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Physical treatments alone are insufficient for the prevention of disease, because they do not account for your emotional and spiritual pain!

‘The aim of medicine is disease prevention and prolongation of life. The ideal of medicine is to eliminate the need of a physician’ ~ William James Mayo, 1928

Isn’t the above quote just absolutely perfect? If we all had perfect health of our body-mind-soul we could eliminate physicians, perhaps, couldn’t we? A novel thought isn’t it? But this, I hope, is the goal for your own personal health, and for sure is the goal of my holistic health coaching practice. It is to make you rely on physicians less and less in your life! It is to help you believe that health is yours for the asking.

Would you believe that the above quote was taken from an address given at the 66th Annual Meeting of the National Education Association in Minneapolis, in 1928, called "The Aims and Ideals of the American Medical Association;" the words spoken by the very physician who founded the Mayo Clinic? What has happened since then? Did we get lost in technological advances? Did we take the easy way out? Did we get embroiled in the mountains of paperwork?

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The Indian mystic of the 19th century, Ramakrishna, says that God laughs when a doctor tells a patient that he can cure him. It is only God who decides who is healed or not. And if God is within us, then we are given the power from within for healing! Novel concept? I don’t think so.

So, did you think I was going to give you standard disease prevention methods in this article, like proper diet, exercise, plenty of sleep and so on? Guess again. You can get so much information on health, wellness and disease prevention on the Internet and in bookstores that I couldn’t possibly come up with something better. Or could I?

The ability to heal is within you. Your belief is what defines your health. Disease is in your head. Health is in your head. Which one will you choose?

This website states over and over again that you are what you believe. You are what you choose. You are what you think. More precisely, you are what you choose to think about! Where your mind goes, your energy flows. Like attracts like.

Your state of mind is much, much more important to your state of health than what you eat, or what you do or don’t do. While healthy lifestyle habits are very important, the most important tool that you possess for health is the power of your mind. Disease prevention starts with your mind.

In all things, whether it is your health, your purpose in life, your happiness, the state of your emotions, your success and more, is the manifestation of that which lives in your head. You have the power inside yourself to change what is in your head and what is transferred to your body and soul! It is a great power indeed!

The body-mind connection is so strong that by the power of your mind and what you believe, you will be sick or healthy, happy or sad, successful or unsuccessful, fulfilled or unfulfilled. It is up to you. So please, begin to adjust your awareness that health and disease prevention are so much more than just what you do. This knowledge will be liberating for you!

Michael Beckwith, Doctor of Divinity, founder and director of Agape International Spiritual Center, said it best when he said, "You can break yourself free from your hereditary patterns, cultural codes, social beliefs; and prove once and for all that the power within you is greater than the power that’s in the world." This is a direct paraphrase from I John 4:4: "You are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world."

For disease prevention, knowing this truth is paramount if you are to have health. Healthy thoughts and emotions create healthy bodies. If your mind is healthy, positive and fulfilled, diseases cannot invade. If your thoughts and your beliefs exist to nurture and heal you, they will. If you focus on your diseases, you will only create more dis-ease.

Indian Paintbrush, Western Wildflower in the USAIndian Paintbrush, Western Wildflower in the USA

We All Have a Past

Most of us have emotional baggage and issues from the past. It is useless to focus on them and ruminate about what could have been or should have been. By complaining about your past and focusing on it, it will only create more unhappiness and negativity. If you do nothing but complain, all you will attract is that which you are complaining about.

You must forgive your past, forgive yourself and move forward from here. If you are filled with self-love, you cannot think negatively about yourself and where you are now! Diseases cannot live in a body filled with self-love and emotional health. If, however, you focus on what is wrong in your life, what is wrong will continue to manifest itself.

Your Body and Quantum Physics

It is a law of quantum physics that your body is just another way in which the Universe becomes conscious of itself. What this means is that your body is the manifestation of the energy of your thoughts. All matter and all things are energy.

Your body is merely an energy form within the energy form of the Universe, acting and reacting with one another.

Because God/the Universe is the essence of all things, of matter and energy, experiencing this Energetic Presence requires that you are open to it. It is the awareness of this Presence, deep within your heart and soul that you become one with it. It is only in silence, meditation and seeking that this Presence can be found.

This is the essence of your soul, your real self that exists to be aware of its own Presence, or God-in-you. The interrelation of belief, combined with Presence will change your physical body. Disease prevention and therefore healthy bodies can only exist with belief and positive thoughts in the moment with the Presence of God/Universal Source of all Energy.

To master disease prevention by way of energy, your thoughts create that energy that is necessary to manifest the matter in your physical body. Just remember the simple mantra: energy flows where the mind goes. It’s as simple as that! In order to believe that you are in and of yourself complete, with God/Presence in you, you must be open to this belief.

Healing is Belief combined with God/Presence. Disease prevention is believing before any physical evidence is seen. Healing is creating the energy required through the silent presence with oneself through meditation and contemplation. In other words it is simply finding the time for yourself. It is finding time to sit, alone, quietly with yourself to find wholeness, Presence and time to create the positive thoughts, the positive energy needed for healing.

Sunrise over Long’s Peak and the Front Range, ColoradoSunrise over Long’s Peak and the Front Range, Colorado

Disease versus Dis-ease

If you look only to Western Medicine for disease prevention you will be filled with the desire to do something or not do something. Then your thoughts and energy are focused only on which foods to eat, which foods to avoid, vitamins and supplements, treatments and tests and so on. This is the traditional model of health as a purely physical phenomenon. The whole of the person is missed. The power of emotions to make or break you, the power of the mind and the power of spirituality or belief is ignored!

Now I am not ignoring the physical aspect of ourselves. Healing also requires learning healthy lifestyle habits, including the healthy eating of whole foods, fresh vegetables and fruits, the best sources of antioxidants.

However, if you only treat your physical body you may have a temporary cure, even if you do not deal with your emotional pain or spiritual pain. However, your negative emotional and spiritual energy manifestations may become chronic illnesses despite the physical treatments. This is the meaning of the word dis-ease. The physical disease is a result of your emotional and spiritual dis-ease because these issues that exist in your life have yet to be addressed.

Why do diseases spiral down the path to death if we believe in healing of the body-mind-soul? Why does it seem that the most faithful and positive people still succumb to disease and death? These are hard questions to answer.

Perhaps the easy way out is to say that in some cases the healing is in dying and re-unifying with the formless Presence. Traveling back to the Source of all is after all the best healing. Perhaps the other easy explanation is that only God knows or can know the true answer.

I hope that if you are in the throes of dis-ease, that you will do all that is in your power to believe in your own ability to seek the Power within you to heal. From your own desires and dreams you can create the positive energy to heal.

May your disease prevention measures include spending time for yourself in reflection and meditation. May you read all that you can on this website and many other sources to begin your journey towards healing your body-mind-soul.

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