecessary to delve into what caused this pattern of behavior in your life. Just know that thought changes matter, and you want to create your own meaningful, positive affirmations of health. In this case I illustrated above, in a healing affirmation you would want to say something like the following:

  • I bend and flex with ease in all my activities of life. I bless myself with Love.
  • I move with grace and ease and bend my knees!
  • I am fluid and flexible and able to move with ease.

The power of positive thinking will manifest itself in your knees as you say and believe your healing affirmations.

West Spanish Peak, Colorado, in the AlpenglowWest Spanish Peak, Colorado, in the Alpenglow

State Your Positive Affirmations in Your Own Words

I know these healing affirmations may sound silly and simplistic. So make them poetic and flowery, or complicated and cerebral. It is your positive affirmation, after all. Just make sure you make it in the present tense.

Never say I will… because as we know, tomorrow never comes. Say I am flexible, I move with fluidity and grace, I am… The power of belief is real, and the positive affirmations work. Say them, even if you feel silly, like a child, emotional or stupid.

Say the healing affirmation before you believe them. Say the positive affirmations for healing until you do believe them. Slowly the words will find meaning for you in your body and soul, if you prevail, I promise.

If you are desiring a life partner say this positive affirmation a million times a day:

  • I love and approve of myself and I am loved. I deserve love and bless myself with Love.
  • I am loveable and bless myself with Love.
  • I have Love in my life and in my Soul and bless myself with Love.
  • God/the Universe supports me and surrounds me with Love.

You might want to do the Body Blessing Prayer in your daily Meditation or Centered Prayer. Often people subconsciously sabotage their love life by believing that they are unattractive so if you bless and love your body, this outlook will improve!

If you are stressed and pushed for time, say these positive affirmations:

  • I have all the time in the world to complete that which is most important to me and bless myself with Love.
  • I flow easily with the rhythm of life.
  • I encounter today with just one wish that I make a difference in someone’s world.

If you perceive difficulties in your child-rearing say:

  • I love and respect my child and treat him/her as an individual identity.
  • I approach every thought and every action with lovingkindness and bless myself with Love.

If you no longer enjoy your job and desire a new one or a new life experience state the following positive affirmations:

  • God/The Universe supports me in all things and I have all the money I need.
  • I am open to the Infinite possibilities for my life and bless myself with Love.
  • I trust that the perfect avocation exists for me and I express my unique talents and gifts given to me by Grace.

If you suffer from ill health state say the following healing affirmations:

  • I am healthy and have healing in my life and bless myself with Love.
  • I love and bless my body as a physical manifestation of my soul.
  • I love and approve of myself and my body.
  • I am healed of___ and bless myself with Love.
  • My whole body, mind and soul are intimately connected and I listen to my body’s messages.
  • I listen to my body’s message with gratefulness and love.
  • I move to a new reality of health and healing in my life and bless myself with Love.

Search your Body Window through Meditation or Centered Prayer and Intuitive Movement for its message and create healing affirmations for each individual problem like the example of the knees in the above illustration. Use your intuition to find your personal truth.

If you have muscles aches and injuries, please see my pages on foam rolling to learn affirmations for your back, hip flexors, calves or wherever your personal muscular issues lie.

Butterfly on Claret Cup CactusButterfly on Claret Cup Cactus

If an emotion is released during your meditative activities, feel it and heal it. After the release, create in your positive affirmation for health the positive side of your emotion. It will be the opposite emotion of the one released.

For instance if you believe that fear is gripping you, and your fear is manifested in your hands, gripping your hands with pain, choose an opposite, positive emotion. Say healing affirmations that denote Peace and Joy. Say "I handle life with Love, Peace and tranquility flows through me, God and his angels protect me," and so forth.

The possibilities of positive affirmations are only limited by your desire and creativity. Louise Hay, in her books, has created beautiful affirmations, if you lack creativity or want something that flows and sounds more poetic. Read You Can Heal Your Life and Heal Your Body A-Z to find your special healing affirmation. I am just a simple creature so straight and to the point works for me.

Always, always, always bless yourself with Love. In all positive affirmations, include this simple self-love affirmation. You must love yourself, before the flow of God/Universal Love can flow out to others.

Keep your positive thinking to believe in God within you and therefore believe in Love within you. Do the Body Blessing Prayer to meditate on Love and bless yourself with Love!

All is Well in Your World

My favorite ending to all positive affirmations I say is ‘All is well in my world,” from Louise Hay. You really need to believe that all is well in your world. Another favorite that I learned from her is "Everything I need to know will be revealed to me, and everything I need comes to me." This works well when I am fearful or worried about something and is a personal positive affirmation.

Other general positive affirmations are:

  • God/The Universe supports me with Love, Grace, and Joy
  • I enjoy happiness and am grateful for all that I have and all that I am.
  • I am healed of ____ and have health and healing in all things in my life.

I invariably find that if I start every day with positive affirmations and meditation my day will go exponentially better. The power of positive thinking is to create positive thoughts that can be your new reality. Try it for yourself. It works!

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