Chakra Healing Meditation for the 4th Chakra

The heart is the center of it all. This is the lesson for the chakra healing meditation for the 4th chakra.

Those who are willing to be vulnerable move among mysteries."
~ Theodore Roethke

I have chosen the rose to represent the subtle body's energy system called a chakra, in Hindu. What could be better than the green rose to open your heart for the healing meditation for the fourth chakra? The rose is a perfect swirl in nature, that represents the subtle spinning energy vortex inside us. The color green represents this energy of the heart. You may want to first read Chakra Yoga to understand this subtle body energy system in more depth.

4th Chakra Health

The first three chakras are of the earth, individuality and manifestation. In contrast, the upper chakras, 5th, 6th and 7th are of higher consciousness and of the Spirit. 

It is the fourth chakra, that unifies it all. The heart. Everything begins and ends with the heart. 

Without this great human bridge that we call Love, life is meaningless and we wither and die. Just like the heart is the bridge for humanity, the 4th chakra is the bridge to all the other chakras. 

The heart is the great integrator and unifier. My chakra healing meditation for your 4th chakra, will help you integrate all of your chakras.

4th chakra heath only happens when our hearts are open, and willing to give that which we most desire ourselves: Love and Compassion.

The open fourth chakra also means that we are able to receive Love, not just from others, but for ourselves as well. It is an ultimate truth that without accepting and receiving love for ourselves, we cannot heal.

The Love of which I speak, is a spiritual Love, that includes romantic love and self-love, but is also a powerful bridge for giving Love to and receiving Love from all of humanity.

In order to be an effective bridge that is well-grounded and able to give Love, one must first be open to receive this Love for themselves. Love is always there and free. It is abundant and limitless.

The Heart Chakra Connects Us All

When the heart is truly open, it realizes that it is not just about becoming connected, through Love flowing from one another, and to ourselves, but that we are all already connected. 

It is through Love that we know that we are all deeply, spiritually connected through our very humanity. This relationship to all is the groundwork of the heart and it is the unifier of all.

Because the heart builds relationships, it also makes us whole. Without the heart, there is no health or healing. For this reason, the heart chakra is arguably the most important chakra of all. 

Love is the element of Air from this energy center, that fuels the heart, from the lungs, delivering the prana, qi or life-force energy that enables the very heart to function.

All other chakras are dependent on the 4th chakra, to supply this very life force or the breath to infuse all the power centers with love and compassion.

Without the integration of the heart, we would have no balance, or equilibrium in any of the other emotional centers. That is why the chief operating life force of this chakra is equilibrium.

Please keep all this in mind as you do your own 4th chakra healing meditation.

Basic Rights for the 4th Chakra

Your basic right under the heart chakra is to love and be loved. 

We all deserve Love. Period. From others, AND from ourselves. The sacred truth is that we are loved, just for being. Just for being human. When we fully understand this concept, we can fully heal.

While Love seems to be a very easy concept to grasp, is it really? Do we really know how to give and receive Love? Pure Love? Pure Compassion? 

It is oh-so-easy to love the innocent baby, or animal, but when it comes to unconditional love for adults, that is a whole 'nother story, isn't it?  We judge everyone, don't we? 

We judge everyone, because we judge ourselves. We are hard on everybody because we are hard on ourselves. Very, very few of us can truly love ourselves, without judging our thoughts and our feelings.

The inability to receive Love for oneself, is the single most common cause of ill health that I see in my holistic health coaching practice. It is ubiquitous among us, across most Western cultures and the most harmful personal practice of all. 

In order for you to become a self-healer you MUST learn to love yourself first, just as you are. This heart chakra healing meditation will help you.

Why is it that we are unable to love ourselves? It is time that we look at this love of ourselves, NOT as narcissistic but as a basic right for our survival and our health. We are NOT machines that can keep pushing and pushing, judging and judging. 

Your mental "denier of yourself" never listens to your inner voice, often expressed through the pain in your body, that tells you that you are not treating yourself with love.

True love for the self, in a way that is whole, can do nothing but help you heal. It is only when you have Love and Compassion for your own self, that you can truly love others in a healthy, helping and healing way!

Carolyn Myss describes this type of self-love as a "marriage" bond with oneself, or the internal union of self and soul. What a wonderful description! An internal union of self and soul.

Color, Location and Sanskrit Name of the Fourth Chakra

The color that represents the fourth chakra is green. As we already know, this is located at the center of the body, at the level of the heart. 4th Chakra energy also regulates the lungs, ribs, arms and hands.

The lungs, the center for the breath, is highly significant in this energy center. Because the arms and hands are attached to the chest, they are also included.

The Sanskrit name for the heart chakra is Anahata, which means, "unhurt, unstuck and unbeaten." Symbolically, the meaning of this, is that below the human experience of pain, there indeed lies wholeness and health ~ the sacred seat of Love. 

Without the knowing of Divine Love, we have no hope at all.

The corresponding mantra for the 4th chakra is "I love." When you say this mantra as you do your chakra healing meditation for the heart, say it to yourself first, and then to the world. 

The greatest power we have on this earth, is the Power of Love. We have all heard that "love conquers all" and indeed it does. We are all motivated by love, ruled by it, inspired by it, destroyed by it or healed by it!

Without Love, we die spiritually, emotionally and physically. 

Fourth Chakra Deficiencies

Emotionally, we know the heart is the center of love and compassion. Compassion is the ability to "walk a mile" in someone else's shoes, truly experiencing what they feel. The inability to do this is an indication of a closed heart chakra. 

Commitment is an issue in this emotional center. The inability to commit to relationships may be due to a closed heart. Loneliness though fear of rejection, or due to grief and death, or due to lack of self-worth and self-love, are deficiencies in the 4th chakra.

If you have health issues, you may wish to start with opening the heart chakra through my chakra healing meditation, below.

The inability to forgive is a way of holding anger, resentment and bitterness. These are all signs of closed hearts to Love. A sure health killer is holding onto anger. I have written many, many articles on the power of anger to destroy your life.

When one offers love and it is rejected, this may cause the heart chakra to close. The fear of rejection is very real, and is a significant factor in fourth chakra deficiencies.

Opening your heart brings with it vulnerability to rejection. Nothing hurts more than rejection, which most likely will close your heart chakra, hopefully only a temporary condition.

If you have recently been rejected, use the Chakra Healing Meditation for the 4th Chakra, if you wish to re-open it to receive Love again.

Excessive 4th Chakra Energy

Signs of excessive energy in the fourth chakra, would indeed be an overly abundant and unhealthy love of the self through narcissism. The absence of compassion, the essence of the heart chakra, is over-indulgence in oneself and its pleasures, self-centeredness and manifestations of the ego.

A person who understands that she is self-absorbed is the awakening individual. We all have this strong tendency. It doesn't mean we cannot love, it just means, that until we open our eyes through compassion, to the suffering of others, we are mostly self-absorbed.

The world revolves around ourselves and our own feelings. True compassion learns that we are not the only ones suffering, but that others are suffering as well. When this type of compassion rules your thinking, you realize that we are all in the same boat, suffering for different physical, emotional or spiritual reasons. This unifies us instead of dividing us!

Over attachment in relationships, through co-dependence, jealousy, and over-possessiveness would all be signs of excessive fourth chakra energy. Excessive grief would fit here as well.

A Balanced and Open Fourth Chakra

The Sacred Truth and power of this energy and emotional center is this: Love is Divine Power.

To have a healthy, balanced fourth chakra, one must learn to love oneself and others without overly attaching, or being overly fearful of rejection. It means being able to receive Love from ourselves and from others as well. However, even if we know this and accept it in our heads, it is very difficult for us to live and practice this sacred truth. 

Learning how to love, in the spiritual manner, according to Caroline Myss, is to learn how it is that we view our own feelings. Without realizing it (or maybe we do), we are constantly evaluating and interpreting our feelings.

We respond to our own internal mental condition through our emotions. This means that not only do we have feelings, but we are constantly evaluating our feelings on an emotional level! Think of it as emotions that create more emotions!  What a tangled and convoluted mess of psychology we are!

We judge our feelings as good or bad, don't we? This results in our paying attention to certain feelings that we consider "good" and pay more attention to them than what we view as "bad" feelings.

We ignore the feelings that we consider "bad." In fact, sometimes the "bad" feelings seem so bad to us that we don't even acknowledge them but repress them instead. The repressed emotion over time, gets a chance to wreak havoc on ourselves and on our health.

However, the solution is to learn to be loving and compassionate to ourselves, our frailties, our faults and our humanness. Practicing this type of self-love does not mean that we do not seek to improve ourselves. Rather it is totally contrary to this.

When we see, recognize and understand our humanness, and forgive ourselves when we do not meet our own expectations, it is only then that we truly change for the better! A lovely paradox, don't you think?

Physical Manifestations of an Unbalanced Heart Chakra

Any condition of the heart or lungs is an indication of a 4th chakra imbalance. Such conditions would include pneumonia, asthma, allergies, bronchitis, heart arrhythmias, cardiac disease, heart valve problems and so forth.

Upper extremity pain, "carried" in the shoulders, arms, wrists and hands can also indicate a fourth chakra imbalance. Any circulatory problems like blood clots, or conditions of the ribs, breast, diaphragm or the thymus gland are all included here.

Yoga pose, heart openingChest Lift, Roatan, Honduras, setting for my Chakra Healing Meditations

Heart Chakra Healing Meditation

In my 4th chakra healing meditation, I designed it specifically to help you open your heart and its energy for healing. Regardless of how you have obtained your broken heart, you can heal it through the lovely practice of chakra yoga. 

Because we have not learned how to still our minds, I use chakra healing meditations that move the body. The body can help you still your mind, when you do these mindful healing movements. If you stay present to the body movement, it gives your ever-active mind something to concentrate on, to help you still it.

It is definitely easier to meditate on movement, than to try to completely empty your mind. In addition, a moving meditation keeps us grounded and focused, when we have trouble quieting the "monkey mind."

So many of my clients just cannot meditate in the traditional fashion, of sitting still on a cushion and quietly releasing their mind. That is why I am such a believer in the body meditations. They really do work.

This heart chakra meditation I designed to help you open your heart, through your body, for the Divine experience of Love and Compassion. When you do the poses in this chakra healing meditation, center your attention on your heart.

Notice how you become aware of any energy in your heart and lungs. Really enter this "physical" space with your mind, as you physically expand your chest and broaden your back to receive the life force energy that is there.

When you do the movements, please, please do not judge your physical ability to perform. Just open and release to Love as much as you are able in that moment. This is your time, in the privacy of your own home to practice Compassion, by showing compassion to your body. 

Believe me, if you cannot practice compassion to your body, you are really unable to practice compassion to others in the outer world. Your body is YOU.

You must learn, through these poses to practice compassion to yourself, through your body. If you cannot do a pose, just skip it and move on to the next. Or do it to the best of your ability. Never, ever push through any pain.

This chakra healing meditation that I offer is about 10 minutes long. Some of the poses are easy, and some of them are more difficult. 

The most important thing to remember, when doing mindful yoga positions, which I prefer calling "body meditations," is to relax, open and yield to the pose.

The real skill of learning to use yoga asanas for healing and self-discovery is to find the relaxation in the effort. More paradoxes. Breathe and release, and let go. That is the essence of it.

If you are grunting, grimacing or holding your breath, your ego has taken over and you are trying too hard. When you find this sweet spot of relaxing into the action of the pose, you will definitely be aware it is happening. You feel light as a feather as your whole body surrenders into the effortlessness. It is possible with practice.

May your heart chakra open, as you do this heart chakra meditation. May this fourth chakra healing meditation be helpful in your journey to re-connect your subtle body with your mental body to free your soul. May you always find healing of your entire being, body, mind and soul.

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