Bosu Balance Trainer for Aerobic Exercise

Use your Bosu Balance Trainer for aerobic exercises as you improve your mind and body balance!

'It is exercise alone that supports the spirits, and keeps the mind in vigor.' ~ Marcus Tullius Cicero

Even though the videos shown below are taken outdoors, the best part of the Bosu Ball is that wherever you are, if the weather is bad, you can take it indoors for much needed body-mind movement.

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Your body is part of your entire being; an open system of nerves, muscles and tissues that work interchangeably with your mind and soul. If you treat your body as if it is a separate entity to be controlled by the mind, you will never have complete and total body-mind-soul health. So I hope you will use the aerobic exercises on the Balance Trainer as a way to reconnect with your body and your whole self.

To read more about my philosophy on balance, go to my article called Body Balance. I hope this article will increase your understanding of how improving your physical balance can improve your total body-mind balance!

Bosu Balance Trainer Aerobic Exercises

The first thing you may wish to do on your Bosu Balance Trainer is to practice what it feels like just to walk on and walk off the ball. It will give you an initial feel as to how you will balance, standing on the Bosu Ball. Here is a brief video to show you what I mean, Walk On Walk Off:

In the next video, we do a simple move, the Bosu Ball inventor, David Weck, calls 'compressions.' It is where you stand on top of the Bosu Ball and press one foot, then the other into the ball. My stepson, Alex does it first in the next video, using big rhythmic movements. I go next, starting with small movements, and gradually pick up the momentum with my arms and eventually bring my knees up higher and higher.

When you try it, do what feels good to you. Some do the compressions like real marching movements, but you can see that I kind of rock from one foot to another, doing small movements.

When you are comfortable with the compressions on the Bosu Ball, try rotating around in a circle! I do it pretty good in the video, and then you can see that I get off kilter here and there, but am able to correct my balance so I didn’t fall off. I end with both feet jumping as I do the rotation. Jumping with both feet makes it a little easier to do the rotating.

The rotating compressions are much harder than they look, which is why I didn’t do take after take trying to get it perfect! I wanted you to see that it isn’t easy and most likely I would never have gotten it perfect. At least not before I was exhausted!

Watch these Compression Movements in this video:

If you find these movements difficult, keep practicing, and say affirmations to yourself as you do it: "My body-mind is balanced and I move with rhythm and balance in all things."

One of my favorite moves that is much easier than the rotation, is jumping on the Bosu Balance Trainer, and twisting while you do it. Here is Alex and I doing the Jump Twist:

Then change up the twist and add the arms. I can this one Jumping, Arms in the Air:

Also a lot of fun is just jumping and inventing your own movements on the Bosu Balance Trainer. I call this next video Jumping Jack Flash, because I do jumping jacks and every variation. The hardest one to do is the full jumping jack, because you have to watch your feet very carefully, with the round Bosu Ball. I do jumps with both arms up, then one leg out, then one arm up ~ well you get the idea:

Or you can try other movements that take you on and off the Bosu Balance Trainer, stepping up and down, on and off the Bosu Ball. These movements require more hip flexors, so make sure you don’t overdo them the first time, or you might make the front of your hips sore.

Also be sure that if you do repetitive movements stepping on and off the Bosu Ball, that you alternate the leg that is stepping forward, so you will evenly strengthen and balance your body.

I call this one Steps and Kicks:

I do have to apologize for the grim look on my face in most of the videos. I needed to focus and I get those furrows on my eyebrows when I focus. Once in a while I actually remember to smile!

I also chose to leave in a lot of my wobbles here and there, because it was almost impossible to get it perfect. Plus, my stepson, Alex, just got on the Bosu Balance Trainer that very day we filmed. He has pretty good body-mind balance, out of the gate, don’t you think? I suppose it’s from all his years doing Yoga and Dance in college.

Release your need to try to have perfect balance when you begin the exercise on the Bosu Ball. Make it your ongoing goal to slowly improve your balance over time. As your body balance improves, so will your life balance!

And finally, I couldn’t help including this video of David Greenwalt really gettin’ down on his Bosu Balance Trainer. I assure you that you will never think that doing aerobic exercise on the Bosu Ball is boring again! Get Down Brother!

Now that you know how to do aerobic exercise on the Balance Trainer you are limited only by your own imagination! So get to it on the Bosu Ball and learn body balance in addition to cardio when you train!

Your body-mind-soul will thank you for it. Always affirm: "I am completely balanced in my body, mind and soul!"

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