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Hello Welcome to In the Moment with Hip Opening on a Foam Roller!
August 19, 2013

In the Moment with Hip Opening on Your Foam Roller!
Issue #034 - August 19, 2013

I have not featured foam rolling in my Body Moments newsletter for awhile. Not sure why, as I continue to use foam rolling regularly in my arsenal for staying open and healthy. It is the single most important tool for deeply releasing tension and learning where your muscle knots and hot spots are.

If you have not yet discovered self-myofascial release, I highly recommend you purchase a foam roller and start as soon as possible. While I love Yoga, it is only a foam roller that helps you really dig in into your muscles, especially the hip muscles, for deep release and opening of your hips.

Regarding your old hurts and emotions, the hips are a fertile storage ground. I have had so many people write to me, that when they first started some of their foam rolling, unexpected emotions bubbled to the surface. What an interesting phenomenon! Something that was supposed to be a purely physical practice, creating more mobility in the muscles, all of a sudden had an unintended, yet beneficial consequence! Sound like anything else you know about? This is yet another total confirmation that the body and the mind and emotions are all tied up together!

The muscles, especially hold our tensions, hold our emotions. Unconsciously, we repeat the patterns of held stress within our tissues and muscles. With the process of foam rolling, this allows us to release our muscles and therefore our emotions, from this accumulation of stress and hurts.

For more specific information, regarding the hips and its messages, refer to my article Foam Roller Exercises for the Hip Muscles. You should also know that the hips encompass 2nd Chakra energy, and problems in this area are often foundational, pointing to issues with your relationships in your life. Read my 2nd Chakra article for more information on this energy and emotional center.
Sitting with Both Hips on Foam Roller

Sitting with Hips on Foam Roller

Keeping all this information in mind, shall we begin? Start out by sitting on your foam roller, as the picture shows. Just find a comfortable spot where you can sink into your hips. Begin rolling up and down, on the large muscles of the buttocks. Go slowly at first. Often, if you are unfamiliar with foam rolling, you will be surprised at how much even the simple movements hurt. We are unaccustomed to applying pressure on our muscles, and if you add your body weight as the pressure, it can feel significant at first.

Don't worry about whether or not you do it "right." Just begin to move and roll. You will figure out quickly how to keep your balance and how to roll.

Foam Rolling One Hip

Foam Rolling One Hip

If this simple, initial movement feels OK and you can do the foam rolling without grimacing or holding your breath, go ahead and try shifting your body weight onto one hip by leaning to one side and into the hip, as I show in the second picture. Since you are now applying pressure to only one hip, instead of both, this will feel even more intense on the hip muscles of the one side.

Go slowly and breathe deeply, just like you do in yoga. If you cannot do these small rolling movements on one hip without pain, without holding your breath or grimacing, go back to rolling both hips again to back up on the pressure. If you experience too much pain, you will not be able to relax and breathe, for the opening experience. In fact, the opposite will happen. You will tense up and guard the muscles, and make it tighter and worse. So, don't forget to breathe!

Deep foam rolling the hips with leg crossover

Deep Foam Rolling One Hip

If rolling on one hip focus feels good and you want to take it yet deeper, cross your ankle over to the opposite knee, as shown. Find your balance, either with your opposite hand or your ankle, or you can keep both hands behind you on the ground, with your arms extended, if this is easier.

Again, go slowly and find the sore spots. Breathe even more deeply as you keep the pressure on a knot. If you can breathe and hold your weight on the knot, after a while, the muscle will give up and release. This is a wonderful, wonderful feeling! Get ready to experience any emotions at this time as well!

In this releasing, it is as if your body is giving your heart, the OK to release whatever is in there! Go with this and feel the release. You will not be sorry!

Some helpful affirmations, for releasing the hips may be:

  • I release control to God/the Universe and I feel free.
  • I release old hurts and feelings!
  • I am willing to feel positive things for me!
  • I am filled with newness and freshness!
  • I give birth to new ways of feeling and thinking!
  • I invite health and healing into my life!
  • I believe that I can enjoy life and all its pleasures!
  • Hip, hip hooray, there is Joy in every day!

Or you may chose to create your own positive affirmations that have meaning to you!

For a complete list of all my foam roller exercises, for many more areas of your body, like your legs, shoulders and back, go to my article called "foam rolling" and scroll down to the bottom for the list.

So, join me, in purchasing your foam roller today and roll away your old hurts! Buy the premium one if you can. It has more cushion and comfort, especially if you are a beginner. Plus it will help support me and my efforts, to continue to bring you wonderful information for healing of your body-mind-soul.

May you always breathe and release as you roll away your tensions and hurts, on your foam roller!

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