Lower Back Pain

Is your lower back pain of a spiritual nature with a metaphysical cause?

Lower back pain is one of the leading causes of physician visits around the world!

'As long as you are unable to access the power of the Now, every emotional pain that you experience leaves behind a residue of pain that lives on in you.' ~ Ekhart Tolle

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If you are suffering with pain in the lower back, I hope that you will find healing of your body-mind-soul issue by considering the suggestions that I offer. Lower back pain, like all issues involving chronic pain, is an encompassing body-mind-soul issue.

There is no other more sensitive issue than the deeply seated phenomenon of lower back pain. Almost everyone experiences lumbar back pain at some point in his or her life. Pain in the lower back that is not fully acknowledged almost certainly becomes chronic pain.

If you have chronic lower back pain, you know that the only thing on your mind is back pain relief. The pain lives with you every waking moment and you just want it to go away.

Yet treating back pain is one of the most challenging things that medical science faces in our modern age. For medical science to effectively treat chronic lower back pain, they have to embrace the body-mind-soul aspect of the pain. 

This is one area at least, that Western medicine embraces the alternative treatments available for treating and healing back pain. This is because without considering the body-mind-soul reasons for your back pain, it often becomes intractable. Then it is so firmly established in you way of being that you know no other way.

Eckhart Tolle’s quote from above is so pertinent. Every emotional pain, left unacknowledged will manifest itself in your physical, emotional and spiritual being.

The Metaphysics of Lower Back Pain

It is well documented in the body-mind medical literature that lower back pain has a root cause that is not just physical. As I describe in chronic pain, the cause of any type of pain that becomes chronic is three-fold. Your body window speaks through your lower back in the form of pain when you have emotional and spiritual issues that you have not acknowledged.

While we all have the occasional back strain as a result of poor body mechanics, the reason that lumbar back pain becomes chronic is a much deeper issue. When I say the "metaphysics" of back pain, I merely mean this deeper body-mind-soul reason for the pain.

A metaphysical cause of pain is the real reason that your physical body does not heal. It is the emotional and spiritual issue that you have not addressed. This emotional and spiritual issue is manifested in your body as physical pain. Because your brain will not acknowledge this issue, your body needs to keep hounding you until you pay attention. It is your body window speaking to you, that an issue needs to be addressed.

The beauty of the body-mind connection, is once you understand how it works, you become empowered to make the changes necessary to heal. What had been a negative 'psychosomatic illness' or 'all in your head' now becomes a deeper understanding of how your body-mind-soul really works. If your emotional or mental issues created your physical state, these same mental and spiritual energies can just as effectively be used for healing! It is all in how the energy is used. How empowering is that!

If your body window is speaking to your through your lower back pain, it is imperative that you spend time alone with your back to first understand its messages! Keep reading to see how you can empower your own body-mind connection for healing.

Colorado Columbine by an alpine streamColorado Columbine by an Alpine Stream

the Metaphysics of Lower Back Pain

The book by Louise Hay, called "You Can Heal Your Life"  is the most commonly used 'bible' for the metaphysical cause of lower back pain. I could paraphrase her, but I won’t. I will just list the reasons for pain in the lower back as she describes them in her book.

The lumbar spine is divided into levels, depending on the vertebrae that are involved. There are many websites depicting the anatomy of the lumbar spine. Most likely if you have chronic lumbar back pain, you already know this information.

I caution you as you read these metaphysical causes, that you do not label yourself too quickly. If you read through these causes slowly, and listen to any bodily sensations, such as tingling, getting goosebumps or a feeling in your gut, then these reasons are your truth. However, if your body doesn’t speak to you, then you will need to dig deeper for your own metaphysical cause of your lower back pain.

Metaphysical Cause for Lower Back Pain Suggested by Louse Hay:

  • L-1: Signifies a crying out for love. Needing to feel lonely. Lack of security.
  • L-2: Signifies the inability to see a way out. Remaining stuck in pain from childhood.
  • L-3: Signifies strong feelings of guilt and self-hatred. History of sexual abuse.
  • L-4: Signifies one's rejection of her/his sexuality. Feeling financially insecure, and fearing having or changing careers. Strong feelings of powerlessness.
  • L-5: Signifies feeling insecure. Difficulties in communicating. Strong feelings of anger. Denies the right to have pleasure in her/his life.
  • Sacrum: Signifies stubbornly holding on to old anger. Feelings of powerlessness and loss of power.
  • Coccyx (tailbone): Signifies blaming oneself, holding on to that which no longer serves the self, being out of balance with oneself, "sitting on old pain."

Discover Your Own Truth for Back Pain Relief

Sometimes, in order to discover your own truth, or your own personal cause for your pain, you need to spend lots of time in meditation and meditative, intuitive movement for the lower back. You must be open to the messages from your body, talk to your lower back and actually THANK it for the messages that it is trying to bring you through your lumbar back pain.

You will be amazed at the shift in you if you acknowledge your pain in this manner. Once you have shifted your desire to run away from the lower back pain, or numb it so that you are unable to hear its messages and actually be grateful for the pain, only then will you be able to hear the message. You must learn to fully embrace the pain, by moving into it, instead of away from it! Sounds horrible, doesn’t it? But it really does work!

It is only by fully feeling your pain and being open to its message that you can truly find lower back pain relief. It is only by hearing this message of pain that you can acknowledge and release it.

You can only do this by learning meditation and healing, intuitive movements for your lower back. It is through meditation that you are able to experience the present moment, or the "Power of the Now" as Eckhart Tolle so adequately describes.

You must learn to say positive affirmations, once your have acknowledged and thanked your pain, to shift your energy from the negative to positive and healing thoughts. It is very, very effective to say your positive affirmation as you do your healing, intuitive movement activities that I describe below.

***Please note that lower back pain can be caused by very serious physical conditions that involve the spine, nerves and discs. If you have more than just mild back pain or numbness/tingling in your legs, you should first seek medical care and the advice of your physician before beginning any of the activities suggested below. You MUST first rule out any structural problem with your lower back. Holistic health involves the integration of Western medicine and body-mind practices.***

Healing, Intuitive Movements

Specific movements can be learned for back pain relief. In order for your lower back pain to heal, you must learn to take the time to clear your mind and focus on your pain so you can hear its messages to you.

I have developed my own program for lumbar back pain that I believe is unique from any others. This Body Window program of lower back pain exercises includes meditative foam rolling with gentle yoga movements to enhance your healing. There are lots of meditative movements in silence to enhance your own inner journey.

These lower back pain exercises are guaranteed to bring you back pain relief. Just make sure if you are being treated by a physician for your lumbar back pain that you get her approval first! And remember to proceed cautiously to start and read every instruction in the article thoroughly so you don’t injure yourself further.

May you find health and healing of your lower back pain and may you always use your body window for understanding the metaphysical cause of your inner pain. Your body is alive with information that is there waiting for you to discover!

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