Bosu Balance Trainer for Overall Fitness Strength Training

The Bosu Balance Trainer can help you in your overall fitness strength training program as you work on your dynamic balance.

‘Self is the only prison that can ever bind the soul.’ ~ Henry Van Dyke, The Prison and the Angel

Performing exercises on the Bosu is a fun way to build muscle strength and core strength. As you age, overall fitness strength training becomes very important so you don’t lose muscle mass. Muscle mass is extremely important to keep your metabolic rate high, so you can burn more fat. Muscle utilizes more of the body’s energy reserves than other tissues.

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You don’t need to invest in weights or expensive gym memberships if you don’t want to. Simply using your own body weight, with or without the Bosu Balance Trainer is an effective way to develop your overall fitness strength training program and build your body-mind fitness. The instability of the Bosu Ball will also train your body balance - a real added bonus!

Of course, you can do many traditional strength training exercises on the Bosu Ball that are done with weights. You can do a bench press with weights on the Bosu Ball. Just use it in place of your weight bench. You can do lunges and squats using weights on the Bosu as well.

Doing your weight training exercises on the Bosu Ball adds the element of balance that will utilize more accessory muscles of stabilization than static and isolated movements. Plus it makes all the movements more challenging and interesting.

So grab your Bosu Home Balance Trainer and I will show you how to build overall fitness strength with it, by merely using your body weight. The Bosu Ball is a fabulous tool for balance training, for any exercise you choose. All of the fitness strength training exercises I offer are also balance exercises and will also greatly improve your body balance.

If you do all the Bosu Balance Trainer exercises as body-mind exercises, you can be free from your self-imposed prison, just by working on your body. Your body can help set you free to understand the messages that your Body Window is trying to help you understand. When you do your overall fitness strength training, focus on your balance in your body and in your life.

You may wish to add positive affirmations to your training while you do your Bosu Balance Trainer exercises: Say "I am balanced in all things in my body-mind-soul!"

We will start first with fitness strength training of the upper extremities and upper body. If you move through these exercises quickly, you will find the moves to be aerobic as well.

Here is Chelsie using the Bosu Balance Trainer turned upside down, as a wobble board. When you turn the Bosu Ball upside down, it makes everything you do just that much harder. She is demonstrating the Plank Pose on the Wobble side of the Bosu Ball. This pose works on your arms, pectoral muscles and core.

Plank position on the wobble side of the Bosu BallPlank Position on the Wobble Side of the Bosu Ball

Here, Chelsie and Brett add an element of difficulty by extending a leg from the plank position on the wobble side of the Bosu. Alternate legs for even training on both sides. The Bosu Ball is still in the upside down wobble board position.

Bosu Ball, wobble side, plank position with a leg raised.Wobble Side, Plank Position with a Leg Raised
Bosu Ball, wobble side, plank position with a leg raised.Wobble Side, Plank Position with a Leg Raised

I add yet another degree of difficulty to the arm work-out, by starting in the plank position and doing a push-up:

Bosu Balance Trainer, wobble side, push-up start position.Wobble Side, Push-up Start Position
Bosu Balance Trainer, wobble side, push-up.Bosu Balance Trainer, Wobble Side, Push-Up

After you complete the push up movement, push the Bosu Ball first to the left and then to the right, in sort of a side-to-side push-up. This will work your arms, your pectoral muscles and your core to the max!

Bosu Balance Trainer, wobble side, plank position, side push-up, left.Wobble Side, Plank Position, Side Push-Up, Left
Bosu Balance Trainer, wobble side, plank position, side push-up, right.Wobble Side, Plank Position, Side Push-Up, Right

The final arm strength fitness training exercise that is a real killer is the Reverse Plank Pose. This one strengthens your triceps as well to help you get rid of the underarm jiggles.

Bosu Ball, Reverse Plank positionReverse Plank Position

The overall fitness strength training for your legs starts with a Modified Side Plank Pose, and then you raise your leg up and down. This one is much more difficult than it looks and really works the outside of your legs, your derrière and core. Don’t forget to do both sides and both legs to evenly balance your strength on both sides.

Bosu Balance Trainer, Side Plank PoseBosu Balance Trainer, Side Plank Pose
Bosu Balance Trainer, Side Plank Pose with leg raised. Side Plank Pose with Leg Raised

The classic squat on the Bosu Balance Trainer works your legs and then some with the additional stabilization needed for balance. Here I am doing this one and I finally remembered to smile!

Bosu Ball standing startBosu Ball Standing Start
Bosu Ball, squatBosu Balance Trainer, Squat

You can add a twist to the squat to make it more difficult and add more balance to work your trunk stabilization muscles:

Bosu balance trainer, twisting squat, right.Twisting Squat, Right
Bosu balance trainer, twisting squat, leftTwisting Squat, Left

I unintentionally left out lunges on the Bosu Ball. I think I personally dislike lunges more than any other leg exercises ~ a real body-mind issue that I need to take a closer look at! I suppose it has to do with flexibility, but I hate to admit it.

Of course, you can take your forward moving leg and lunge off the top of the Bosu Balance Trainer. It is quite difficult and requires a good amount of balance. An excellent overall fitness strength training move using only your body weight.

Here are more Bosu Balance Trainer exercises that will dynamically engage your core and require incredible balance. They are great overall fitness strength training exercises.

Keep the Bosu Ball right side up, and do your basic Plank Pose. Then do alternating leg raises. Focus on squeezing your derrière muscles as you balance and engage your core.

Bosu Ball, plank positionBosu Ball, Plank Position
Bosu Ball, plank position, raise right leg.Plank Position, Raise Right Leg
Bosu Ball, plank position, raise left leg.Plank Position, Raise Left Leg

If that feels too difficult, modify the exercise by kneeling. Raise one leg at a time from the modified, kneeling plank position.

Bosu ball, modified plank position on knees.Bosu ball, Modified Plank Position on Knees
Bosu ball, modified plank position on knees, raise right leg..Modified Plank Position on Knees, Raise Right Leg
Bosu ball, modified plank position on knees, raise left leg.Modified Plank Position on Knees, Raise Left Leg

For a final, fun pose for overall balance training, do the Kneeling on the Bosu Ball Pose. First try it with your hands on the ground in front, right next to the Bosu Ball. Raise one leg first and then raise the opposite arm as well. Very challenging and engages about all your body’s muscles while balancing. Focus on your inner Power and Balance for these exercises. You will need it!

Bosu balance trainer, kneeling with hands on floor in front.Kneeling with Hands on Floor in Front
Bosu balance trainer, kneeling with hands on floor, raise one leg. Kneeling with Hands on Floor in Front, Raise Right Leg
Bosu balance trainer, kneeling, one arm raised and opposite leg raised.Kneeling with Hands on Floor in Front, Raise Left Leg

Now try the same Kneeling on the Bosu Ball exercise, this time, to increase the difficulty of the balance training exercise, put your hands on the Bosu Ball instead of on the ground! Feel like a circus elephant yet?

Bosu ball, kneeling with arms and legs on ball.Kneeling with Both Arms and Legs on Ball
Bosu ball, kneeling with one arm raised and opposite leg raised. Kneeling with One Arm Raised and Opposite Leg Raised

Good for you, to be interested in improving yourself and your body-mind balance when you work on your Bosu Balance Ball! Finding your personal strength through working on your overall fitness, your core and your balance, will help you find balance in all things in your  life!

May your journey to body-mind-soul healing be much improved by my Bosu Balance Trainer exercises for overall fitness strength training!

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