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Hello Welcome to Body Moments March 2014 Issue!
March 19, 2014

March 2014 Issue

A New Milestone for Me!

I just concluded the second milestone in my Insight Yoga Institute training. I attended the "Integrated Awakening" retreat by Jennifer Welwood, a psychologist and spiritual leader. We attendees used intense psycho-spiritual tools to "meet" ourselves, most in ways we had never done before.

It was intense and eye opening for me. I discovered many non-mindful thoughts and beliefs that I didn't realize I had. It was a painful process of self-discovery, but yet an experience that I would not miss. Sometimes the journey through personal development is not an easy one. Such was the case for me and most other attendees.

Learning to assimilate our "shadow selves" is a painful process. If you are following me on Facebook, you will notice that I am focusing on this right now for teaching. In the psychological world, this same concept is called the "separate self." It is that part of us which we chose to deny that is in us. That part of ourselves that make us human. We are all the same in this humanness!

It was an interesting journey, one that I hope you will continue to take with me going forward! Humanness is most definitely more beautiful than perfection! As always, I will continue to provide lots of new information on yoga and other topics of the body-mind connection.

New Subscribers

I warmly welcome all new subscribers. If you received this email from a friend, please also consider subscribing for yourself, by going to Body Window Newsletter. That way you will receive your own copy automatically AND my free heart-opening meditation as a gift for subscribing.

My desire is to bring you information to keep your own mind-body pathways open for a balanced life full of optimum health and spirituality! You can learn to use your own body as a window to your soul, to discover healing.

I would be thrilled if you are interested in getting daily motivational and spiritual teachings by also following me on Facebook. Mindfulness, healing, yoga and motivation are all subjects which I cover to help you in your journey to stay healthy and whole on a daily basis!

In addition, please consider joining me on Pinterest. I find that pictures are a very useful aid to remind you to do your practices! This is especially true, if you save them to your boards AND your desktop at work, to remind you to breathe, stay calm and practice mindfulness.

New Articles This Month on Yin Yoga

Because I was on retreat for a week, I didn't write as many articles this past month. I do hope you enjoy what I did write. I continue on in my series of Yin Yoga poses. Never underestimate the immense therapeutic value of these long-held poses to increase your mindfulness of your body, your thoughts and feelings and for discovering your deepest personal truths. Yin Yoga is an incredible way to deepen your personal practice.

The yin yoga photos are taken on Pranang Beach, Railay, Thailand. This beach is near where I took my Yin Yoga teacher training intensive with Sarah Powers, just recently. I extended my vacation to include some decompression time, after this packed training. I hope you enjoy the setting! I sure did!

'Prepare to meet yourself in a new way, through your body.'

Photo of Elle Bieling doing Wide-Knee Child's Pose in Yin Yoga on Pranang Beach, Railay, Thailand

Yin Yoga's Wide-Knee Child's Pose
Learn how to take the Child's Pose to a new level with the Yin Yoga version!

Photo of Elle Bieling doing Wide-Knee Child's Pose with a Twist in Yin Yoga, on Pranang Beach, Railay, Thailand

Yin Yoga's Wide-Knee Child's Pose With a Twist
Adding the twist to the Wide-Knee Child's Pose invites the experience of massaging your internal organs, your heart and lung meridians. It is a pose that is exclusive to Yin Yoga.

Holistic Health Coaching Services

If you or a friend are having bewildering health issues and would like some assistance, please consider my holistic health coaching services. As both a registered nurse for over 30 years, and a Registered Yoga Teacher, with ongoing training in body-mind techniques, mindfulness and the human condition, I can offer sincere empathy and holistic help in your healing journey. If you desire to finally do something about your broken body-mind-soul, please feel free to contact me anytime. I would be happy to educate you regarding whether my services are right for you.

Are you ready to start your healing journey today?

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