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Hello! Learn the Quarter Dog With a Twist, AKA The Melting Heart
July 08, 2017

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July 8, 2017

Summer is in full swing in the Northern Hemisphere, and most of us are running around enjoying life to its highest level. Vacations, projects, family gatherings, and generally enjoying the out-of-doors is what this season of JOY is about!

While it may be difficult for all of us, myself included, to put a little Yin into our lives, I would strongly encourage you to do so!

The pose I have selected for you this month, is the Quarter Dog with a Twist, also known as the "Melting Heart" in some traditions. This milder pose will help counteract all of your Yang activity, and bring you to a still place for a moment or two of opening and reflection. Take 5 minutes from your day to try it! You won't regret doing your home Yoga practice!

In great Love and Hope, Elle

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The Quarter Dog With a Twist ~ AKA The Melting Heart

The Quarter Dog Pose with a Twist is a lovely pose that opens your side body and stimulates your internal organs. It is a mild twist, and should be the first one you try, if twisting is a difficult motion for you. Don't let the mildness fool you, it is still a very therapeutic pose.

"Live in harmony with the way things are and you will benefit. Struggle against the way things are and you will suffer." ~ Bernie Clark, The Complete Guide to Yin Yoga"

The opening of the body through the practice of Yin Yoga, done in a contemplative fashion, is healing indeed. Creating internal harmony through yoga poses helps you stay focused and present.

If you are unfamiliar with the mindfulness practice of Yin Yoga, please click on the link to learn how it differs from the traditional yoga as practiced in the West. It is important that you understand how to perform a Yin Yoga Pose to find just the right edge to be therapeutic.

Setting up the Quarter Dog Pose with a Twist

The Quarter Dog With a Twist, Starting Position

From the table top pose in the photo above, walk your hands forward, as you bring your chest toward the ground, keeping your hips stationary and high. If you sit back on your hips, this will be more like the child's pose. You know you have the pose right when you feel the opening through the chest, side body and shoulders, instead of the hips.

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