The Best Colon Cleanse of All

My answer to the question on what is the best colon cleanse may surprise you!

‘Some people are afraid of what they might find if they try to analyze themselves too much, but you have to crawl into your wounds to discover where your fears are. Once the bleeding starts, the cleansing can begin.’ ~ Tori Amos

I started writing this article and so many different concepts of cleansing sprung to my consciousness that I first had to write on the subject of the total body cleanse. I broke the article into two, for the relief of you, my readers. I didn’t want you to have to wade through so much information in one article.

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I really hope you have read my body cleanse article first, to understand that the concept of cleansing and purifying ourselves is an ancient ritual that encompasses our whole beings, not just our bodies. The suggestion of the above quote is that the process of cleansing is so much more than giving ourselves a home remedy to clean us out or to purchase a product to "cleanse" us of what ails us.

When we cleanse our bodies and our colons we do more than a physical act. While we say that we are looking for a super cleanse, a natural cleanse or just a simple colon cleanse, we are really acting out our beliefs that cleansing will purify us and give us perfect health. By extension, all manner of good things will befall you with this perfect health. Right? Is that why you "cleanse?"

Lack of Scientific Evidence for the Colon Cleanse

In a few words, there are no research studies that support the current belief that a super cleanse of your colon brings you super health. This is despite what the product or program says. The benefits of a colon cleanse are based on your beliefs and your anecdotal experience.

You may decide to do your "best colon cleanse" in order to lose weight. This is one of the most misguided beliefs about colon cleansing, and is a temporary measure at best. Unless you have been constipated for weeks, any weight loss seen will disappear when the colon slows down to its normal rhythms again, after the cleanse. Besides, most food absorption occurs before the food even reaches the large intestine and colon, where the cleansing is targeted.

Colon cleansing has not been shown to improve your immunity, reduce any toxins in your system, reduce your risk for colon cancer, improve your digestion or improve your mental outlook. Unless you want me to tell you the classic joke, about colon cleansing improving your mental outlook because you are full of ----!

The Natural Cleansing Ability of Your Body

The best colon cleanse of all, perhaps, is letting the colon cleanse all by itself. The gut is loaded with "normal flora" or protective bacteria that help eliminate wastes. If you cleanse your colon too often, you run the risk of destroying these healthy bacteria and you may be setting yourself up for super infections.

The mucus membranes that line your gut shed their cells about every three days. This is a natural cleansing system that negates the idea that toxins build up and remain in your bowels, coating them like "spackle or paste."

The liver is designed to detoxify your body and blood. The kidneys are designed to also filter and cleanse your blood to give you a perfect balance of fluids and electrolytes.

Your body is designed to work perfectly and in sync with your mind and soul. As I discuss throughout my website your body is not simply a physical entity all by itself. Your thoughts and your brain create the hormones and neurotransmitters to influence the functions of all your body systems. If you believe that health is integrated and a total body-mind-soul phenomenon then, merely your beliefs about yourself and your body is what makes you well.

The Nocebo and Placebo effects are powerful indeed, and are greatly influential in one’s use of pills, products and programs.

Snow on a tree branchFresh White Snow on Branches

Potential Harm of Colon Cleansing

The potential harm in regular colon cleansing is well documented in the medical literature, especially if you do it frequently.

Some of the issues of frequent colon cleansing include: possible cross infection from improperly sterilized equipment, perforated bowel, bloating, mucus threads in your stool that indicates that the cleanse agent is being perceived by your body as a toxin, vomiting, nausea, bowel cramps, dizziness, dehydration, mineral imbalances and potential interactions with your medications.

My Best Colon Cleanse

The simplest way to cleanse your colon and do a body cleanse is by fasting. Yes, you heard me correctly: The simplest, most natural and best colon cleanse is a 24-hour fast. If you could fast for 48 or 72 hours that may even be better. It is the easiest way to colon cleanse naturally.

The very best colon cleanse is to give yourself a total digestive rest. Fasting is easy, once you get past the first few hunger pangs. It was a way of life for our ancestors, and your body is surprisingly adapted to it.

Feast or famine is our biological truth. Just see how hungry you get when you eat little itty-bitty meals all day long. For me, it’s as if my body is telling me, with the drip of food all day – "The feast is coming, I know it, I know it! Where is it? Where is it? I can’t wait, don’t keep tempting me! I want more food!" In contrast, when I fast, and turn my attention elsewhere, my obsession with food dissipates!

We need to examine our beliefs regarding eating. Do we really need to eat constantly to stay healthy? Where did this concept begin? Did it begin because we have been so inundated with information regarding nutrients and metabolism that we can’t see the forest for the trees? Have we lost this big picture?

There is A LOT of scientific evidence that says that by short-term fasting you can reduce oxidative stress on your body, reduce inflammation, reduce lipid peroxidation, improve your tumor necrosis factor, improve your brain-derived neurotropic factors, provide a dramatic drop in insulin, improve your level of growth hormone, reduce body fat, increase longevity by calorie restriction and improve your mood due to psychological effects of controlling your obsession with food.

Drink plenty of non-caloric beverages during your fast. Tea of your choice and water are my recommended beverages for the best colon cleanse. If you can't live without coffee, you can have it black. No calories. No sugar. No cream.

While weight loss is temporary with a 24 hour fast, intermittent fasting on a regular basis is not. All of the benefits of fasting are documented in my article on healthy weight loss.

Fasting Equals Fear?

We are so fearful of not eating! Not many who read this will take my advice for the best colon cleanse. We are so brainwashed to believe that nutrients must be taken every 3-4 hours or our health or our metabolism will suffer. There is no scientific evidence to support this belief.

This is proof to me that all the marketing of super diets, super products, super supplements, super cleanses and super programs really, truly work. The brainwash is complete. The folk belief is cemented in our brains.

If you dare to do my "best colon cleanse" of fasting, the wisdom that you receive about yourself and your beliefs surrounding food, nutrition and dieting will be profound.

I cover this topic in Spiritual Fasting. Using the very best colon cleanse through fasting is also an emotional and spiritual experience as well. If you just give your colon a rest you may understand! Give your colon a chance to re-calibrate and heal itself.

In order to heal your muscles, sometimes you just have to give them a rest. Recovery happens quicker when rest is part of the training. The same is true for your colon! If we just didn’t eat so much, our colons, our liver and our digestive systems could rest and repair! The best colon cleanse is to give the colon nothing at all! It is truly the best colon cleanse naturally!

The Mind-Colon Connection

During your fast if you choose to have the optimal healing experience, you can meditate on your colon. Take the meditative time to tell your colon to heal and cleanse itself. The best colon cleanse naturally is to visualize your "toxins" being shed from your colon. Tell your cells in the lining of your colon to wash away and replace them with new, rejuvenated cells! Tell your colon you love it and you are giving it a much-needed rest! Believe it and it will be so.

During your body meditation, also tell your liver you need it to do its job! Tell your liver to detoxify your body and detoxify your blood. Tell your liver you love it and are giving it a break by giving it a chance to have a total digestive rest! Believe it and it will be so.

The time you spend in healing your body will be easy on your wallet and be self-nurturing. Avoid the trap of focusing on the negative and the Nocebo effect, by running out and purchasing a product that if you DON’T use, will bring you illness!

Negate the belief that if you DO USE a product that it will bring you health. This is the opposite, or the Placebo effect. Use the best and most powerful medicine of all – your mind, through your body-mind connection.

May fasting enhance your path to health and healing. This is my best colon cleanse, the natural colon cleanse that just gives it all a rest!

*******Please note that if you are ill or have a medical condition, such as hypoglycemia, that fasting may be detrimental to your health. Fasting is only recommended for healthy adults.********

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