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My videos are guided meditation videos that you will do with the aid of your physical being ~ your body, to lead you to health and healing of your entire being ~ your body-mind-soul.

All of my videos are available for immediate download to your computer and/or your device. They are all approximately 5 minutes long, so you can ensure that you have the time to do this relaxation exercise every single day!

In these yoga meditation videos I use the following four proven healing strategies:

  • Guided Meditation, to gently move you into the relaxation exercise and to better enable you to focus.
  • Yoga Poses, to help you re-connect to your body and allow for the reintegration of your body into your entire being, your body-mind-soul.
  • Positive Affirmations, to assist you in reorganizing your thinking to create health in your life.
  • Meditative Silence, to assist you in going inward and to integrate the prior three steps into your being.

All videos are taken in Southern Colorado, with a breath-taking view of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. This will help calm you and re-connect you to the Universe to become One with all that is real! A relaxing and restorative mini-retreat in the mountains comes to you in your own living room!

'When you calm your mind and your senses, you become conscious of your always-present inner Self.' ~ Remez Sasson

If you do these body meditations daily, your body will remember the feeling of relaxation and release and will come to your aid in your everyday life. Learning the relaxation response and how it feels in your body will help you become more conscious of where and how you hold your tension when stress occurs. Your new body relaxation skills will spill over into your life during times of stress. As soon as you become aware of the stress you can now consciously release it! You know that this is an extremely powerful skill to learn for maintaining the health of your body-mind-soul!

The more you practice relaxing and releasing in meditation, the better you will become at releasing when you need it most, in times of stress!

***By purchasing these videos, you understand that you will not be receiving a hard copy version, but only a digital version that you download to your device. You also acknowledge that each guided meditation video is approximately 5-6 minutes long.***

Heart Opening Meditation Download


Only 2.99 US Dollars

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This heart opening meditation will help you deeply relax and open your heart to receive Love. If you are feeling alone, unloved, unappreciated and/or unsupported, this is the guided meditation for you!


Deep Support and Rejuvenation Meditation Download


Only 2.99 US Dollars

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If you have an aching back and specifically, lower back pain, and feel like you are constantly fighting uphill battles without support, this is the guided meditation video for you! Deeply relax while feeling supported, yet receive Energy in this guided meditation.


Grounding Meditation Download


Only 2.99 US Dollars

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Learn to become grounded with this meditation. If you are feeling unsure of your next steps in life and need to release your mind so that you can reconnect with your heart to find direction, this is the guided meditation for you!


Deep Releasing Meditation Download

Only 2.99 US Dollars

To see the amount in your currency, click here.

Learn to release all that no longer serves you with this meditation. If you are feeling congested, overloaded with issues that need releasing, this is the guided meditation video for you! Just exhale and release with this relaxation exercise! 


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