Chakra Healing Meditation for the 2nd Chakra

The 2nd chakra healing meditation centers on the ability to adapt to change, by letting go and creating flow. The energy of emotions is at the very core of this most fluid chakra.

"Never apologize for showing feeling. When you do so, you apologize for the truth." ~ Benjamin Disraeli

I have chosen to represent the emotional energy wheels of the chakras, with a rose.

The rose is a perfect example of the unfolding swirl of nature, and this orange rose is the color of the 2nd chakra. Gaze upon the perfect rose to begin your second chakra healing meditation. Intend to understand your own energy and how it relates to your subtle body, within the wheel of the 2nd chakra, as you read the article below.

Second Chakra Energy

The second chakra energy as stated above concerns the discovery of movement through change. With change comes growth. This chakra healing meditation is ever flowing and changing with the Earth-element of water.

Our attention in this chakra turns from basic needs and survival (the first chakra) to our relationships in the world. We are no longer merely concerned with self-preservation, but now there are others in our life at stake as well. The major life force in this energy and emotional center, is the gravitational pull of others and the attraction of opposites.

The 2nd chakra brings to our attention, that we are unique and different as we compare ourselves to others. The challenge, then is how this relationship to others fulfills our own personal needs, in light of our differences.

The polarity that exists between our needs versus the needs of others require us to learn all about the attractions of opposites/similarities and finding a balance that serves our highest self.

The second chakra also deals with our relationship to money. Yes, we all have a relationship to it and we all are a prostitute to it at some level. I love the words of Carolyn Myss (see references, below) who states, "Money, like energy, is a neutral substance that takes its direction from the intent of the individual." The perceived lack of money is the single most cause of stress in most peoples lives!

Many an illness is manifested from financial stress. While money is a necessary element in our lives, we must attempt to take a more neutral and impersonal approach to it, so it does not rule our lives.

According to Carolyn Myss, "the wisest relationships we can have with money is to see it as a substance that faith can attract into our lives." I quote her, because, I personally have an attachment to money that is not guided by faith! But I am slowly, slowly opening to this lesson of putting faith before money. Money should be put in its rightful place - as a servant, not a leader.

Our relationship to our sexuality and its expression is another major theme in the 2nd chakra. Nothing in the human experience brings us more emotion than our sexuality. It can be the seat of intense pleasure or intense pain.

Because sex usually involves another person, our sexual energy is mired in emotion.

Sex, money and power influence all our relationships. We all have stories regarding the use, misuse and abuse of these big three items. Most of them are not pleasant. How we use sex, money and power is the key theme of this chakra.

At the seat of the life force energy of this second chakra, is also the seat of our creativity! Our creativity and consciousness survive on change. Without change we do not grow, but our minds, hearts and bodies become stagnant and stuck. And with it follows the soul. It is our desires and our passions that create great change in ourselves and in the world.

This energy center focuses on our emotions more than the other chakras. And what a powerful force is this chakra in our lives! Experiencing and feeling our emotions, through sexual pleasure, through loving relationships and through our personal creative energy are very important to each and every one of us. If we lack in our personal relationships we lack in joy and creativity.

Living life as a pleasurable endeavor is what makes us laugh, play, cry and interact with one another as human beings. Without the pleasure principle, life would be dull indeed! This chakra's energy has the ability to create joy in our lives!

The lesson in our relationships is how to move and change in order to create this balance between finding our own place in the world, yet relating to others in a healthy, pleasurable and whole manner.

Fearing loss of control of ourselves and our environment is a major challenge of this energy center.

The Earth-element of the 2nd chakra is water. Water is ever-changing and ever in motion. Water adapts itself and takes on the shape of its surroundings. Water follows the path of least resistance, yet as it flows it gathers speed and power. What "feels" soft can be a power beyond imagination.

Relating to our sexual nature is still of the Earth, primal in nature, yet the ability to experience pleasure in all things, keeps this chakra healthy and open.

Sex, pleasure, movement and change all go hand-in-hand with the energy of this chakra. The energy of this emotional center fuels our vital force for all that is enjoyable in our lives: creation, recreation and procreation.

Basic Rights for the 2nd Chakra

The basic right for the second chakra is pleasure and joy!  While we create and procreate, our goal is to also create pleasurable relationships and pleasurable experiences.

The emotions of pleasure in this sacral center is closely tied with movement. We move toward pleasure and flee from pain. The feeling of pleasure allows us to expand, while the feeling of pain is contracting. We guard ourselves from painful emotions, by restricting our physical movements. Therefore, in movement, we can free the emotions that cause tension.

The right to feel as we do, without guilt or shame, is a basic right for the 2nd chakra. Emotions begin in the unconscious and we instinctively protect ourselves with tension when something becomes painful. This is why movement of the body is so therapeutic as a way of releasing unconscious emotions. Balancing your second chakra energy can be done with my chakra healing meditation.

Color, Location and Sanskrit Name of the Second Chakra

Moving up the color vibration scale is orange, the color which relates to the second chakra. 

Another way to refer to the 2nd chakra is the "sacral chakra" because its energy arises from the sacral plexus, the bundles of nerve fibers along sacrum in the lower back.

The sacral chakra is located in the lower abdomen, from the navel to base of the spine. It includes the pelvis, sexual organs, the bladder, the large intestine, the lower or lumbar vertebrae of the spine, the appendix and the hip.

The Sanskrit name for the  chakra is Svadhisthana which means, "sweetness." Interesting that the area that causes us so much strife, that of money, relationships and power, can also be the center of the polar opposite: sweetness and pleasure.

Other texts use the translation, "the seat of the vital force." Indeed, it is pleasure that motivates us, and if we flow with our vital force, we are open and flowing with our creative energy.

The mantra for the 2nd chakra is "I feel." When you do the chakra healing meditation, focus on how you feel and don't deny the emotions that want to arise.

Second Chakra Deficiencies

Insufficient emotional energy in the second chakra occurs whenever a  loss is experienced. It may be a loss of control of the physical body, or loss of sexual attractiveness or sexual performance. 

When you are a victim of sexual abuse, betrayal, abandonment by a partner or a professional colleague, your energy in this area is affected and you become closed. If you have lost control of your life through addictions, or financial loss the 2nd chakra becomes weak. 

Other manifestations of a closed second chakra include shyness, acceptance of guilt when it isn't yours, dullness and a lack of creativity, shame over one's body and/or towards one's life and lack of accomplishments.

A lack of pleasure or joy in your life closes this chakra as well.

Deficiencies of the 2nd chakra can be overcome with the mindful movements of this chakra healing meditation.

Excessive 2nd Chakra Energy

As with the first chakra, excessive second chakra energy takes on too much power over others. Being obsessed with power, money and sex necessitates keeping strong control over others at all times.

Strict control of one's body through diet and exercise would also be included here that manifest in bulimia, anorexia and other eating and exercise disorders. 

Sexual obsession, abusive power, being the judge and jury over everyone's morals and finally, blaming others for our own weaknesses, show excessive emotional energy in the second chakra.

Seeking vengeance is misuse and abuse of second chakra energy. Taking the law into one's own hands never turns out well for anybody. Keeping your personal honor does not involve getting even, no matter how justified you feel it is.

Balanced Second Chakra

The sacred Truth of the sacral chakra, is "Honor One Another." The duality of this energy system has been called many names, yin/yang, anima/animus, male/female, sun/moon.

The lesson here is to learn how to balance our relationships with others in a conscious manner. While opposites attract, they are still sublimely intertwined with one another! Black or white, are still interrelated and balanced between two halves. One half contains the other half, as life spins and changes.

The most difficult thing to understand in this energy center is that all relationships that we attract in our lives are there for a purpose. And that purpose is to help us come to know ourselves better.

When we release our tendency to judge everyone we see, and instead see every relationship as a spiritual messenger, we can better understand our own strengths and weaknesses!

Examining our relationships to others helps us examine ourselves, our motivations and our hearts. Self-discovery through introspection will heal this chakra.

How hard is this to do! If we can only remove the boulder out of our own eye, before casting judgement and removing the speck out of another's eye, the world would be a very spiritual place!

When you understand yourself, through your relationships, you are able to let go of the past and its hurts. You release any excessive guilt. This opens the door to forgiveness, for yourself and for others.

Nothing heals and balances this emotional center more that the Power of Forgiveness.

Knowing that you are forgiven, and releasing your guilt heals. Releasing the need to blame others or seek vengeance will open and create balance in all your relationships.

Releasing your inner victim, and taking responsibility for your own life will open your creative doors as you flow through the necessary positive changes for healing!

Roatan Honduras, Cobra pose on the beachRoatan, Honduras, Cobra Pose on the Beach

Physical Manifestations of an Unbalanced Sacral Chakra

Any malfunctions of the sexual organs such as impotence and frigidity, obstetric and gynecological problems such as infertility, menstrual difficulties, menopausal difficulties, uterine fibroids, prostate problems and cancers.

Chronic lower back pain and sciatica are symptoms of a blocked second chakra (as well as the first). Pelvic pain and urinary problems, kidney trouble and circulatory system problems may also be manifested. Appendicitis, lower bowel problems and cancers also come into play.

Sacral Chakra Healing Meditation

Mindful, meditative movements, like those in this chakra healing meditation are healing indeed! Most of us have difficulty quieting our minds to practice meditative silence. I offer instead, a moving meditation to help you clear and balance your 2nd chakra.

When you turn your attention on your breath, as you move in a meditative fashion, your "monkey mind" can be quieted.

When you do the second chakra healing meditation, keep your focus on your pelvic and lower back area. I designed the movements in the meditation to help you with this, because the movements use the energy and muscles of this area. Breathe even more energy into your pelvis and lower back as you practice. 

If you are diagnosed with a second chakra energy, physical manifestation, you will find this practice to be supportive and releasing.

Please make sure if you do have a physical diagnosis, that you discuss it first with your primary care provider, to make sure you are able to perform a physical activity using yoga movements.

If you are a victim of sexual abuse, proceed with this meditation carefully. Working with this emotional and energy center may revive unresolved feelings regarding your abuse. You may wish to have a loving and caring person with you, or nearby when you first open your 2nd chakra.

The intent of this chakra healing meditation is to not only focus on healing, but to focus on increasing your vital energy to bring joy into your life! Joy and Pleasure are healing forces! This is why laughter is the best medicine!

If you desire your meditation to be more therapeutic and restorative, you may also want to look at the body meditation, I call the Deep Releasing Yoga Meditation. It is simpler and less active than the chakra healing meditation, below. If your body and spirit are ill, this should be your first choice.

When you do this, and any chakra healing meditation, find your body position and then release into it. Bring mindfulness to your effort, and try to relax within the pose, for the least effort. This is real skill and only comes with lots of practice. 

When you flow with effortless movement, you find healing, openness and the broadening of your consciousness. This is what creates real healing that lasts!

May your 2nd chakra energy flow as the element of water, as you open your 2nd chakra for healing. May this sacral chakra healing meditation be your guide to reconnecting with your subtle energy systems for total healing, of the body, mind and soul!

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