When Pain is a Medical Emergency

Throughout this website, pain is a recurrent theme. I discuss bodily symptoms of all types, physical, spiritual, mental and emotional. I  also discuss their physical and metaphysical causes. 

The Body Window concept addresses how you can become more aware of your discomfort in your body and the messages this discomfort contains. Your body truly is a window to your internal reality and therefore to your soul!

"Behind every beautiful thing, there's been some kind of pain." ~ Bob Dylan

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Because I use the word "pain" so much on this website, I don't want my readers to ignore the potentially serious nature of it. You should always be wary of any discomfort that is more than moderate in your body. Especially if it comes on suddenly and fiercely and/or does not relent. Never forget that pain is a warning to you that something is wrong! You need to always assume that what is going on may be a serious and/or emergent problem.

For this reason, I have given you a guideline for assessing when your physical symptom requires immediate action on your part!

the following types of pain are always considered a medical emergency

  • Chest Pain that is stabbing like a knife, or squeezing.
  • Abdominal Pain of so severe a nature that the person is unable to stand upright, or to function in any capacity.
  • Abdominal Pain that is persistent, aching, and not easily relieved.
  • Pain in any part of the body that is accompanied by numbness or tingling or swelling.
  • Sudden pain anywhere that is persistent and intense, especially if followed by a known accident or event.

Also, please do not ignore chronic and persistent discomfort that is not resolved in a few days. Call your healthcare provider when you don't find relief to your physical symptoms. 

The information I provide for your healing is meant to be a complement to modern medicine. This is true integrative healthcare that marries traditional medicine with complementary and alternative healing modalities. This information on this site is not intended to diagnose or treat any symptom or symptoms.

Your body is a window to your soul and through regular professional medical care and holistic self-care you can remain happy and healthy!

"The wound is the place where the Light enters you!" ~ Rumi

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