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Hello Welcome to Body Moments April 2014 Issue!
April 13, 2014

April 2014 Issue

Welcome Spring! (For those in the North)

The signs of spring are everywhere and I am already feeling my energy rise. It is a time for rejuvenation, cleaning out and re-birthing!

As part of your spring journey, you may want to add my articles to your reading list. I have a series on How to Simplify that you might find helpful for managing yourself, your home and your life.

The spring is also a time to cleanse, so you may look at my alternative idea for the best colon cleanse. What I have found may surprise you!

There nothing better than Yin Yoga to rejuvenate yourself, so scroll below to see my latest poses. If you would like to deepen your yoga practice, this is the path to insight.

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Welcome, new subscribers! If you have not subscribed, but had this email forwarded to you from a friend, please consider signing up yourself, by going to Body Window Newsletter. I never, ever send spam. By subscribing, you will receive a free heart-opening meditation as a gift from me.

I have quite a community going, and we'd love to have you join us! I also can be followed on Facebook. If you want to regularly view uplifting teachings on mindfulness, healing, yoga and motivation please join us there too! We must all find ways to stay healthy and whole, in our bodies, minds and souls!

If you are into Pinterest, I have many boards there, at Pinterest/Body Window. Check out all my yoga poses, foam rolling suggestions, inspirational photos with quotes, and much, much more!

Three New Articles This Month for your Yin Yoga Practice

I continue my series of Yin Yoga poses, taken on Pranang Beach in Railay, Thailand. It was a wonderful venue, after my long teacher training intensive with Sarah Powers. I hope you enjoy the poses. They all have incredible therapeutic features.

'Prepare to meet yourself in a new way, through your body.'

Photo of Elle Bieling doing Quarter Dog Pose in Yin Yoga on Pranang Beach, Railay, Thailand

Yin Yoga's Quarter Dog Pose
The Quarter Dog Pose brings a gentle stimulation of your Lung Meridian, to open your chest for better breathing.

Photo of Elle Bieling doing Dragonfly Pose in Yin Yoga, on Pranang Beach, Railay, Thailand

Yin Yoga's Dragonfly Pose
The benefits of the Dragonfly Pose in yin yoga, is to open your groins, your hips and your hamstrings for better joint mobility.

Photo of Elle Bieling doing Lateral Half-Dragonfly Pose, Pranang Beach, Railay, Thailand

Yin Yoga's Lateral Half-Dragonfly Pose
The Lateral Half-Dragonfly Pose slowly opens your side body for Lung and Heart Meridian stimulation.

Holistic Health Coaching Services

If you or someone you love are in pain and wish to seek guidance on how your beliefs may be contributing, my holistic health coaching services are here for you. I have the unique ability to help you interpret your own Body Window messages. I am an experienced Registered Nurse as well as a Registered Yoga Teacher, so I can be of great assistance in your healing process through the integration of both Western medicine and holistic, body-mind techniques. Often the reason for our pain is spiritual as well, and I am an ongoing student of the spiritual pathway through many disciplines and can offer direction there too.

If your heart is calling you to fix your broken body-mind-soul, please contact me at your convenience. I am here to help you understand if I am the right fit for your needs.

Are you ready to start your healing journey today?

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