Chakra Healing Meditation for the 1st Chakra

My chakra healing meditation for your 1st chakra, or root chakra, as it is known, will help you in your foundational issues.

"Keep your eye on the stars and your feet on the ground." ~ Theodore Roosevelt

red chakra rose

I like to use a rose to represent the chakra "wheel." As described in my introductory article, Chakra Yoga, the chakras are swirling vortices of energy within the subtle body. The rose is a beautiful example of a perfect swirl in nature, and is often used as an aid in chakra healing. 

If you gaze at a red rose (preferably a real one from Nature herself), and contemplate its swirls, it most certainly would be a sufficient chakra healing meditation for the 1st chakra.

First Chakra Health

Your first chakra health is dependent on whether or not your basic needs are fulfilled. The needs of the first chakra are based on survival.

Everyone needs food, water, air and shelter to survive. The self-preservation of the individual is at stake, if the needs of the 1st chakra are not met. The physical body is the center of attention for this chakra.

The 1st chakra is known as the "root" chakra, because of the significance of being solidly rooted in the earth, yourself, your cultural identity and your chosen occupation.

The element of this chakra is the Earth, with the major life force, gravity. All things in the root chakra come from the Earth. Our food, our water, our air and our shelter. Our "tribes" come from a specific geographic location on the Earth, as well and are necessary in meeting our survival needs.

To be grounded is to be in touch with ourselves, our bodies, our cultural heritage and our limitations. When we lose touch, and ignore our bodies, we often ignore the pain it feels as well. Becoming more grounded to ourselves is usually the first step in awareness and healing.

When the body feels safe and secure, and is well-fed and well-cared for, our consciousness can then flow to other areas. When we are secure in our culture (tribe, family or group affiliation) and secure with our occupation, we feel grounded.

A constant barrage from our thoughts, from stress, from others, an unsupportive job or an abrasive environment can all close down the root chakra. We close down, in order to preserve and protect ourselves.

Finding the right balance to meet the physical needs of the body, through cooperative relationships, yet stay present to the here and now, without becoming over-attached is the challenge of this chakra. My chakra healing meditation, below, can help!

1st Chakra Basic Rights:

Your basic right for your root chakra is the right just to be here, or the right to be alive and have your physical needs met. The saying "I am" takes on significance at this energy level, because we are all connected with this Earth energy based on our common human needs for survival. 

The healing affirmation from the first chakra, is indeed, "I am" or "I have." Without any other attachment, than just being. Being a human soul manifested in a physical body.

Color, Location and Sanskrit Name of the First Chakra:

The 1st chakra is also known as the red chakra because it coincides with the energy from the color red and it's slower vibrations. The root chakra is located at the base of the spine, in the tail bone area.

When sitting in the classic, lotus, cross-legged, meditation position on the ground, the first chakra is what comes in contact with the ground. This is the reason behind the sitting position with a straight spine. The posture allows energy to freely move up and down the spine.

The bundle of nerves that arise from the coccygeal plexus in the lower lumbar vertebrae, are responsible for innervating the tissues and organs of this emotional center.

The name in Sanskrit for the first chakra is Muladhara, which means, "root support." The specific and unique mantra for your 1st chakra is "I am." (or "I have")

First Chakra Deficiencies:

If your are at risk of losing your home, your 1st chakra energy may be affected. If you are finding your own way in the world, against the way you were brought up, the "tribe" may feel threatened and you will need to work on your root chakra to keep this energy balanced.

If you lack self-esteem or lack focus toward meeting objectives, you are deficient in the first chakra. If you have a low sex drive, are constantly worried about money, feel insecure and procrastinate a lot, you may be deficient in the first chakra. If you are punching a clock for a job that is unsupportive, you may be deficient in this area.

Excessive 1st Chakra Energy:

Signs of too much energy in this area is if you are focused on material gains, have a dominating personality, and are based on personal gain. If you have a big ego, are selfish and unable to see the needs of others, you have excessive 1st chakra energy. Sexual abusers fall in this area as well.

Balanced First Chakra:

The Sacred Truth for this cooperative and tribal emotional center is "All is One."

When you are well grounded, you are balanced and able to take ideas from the higher energy centers and manifest them into reality. A balanced root chakra is evidenced by limitless energy and manifested abundance.

We "ground" ourselves in our studies to obtain knowledge, our community or tribe to find solidarity, where and how we chose to live, and by our healthy eating and drinking habits.

Our very ability to remember to breathe deeply also grounds us and keeps us emotionally healthy. When we lovingly care for our bodies, and attend to signals of stress and pain, and do something to abate it through lifestyle choices, we are balanced in the root chakra.

The basic principle to remember is that in order for energy to rise, it must first go downward, and be rooted. Said in another way, in order to manifest your highest ideals, you must first be very, very balanced and grounded in all your foundational needs. 

This is why so many people are unable to find their true purpose. It is because something is awry in their relationships to their tribe, or family and/or their basic needs are not being met.

Physical Manifestations of an Unbalanced Root Chakra:

The feet, knees, legs and lower spine are the areas that are affected by a blocked chakra at the root. Most of my foam rolling articles, involving the lower extremities address the energy of the 1st chakra. Foam rolling definitely helps unblock the first chakra, if done in a meditative fashion. All the muscles and tissues of the feet, ankles, legs and hips may be involved if the root chakra energy is blocked.

It is no coincidence that the feet are highly significant with the root chakra health. The feet are where we touch the ground, where we contact the Earth.

Our ability to stay grounded, or balanced and focused is dependent on whether our emotional needs are met in this area. Emotional needs are only met in the first chakra if you believe in the basic right you have as a human to be here.

If you lack direction, or fear change, the feet are usually the target of this blocked chakra. Foot pain is an amazingly common condition in our Western culture. It reflects our ability stay grounded and have our foundational needs met.

Obesity may be a problem for you if your 1st chakra is out of balance. We use food to ground ourselves when we are emotionally ungrounded. Immune system disorders, bone disorders, chronic lower back pain, sciatica, and rectal problems such as hemorrhoids and rectal cancer all fall into this energetic area.

It is interesting, that the "tribe" protects us, and keeps us safe from outside invaders. So does your body's immune system, protect you from outside invaders. This is why difficulties with your immunity is tied up in the first chakra. From the simple cold to autoimmune diseases, your personal defense is challenged when you have foundational issues.

honduras, yoga pose warrior IIA Beach on Roatan, Honduras, Warrior II Pose

Root Chakra Healing Meditation:

The chakra healing meditation for the 1st chakra that I present here, is primarily a moving meditation. Albeit a slow, mindful moving meditation. I find that many folks, just are unable to still the chatter of their minds, so instead of a purely silent meditation, I offer these moving meditations.

When you combine the physical movement with the breath, your mind is freed of the chatter. I am tricking your mind, through your body, to settle down!

This root chakra healing meditation is intended specifically for 1st chakra clearing. It is intended to help you focus on the basic, foundational needs at this energy level as you perform specific yoga movements.

When you do the moving, root chakra, healing yoga poses, center your focus on the root of the spine. Send your attention specifically to this area, the perineum, at the base of the spine. Notice the movement and usage of the energy of the root chakra as you move your body to stimulate this area.

I also offer a simpler, less physical Grounding Meditation, using a single asana, for those who are physically challenged, or who want a more restorative, therapeutic meditation. Click on the preceding link for this.

When you do the root chakra healing meditation, learn to find the body position, and then relax into it. The real skill of using yoga postures for healing and self-awareness, is finding the relaxation in the action. This sounds counter-intuitive, but when you reach this "zone," you will definitely know it. Your whole body will melt into the effortless movement.

May your 1st chakra energy flow, as you begin opening your chakras for healing. It is my wish that my root chakra healing meditation will aid you in your personal journey for healing. That you will learn to reconnect with your subtle body and your emotional and mental bodies to free your whole being!

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