The Body Window Privacy Policy
and Advertising Disclosure Policy

The Body Window recognizes that everyone is concerned about maintaining their privacy on the web. It also recognizes that the consumer has a right to know when a websites recommendations result in compensation for that site making the recommendation. 

On Privacy Protection:

All websites collect and use information that is personal.  I hope that I can explain how this works in more detail, so that you are assured that I use safeguards to protect you and your information. Hopefully, on this webpage, I will give you sufficient facts that will help you make an informed decision as to whether or not you will share personal information with the Body Window website.

You have my promise that I will do everything in my ability to maintain the highest standards in all that I do to ensure that your personal information is protected at all times.  I pledge to you that I will go beyond web standard for fairness, decency and integrity in all my operations!

On Consumer Protection:

Most all websites give recommendations for books, products and/or services that may directly result in compensation for that website. This is a way for us to provide you with free and quality information that you can use for your personal edification. However, not all websites offer honest information, at the expense of the reader/consumer. 

You have my promise that all products that I recommend, I have personally tried and used and any information surrounding the product will be honest and true, for me, personally. 

Personal Information

Under usual circumstances, the only personal information that I collect from you is on a voluntary basis. Things such as your first name (often optional) and your email address is collected when you sign up for my free newsletter. This information is also collected if you use my "Contact Me" form, in addition to other information, such as your last name, web site url, city and country.  All this information is given on a voluntary basis, and the ONLY thing needed for a personal reply from me, is a valid email address.  

I also collect communications from my readers via email and will use any comments or ideas to enhance my content on the Body Window website. All of this information is always used anonymously, unless the author gives me permission to use his/her name.

It is possible that I may run a contest or sweepstakes, or do a survey of interests from my readers.  In this case, participation and all personal information is collected on a voluntary basis.

All personal information I receive, I review personally. I may use reader-supplied information to notify them of updates, add them to my Body Window newsletter or respond to any reader's inquiries.  I do this, if the reader expresses interest in the subject matter. 

After I review any personal information, I either discard it or store it in the website's files.  I only use personal information for my website's internal use and I promise to never, ever provide your information to or to sell it to third parties of any kind!

Use of Cookies and Web Beacons

The Body Window website uses cookies which helps enrich your experience on the site. A cookie identifies you when you visit the site, and is added to your own computer's hard drive.  Your web browser performs this transfer, to enable your computer's systems to recognize you and your browser. The reason for the cookie, is to let the Web server that you are visiting a specific page for another time. This enhances your experience because it allows the website to recognize you and remember your specific information each time you visit.

You can always change your web browser to decline cookie tracking. You must do this on your own computer.  If you do this, your experience with the Body Window website may not be complete. All web sites do this tracking with cookies, so if your computer declines them, it will affect everything you do on the web.

A web beacon is similar, but uses a transparent image file to track your clicks around a specific website, or many sites.  These beacons are also known as web bugs and they are common.  Third-party services that are hired by webmasters use these to monitor web traffic.  Cookies and web beacons may be used together to monitor visitors activity on pages and content on the pages of a website.

The Body Window website may present third-party advertisements that use cookies and web beacons when it serves ads on its web site.  This is how Google and others track how many times you've seen a particular advertisement on  In no way is personal information that you give the Body Window website, available to third-party advertisers for their cookie or web beacon use.  You cannot be identified personally with any of your activity on this website through any third party.

Google uses the DART cookie to serve ads from some third parties on This means that Google will serve you ads bases on your visit to this site and other sites on the web. In order to disable Google's DART cookie, you must visit their network and opt-out through their privacy policy.

You can also set your browser to notify you when a cookie is being sent, or to accept or reject cookies. You can also obtain privacy software that you can place on your computer to override web beacons. Any action of this nature should not interfere with your experience on this website.

Children's Online Privacy Protection Act

This website is intended for adult use and is not for children under the age of thirteen. I will never knowingly collect or use personal information from anyone under the age of thirteen. The Body Window is in compliance with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act.

Non-Personal Information

It is possible that the may collect general information about you. This information is useful in analyzing trends, monitoring visitors journey through the site, obtaining demographic information, and generally administering the site.  The information does not identify a person individually and is only used for internal purposes.  This information is not shared with other organizations for any purpose.

Release of Information

When a website is sold, any personal information that you have given voluntarily will be transferred to the new web owner as part of the sale. This is to continue any services that this website provided.  If the Body Window website is sold, you will receive notice through this website. The Body Window website will make every reasonable effort to ensure the buyer of this website honors any of your privacy wishes or concerns, in the event that you wish to opt-out.

How You Can Correct or Remove Information

All visitors to and readers of the Body Window website, who have submitted personal information through the website, can write to me at anytime, via my Contact Me page and ask to be removed from any and all communication by this website. You may also request to have any personal information removed from the files and I will do so.

Federal Trade Commission Guidelines and Consumer Protection

This website is created entirely by me, Elle Bieling and is my life's passion. I may and/or do accept advertising if I believe in a product and have evaluated it personally. You have my pledge that any product I recommend will be totally honest and as a result of my belief and experience. Any compensation that I receive as a result does not affect the information on this website. 

As of 11/20/2015 I have not accepted sponsorships for any goods or services, but sell only my own products on this website that I have created specifically for the Body Window ~ Healing Body, Mind and Soul.

In the future, I may accept sponsorships from providers of high-quality goods or services, if I deem them appropriate and they do not compete with my products or services. (I would appreciate any and all recognition and support of my website from sponsors.)

If I choose to add sponsored pages in the future the content will be independent of the sponsorship or affiliate relationship. I will always clearly identify any sponsored content, in my obligation to you, for full disclosure. 

I do provide affiliate links to products that I love and believe are useful for you in your healing process. Please support my efforts to provide this information to you, so that I can continue to deliver content that will bring you health and healing. Supporting my sponsors and affiliate associations is a WIN-WIN-WIN for everyone involved. It is a WIN for you and your health, a WIN for me as it allows a way to support my efforts so I may continue to provide you with FREE information, and a WIN for those who supply the product, as everyone  needs to make a living! Thank you so very much!

Amazon, my primary affiliate on this website, requires that I give you the following disclosure: The Body Window is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

Updates and Effective Date

There may come a time that I will need to make changes in my privacy policy as the website evolves.  I will always have the right to make necessary changes. I will indicate on this website that I have changed the policy, and will always provide a link to this page. I do encourage you to review this policy every so often so that you understand how I collect and use information.

Agreeing to Terms

By using this site,, you agree to its privacy and disclosure policies.  If you disagree with the policy, as posted here, please cease using the website and do not use any of its services that is offers.

Your continued use of this site means that you accept the privacy and disclosure policies.

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