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Hello! Take Your Dragons to a New Level of Energy
June 02, 2017

The Body Window Newsletter

June 2, 2017

As we near the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, and kick off a season of higher energy and activity, you may find that the energetic Twisted Dragon Pose may be just the activity to bring your mindfulness practices to a higher level.

I hope you enjoy the pose I chose for your focus, in the weeks ahead. Developing a home yoga practice is a wonderful way to build your mindfulness and meditation time, for increasing your wellness! Summertime is the perfect time for learning the twists, that will bring you greater health.

In great Love and Hope, Elle

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The Twisted Dragon Pose

The Twisted Dragon Pose is a Yang variation of Yin Yoga's Dragon Poses. Instead of having my students do only Yin poses in a class or for myself in my own home practice, I often like to weave yin and yang poses together, alternating one with the other. This type of practice is a wonderful way to learn to notice the different feeling in your body, between placing effort into a pose (yang), and then releasing it totally (yin).

"The object of a Yin Yoga practice is to notice where your body is efforting and where it is not. It order to deeply work beyond the superficial muscles, and more deeply into the joints, fascia, tendons and ligaments, you must learn the effect of your mental and physical effort on your body and the release of effort, in order for health and healing to occur."

A Yin Yoga practice is not easy and requires a lot of skill. Controlling your muscles in the manner of contracting them through effort, then releasing the effort requires a lot of mindfulness on your part. When you master this skill, tension can be released in the body anytime and anywhere, to maintain great health and healing! Your Body Window will speak to you otherwise, if you hold continual tension!

Practicing the Dragon Poses is a great way to learn this skill by alternating between the Dragon Flying High (yang), the Twisted Dragon (yang) and the Low Flying Dragon (yin). (Click on this link if you wish to learn about the others). Even though the High Flying Dragon and the Twisted Dragon Poses are both Yang-like, you can still release effort in all Yang poses, to hold it much longer. You do this by exerting only the minimal effort to keep your body in the pose.

Truly, all yoga poses can be softened within the pose, to make it more yin-like to find a sweet and calm relaxation within the pose!

My purpose here is to describe the Twisted Dragon Pose, a Yang pose that I like to do for an added bonus of the internal organ massage, through the twist.

The Twisted Dragon Pose, Starting Position

Click here to continue reading about the Twisted Dragon Pose on my Body Window website >>

New E-book Available

In the past months, I have been able to create my Body Window Yin Yoga E-book! In one complete book, you will have a ready reference for all the Yin Yoga poses that I know. There is no form of yoga more healing than the Yin style. Over 125 pages of information on how each pose will affect what body system, which joints and muscles for special needs targeting.

This E-book is a compilation of all my Yin Yoga webpages, in a convenient PDF format, to download to your favorite device and take with you anywhere!

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