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Hello Welcome to In the Moment with Your Subtle Body!
April 21, 2013

In the Moment with Your Subtle Body!
Issue #030 - April 22, 2013

Rainbow-Colored Rose

My newsletter is going to be a bit different this month. Normally I offer you a physical, outer body exercise. I am not going to do that.

There have been a lot of things going on in my life, to assist me in awakening more, to the subtle energies that our bodies contain.

First, I went to a workshop, by Matthew Sanford, a yoga teacher and paraplegic, who teaches both "normal" students and adaptive students the practice of yoga. He is the first yoga teacher I have had, that emphasized feeling the "subtle body" or the energy that is within the pose, beyond normal sensation. Imagine, a person who is unable to feel his outer body, from his chest down, teaching we "sensate" ones, how to connect with the subtle energy of our bodies!

His 4-day workshop was transforming. I will never think of a yoga pose in the same way again. I am reading his book, "Waking: A Memoir of Trauma and Transcendence." I am not done yet, but I suppose I will complete it very soon. It is a page turner. Most people I talked to about the book read it in 24 hours.

The story of his accident and his life afterwards will make you cry, make you smile and most of all, see yourself and your body, and your "consciousness" in a new way.

Not so coincidentally, I have been creating my own "subtle body" healing meditations. I have always been fascinated with the subtle energy, that I have always know was there, deep inside us, within our outer, physical bodies. I know that when you "move" this energy, healing can happen. The ancients called these energy vortexes spinning within you, "chakras," the Sanskrit word for wheel.

My fascination for the chakras (or meridians in Chinese medicine) has been steadily growing. If you wish to read my article on this and how it relates to yoga, go to Chakra Yoga to catch up.

As a result of all this spinning within my body and my head, trying to connect it all, I have begun writing about and creating healing meditations for each chakra. It is turning out to be a much, much bigger project than I had first anticipated. This is because it is shaking the essence of myself to the very core. This is body-mind connection at its finest.

I have begun using these chakra healing meditations with my clients. They are working. To see my tools unfold and be an instrument for healing is the biggest thrill of my lifetime.

I take a step back, breathe and realize that what I am doing is not new. I am ordinary. I am the conduit to bring it to the world, merely with fresh eyes. Per my style and my interpretation. In a way that most everyone can use. In a neutral fashion that does not require you to be a Hindu or a Buddhist to understand the wisdom that our bodies contain.

I have been consumed with the energy of this new creation, and wanted to share it with you. The effort and energy that I have been giving to this project is the most to date!

I am not yet finished with each of the seven chakras. I have completed the first four. I hope to complete the remaining three over the course of the next month.

If you are in need of emotional, mental or physical healing, look at each and every individual chakra description, choose one that speaks to you the loudest and click on the link. If you read the article in it's entirety, your intuition will speak to you, and you will know in your gut, if this healing meditation is for you!

Isn't it time to engage your power centers, in the first three chakras, the ones that are based more in the physical world? Foundational issues are most often those issues which need attention, according to my experience. Without a strong foundation in your emotional, mental and physical core, you cannot fully realize your spiritual potential.

Then we open and soften, in order to receive 4th chakra energy, that of Love and Compassion, for ourselves and others. The chakra healing meditation for the 4th Chakra will nurture you and surround you with Love!

Red, 1st Chakra Rose

Foundational issues are arising when you have lower extremity pain, specifically in the legs, knees and feet, or lower back pain, bone or immune disorders. Do you lack grounding and close ties to a community or group? Do you lack support of others? Do you always feel like there is never enough? Are you always pushing yourself harder to obtain security (home/food/money)?

Orange, 2nd Chakra Rose

Issues surrounding sexuality, creativity, money and forgiveness arise when the 2nd chakra is blocked. Physical manifestations include any condition affecting the sex organs, lower intestines, bladder and lower back. Have you been abused? Do you have financial woes? Are you unable to forgive old hurts? Are you unable to create the "real" you or be creative?

Yellow, 3rd Chakra Rose

Conditions of the stomach, pancreas, liver, intestines, adrenal glands and eating disorders may be manifested, if you have a closed 3rd chakra. Do you lack self-esteem? Are you unable to make decisions for yourself? Do you lack in energy to complete your most personal and soul-nurturing tasks? Are you afraid of rejection, humiliation, criticism or personal failure?

Green, 4th Chakra Rose

If you are broken-hearted in any way, you may have deficient energy in your fourth chakra. Conditions of the heart, lungs, circulatory system and upper extremities may be involved. Do you lack in self-love? Are you always sacrificing for others? Are you often angry, bitter or resentful? Have you had a significant-other reject you? Do you feel you are unworthy of love and loneliness is your only companion?

May you always be introspective and use your intuition when you do your healing meditations. May your Body Window messages be heard, honored and cared for!

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