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December 18, 2016

The Body Window Newsletter New Look

Welcome Back to the Body Window Newsletter and Receive a Free eBook as my Holiday Gift to You.

Hello to all my readers and subscribers of the Body Window Newsletter, formerly called "Body Moments - In the Moment with Your Body." This is Elle Bieling, RN, RYT, Holistic Health Coach and webmaster at the I was horrified when I realized that it has been two long years since I last published a newsletter. Somehow the time has gotten away from me as I have struggled with life events, motivation and an overall loss of direction. Yes, it happens to all of us.

I did start a second website called the Pilgrimage Traveler and it has seen moderate success. It is a passion of mine to go on pilgrimage and I created this site to express my experiences, as I have done with the Body Window website. I was content with this new project until life intervened.

My husband's mother suffered a stroke in June of this year, slamming the door to any of my own life's work. As you know, I am a Registered Nurse, and my skills were called into play, assisting in the care and placement of my mother-in-law. Thankfully, she is now stable, and with the coming of the solstice, it has given me time to pause, evaluate the past year, and re-assess my calling(s).

I will be as committed as I am able to re-ignite my love for the Body Window Website, including this newsletter. As you can see, I created a new look and feel, to freshen it up! Hopefully, you will find it to be an encouragement for you, in your own life, as we all move forward into the promise of new life, new creation and new beginnings as we travel, once again, toward the Light.

The spiritual path is not linear, but invites us back to the crossroads, again and again.

A Simple Winter Solstice Exercise

Every year a small group of my friends get together for a winter solstice gathering. It is no coincidence that the themes of most major religions, at this time of year, marry with the practice of solstice - one of hope, renewal, rebirth and new life.

This is the time when we are called to be Light Carriers in the mid-winter darkness. It is time for celebrating the darkness, and through contemplation, invite in the deeply reflective energy to help us review our lives and the past year and create in our hearts the intent to be re-born.

I invite you now, to light a candle representing your own spirit, find a still and sacred moment and settle into the silence. Here, with an open heart, invite a loving attitude toward yourself as you review your past year. Notice what stands out for you, what draws your attention. Notice what was happy and hopeful. Notice what was sad or undesirable that you'd rather not re-visit. Allow yourself to re-experience these moments.

Be grateful for all your life's experiences that have brought you to the present. Now, lovingly write on a small piece of paper, what you no longer need for going forward into the Light. Stay with the thought of releasing that which no longer serves you. Take your time and write down all those things which you will now lovingly release.

After you have your list, prayerfully toss this list into a flame! I have a wood-burning stove, or maybe you have a fireplace, or you could light a small outdoor fire. As a last resort, carefully burn your piece of paper in a tin can (or other safe metal container), in your garage or your sink, away from other combustibles.

You will be amazed at how releasing this feels! Thank God that you intend to release all these undesirable things!

When you are ready to pick up as a Light Carrier, turn your attention back to your candle that shines brightly. This is a representation of your heart and its intent to continue to carry the Light forward as best you know how.

It might be more meaningful if you gather a soul mate, or close group of friends or church community to experience this cleansing moment with you. You do not have to share what is in your heart if you do not wish. Just doing the practice together solidifies and embodies the desires of your heart.

My Free Gift - Chakra Yoga eBook

One of the ways of understanding how your subtle body effects your health can be through learning the energy systems of the body. The underlying energy in our bodies has been acknowledged throughout all cultures in the history of time. I hope you will open your heart to this incredibly powerful way for staying healthy and/or to find healing as you move your body forward into a more spiritual way of being in the coming months ahead.

As my gift to you in this blessed, and healing holiday season, you can click on the image below, for an immediate download of my Chakra Yoga eBook. It normally sells for $6.99 USD. It is a book for health and healing, compiling my webpages on the subject, in a printable, easy to read book format that you can take with you offline.

Commit now to your health! Even if the holidays are too busy now for you to focus, you will be ready when you have time. Set your intent to be healthier and whole, while the deep winter is there to assist you in your mindful and meditative journey to a new way of being.

*Please feel free to share this newsletter freely with your friends, so they may also receive their free copy of my eBook for a limited time.

Tell Me Your Desires

Please be so kind as to reply to this email and let me know what you think of my newsletter. I intend to focus on providing you with more information on how to stay healthy as you travel through life with all its stresses, roadblocks and changes in direction.

I am changing the focus of this newsletter towards a more spiritual direction, which is a reflection of my own life. While the physical body is a manifestation of who we are, I will include all types of exercises for you, physical, emotional, spiritual and everything that ties them all together for wholeness and health.

Never before has our world called for more unity, despite our individual beliefs. Zealotry and dogma will only divide us and make us fearful and ill, whether the source is religion, politics or our social structures.

Let me know if there is a particular topic you would like to have me cover and I will consider all requests.

Continue with me in my exciting time of renewal and refocus and please consider also liking my BodyWindow Facebook page.

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