I admire your transparency

Dear Elle,
I love how you name your resistances. That is the first gentle step toward openness and freedom. I don't always like the word surrender. I re-frame the word in my mind so it's less about giving in or submitting and more about flowing with, co-creating, opening to, trusting in, or partnering. I like how you are discovering and flowing with your own passion, the passion you were created with in the first place. There is a Christian saying: "The glory of God is a human fully alive." I love how you are becoming more fully alive!

The responses you imagined arising from your announcement of going to Yoga Teacher Training are probably not from your audience. In processing and then writing about this I'm sure you already know such resistances are from your own judgmental past, your own fears. Interior freedom is beautiful to watch unfold in my own life so I celebrate when I see it unfold in others. I celebrate your unfolding!

I admire your honesty, vulnerability, authenticity, and courage. There is precious little of this in our ruggedly independent, mask-wearing culture. Your transparency is healing things deep within you, and by sharing, you give us permission to do the same.

Thank- you!

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