A Note to the Reader Regarding Traditional Medical Care

Please believe me that I am not suggesting that one forgoes traditional medical care. Nor am I suggesting that you immediately take yourself off your prescriptions or dismiss your physician’s advice.

I am not stating there is no place for Western Medicine and the treatment of symptoms. Finding better health is a combination of the treatment of the physical body and the discovery of the emotional and spiritual reasons you became the susceptible host in the first place. Searching for the reasons for the manifestation of the symptoms in your body will offer the answers to find lasting health and healing.

The path to health is an ongoing process. Reversing life-long patterns of holding and suppressing of emotions in the body may take years to reverse.

Great dedication and much time commitment are required for healing and health to begin if you are chronically ill and on prescription medications.

Healing can begin only when you become aware of your issues and make steps to change them. This requires the integration of medicine and holistic, intuitive care. This integration is imperative in our society.

There is a time and place for medical intervention. Serious, acute, and sudden pain that does not go away always requires medical attention. I have compiled a list of pain/symptoms that are always considered a medical emergency. (See When Pain is a Medical Emergency)

I believe that medicine and your intuition can go hand in hand. Please see Healthcare Nirvana - Integrative Healthcare for more information.

**Always consult your doctor before beginning any new exercise program.