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Colorado ColumbineColorado Columbine

My Heart Opening Body Meditation is filmed on my deck at my home in the Colorado Mountains, so you will get relaxed just watching it!

With this video, you will be able to learn to deeply relax and open your heart to receive Love for yourself alone. Often the case is that you are constantly giving to others and never take the time to renew your own source of energy. 

'Sometimes your body is smarter than you are.' - Author Unknown

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The Value of Spending a Moment with your Body

Learning the fine art of staying present to your body’s messages can be a difficult task. Your body takes a back seat to whatever tasks and thoughts are at hand. You pay no attention to what your body has to say. You force yourself and your body to work 18-hour days, stay up too late and move quickly from task to task with barely a breath. Your mind is doing all this, dragging your body along.

Your Body Window may be speaking to you, often at first with a gentle voice. A little ache here, a sleepless night there or perhaps a twinge of nausea there. When you refuse to listen, the voice becomes louder. Eventually you get so strung out that you cannot sleep most nights, feel great anxiety that leads to headaches, have body pains and aches here and a lot of soreness there.

Whatever your symptom is, it is the voice of your inner spirit that speaks to you through your body. It is trying to have you ‘wake up’ to something - which is why you cannot sleep. Or it is trying to signal to you that something is wrong through the message of pain. It is why you are unable to get rid of the pain in your knees, the headaches, the nausea, the tension in your neck or …. whatever is your truth.

The body becomes the messenger because the mind plays tricks on you and refuses to listen to what your body has to say! Your body is smarter than you are! Your mind fails to understand the warning signals, the signals from your body that it is time to slow down, take a break and be in the moment! Your mind pushes forward, planning activities for the next hour, the next day, and the next…

Your mind is ever jumping to the next activity, the next task, thinking and planning sometimes for weeks and months in advance. If you are not planning the future, you are ruminating about the past. Your mind refuses to be silent.

Learning to slow down and become present to the moment to just be and not think or do something, is a skill that you have forgotten. You CAN learn how to stimulate your mind body connection, how to slow down, how to listen to your body, how to pay attention to its message regarding your inner condition. You can become aware that your thoughts run rampant, that your thoughts are an ever-present jumble of activity that attempts to steer you off your path of who you really are.

You can be aware that your body is a barometer to help guide you to see your inner truth, the hopes, the desires and the messages of your true self, or your soul.

The Body Window Newsletter can help! It is full of body meditations and bodywork ideas and information.

It is my desire that you spend a few moments, indeed, daily moments with yourself and your body to tune into what it has to say to you. Developing intuition regarding your inner state by using your body is an art that affords you the ability to leave thinking, planning, ruminating and all other left-brain activities behind. It allows you to fully sense your body, sense what you are feeling and integrate this into your being. It is the path to health and healing of your body-mind-soul!

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"Be prepared to meet yourself in a new way, through your body."