My Body Has Wisdom?

by Steve M Nash
(Holmfirth, UK)

"There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophies."
-- Friedrich Nietzche

Let me tell you something about my body - I love it! I love its curves, its colour, and how it feels when it walks, runs and swims - I absolutely love my body!

I really do treat my body as a temple (more or less, junk does go in, but I am slowly weeding myself off - promise!).

So it's a bit strange, then, that I've been somewhat clueless as to the notion of body wisdom, of understanding that my body has wisdom.

(Of course, this is exactly the reason why I've just discovered Elle's excellent Body Window website - synchronicity, the 'pupil being ready' and all that!)

Previously, I just worked my body hard, especially when I was in my 20s - I never listened to it, other than for signs of tiredness.

I never listened, because it never spoke. Or so I thought.

It was only after a series of emotional traumas (brought on by the end of yet another romantic relationship) that my body started to communicate to me LOUD AND CLEAR, that I started to listen:

I got fatigue.

Now I don't know the medical name for my condition, as whenever I went to the doctors the blood tests always turned up negative, but this is how I felt:

  • Tired, tired, tired - when I woke up, and when I went to bed (sometimes at 8pm in the evening)

  • Unable to concentrate

  • Emotionally very fragile indeed

I got through this difficult time - it took many years, by the way - via monitoring my diet (becoming aware of 'food intolerances'), via homeopathy, and finally via understanding that my emotional dis-stress was directly responsible for my physical dis-stress (I started therapy).

And Now?...

Now I no longer suffer from whatever fatigue had afflicted me, and I listen much more carefully to my body's ebb and flow.

Now I've started doing Kundalini yoga, and I love it - love the fact that it allows me connect mind with body with (my own) spirituality. (I've got a Maya Fiennes DVD that I workout to.)

And now when I swim, I try to feel the connection between my whole body and the water - rather than just count yet another length that I've swum!

And when I run, I try to BE in my body, sense all that's moving, rather than in my mind (a la Danny Dreyer's Chi Running)

And, most importantly of all perhaps, when I interact with others (or even with myself, my thoughts), I try to tune into the tingles or tightnesses that form in various parts of my body, ask myself what this might mean.


So, yes, my body has wisdom all right and I'm just glad that I've finally started 'tuning in' to it. And I look forward to learning more from both Elle's excellent site and my own (wonderful) body...

Thanks for reading,

Steve runs guru-free self-help site, where you are encouraged to help yourself, and then help others too!

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