Doctors Know Best!

by Lee
(Fresno, CA )

I am a Pharmacist. Whenever, a patient asks me what's wrong with them or if they should decrease their meds because of side effects, I always have to legally say, "Talk to your doctor because they have your medical history and know you best". The truth is doctors don't always know whats best for the patient.

Here is my story. I have had painful menstrual cramps for the past 2 years. It always occurs on the 3rd day of my cycle. The pain is excruciating for 15 minutes straight. I have to sit down, my body is in sweats, I'm breathing rapidly, I feel like I'm in labor. However, its not unbearable.

This only occurs once a month for about 15 minutes during my cycles so I never really paid any attention to it. However, one day I decided I should go get it checked out. Just in case, I thought. I scheduled an appointment with my Gynecologist. At the appointment I was already being sold on a medical procedure that would cauterized the lining of my endometrium. The nurse practitioner said it had been successful in decreasing menstrual pain and heavy bleeds. But wait, she didn't hear me out. I said it wasn't that bad. For once a month, 15 min, one day out of my cycle, it was not a problem for me. She was trying to convince me to agree to the procedure. I said no, but then the NP would not stop convincing me so I said "I will think about it" and she let me off.

My pap smear came back normal. But they wanted to schedule me for an ultrasound just in case. What's the point, I thought. They convinced me that the pap smear doesn't catch everything. If it was fibroids they can see it with the ultrasound. So I went into get an ultrasound.

The results of the ultrasound came back inconclusive. They think they see something that may look like fibroids but they weren't exactly sure. I got a call from the medical assistant and she said, "We have scheduled you for a different ultrasound that will shoot water into the area where we can get better images, your appointment is 2 weeks from now". I had to stop the medical assistant for a moment...

Inside my mind, I am thinking, they had given me no choices here. They think they know what's best for me and think that this is the next course of action. Honestly, I was starting to feel like they were pushy salesmen that sent me from place to place and charging me for procedures left and right.

I asked the medical assistant, "So if it turns up to be fibroids, so what, I'm not going to go through with any invasive procedures just for fibroids, again my condition is not severe, I don't see the point of getting this ultrasound" The medical assistant was taken aback, how could a patient question a doctors orders? She tried to convince me to get the ultrasound because it could be masses that "could be" cancerous.

My intuition tells me that its not cancer. I know my body. My cycles are very regular and predictable. It turns out that I did some energy work on my sex chakra and I don't have the pain anymore. I also asked myself what could it be. I was having some marital issues at the time and now that I have resolved that, I feel the pain has resolved as well.

When I see a doctor or nurse. My perception is that they are working for me. I hired them as advisors. I do not believe everything that they tell me. I cross reference all the information with my facts, my history which only I know and no one else, my thoughts (have I been thinking thoughts that may have affected me unconsciously?) , my emotions ( am I suppressing any emotions?) and my spirit. Then, I make an informed decision based on the comprehensive information that I have gathered. I never make decisions based on only one source. Never.

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Kudos to You
by: Elle

Hello Lee, Thank you for sharing your fascinating story. Kudos to you for standing up for yourself! Just continue to pay close attention to your body, and IF something changes to make your condition worse, then re-visit the situation. I doubt you will need to, because you sound like a self-healer. Maybe even find a new doctor who is more holistic in her approach? If you need more healing tools, I'd also recommend my video for opening and balancing your 2nd Chakra, where our sexual and creative energy is contained. If you haven't already seen it yet, you can find it at Chakra Healing Meditation for the Second Chakra. Blessings to you on your healing journey!

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