Nothing is Hidden from your Soul!

Our bodies reveal that nothing is hidden. Emotional issues that you have not released create distress and illness in your life.

If this is true, let us explore the mind-body connection further. This mind-body connection will include the Soul because the Soul knows all. Nothing is hidden from your soul or your true self.

'The measure of enlightenment is how comfortable you feel with your own contradictions.' ~ Great Indian Teacher, Unknown

Let’s reflect back on the concept that we bottle up our emotions - those same emotions that come as responses when we cannot control our external world (See How Emotions Affect Our Body and The Body Window). 

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We brainwash ourselves into believing that we need to suppress these strong emotions. We take the stiff upper lip route and go on as if nothing affects us. We believe that we have gotten rid of the strong emotions. We believe that all of this is taken care of.

In reality nothing is hidden at all. We have only hidden these emotions from ourselves, hidden them from our minds. They are stored in our bodies instead, because the mind chooses to ignore them. If we do not deal with this mind-body disconnection, the issue becomes a body-mind-soul issue, which eventually causes us pain, or illness or dis-ease. Nothing is hidden!

Out of the Abundance of the Heart, the Mouth Speaks:

Yet somehow, our true self always manages to seep out. Nothing is hidden! We give ourselves away all the time in what we say, or most often in what we try to deny. We begin a lot of sentences denying something by saying, “It’s not that I …” You fill in your blanks. And we say it with emphasis, refuting the very thing that we have brought forth to our own consciousness!

If you pay attention to this, you will hear it in people’s speech all the time. ‘It’s not that I don’t want to see my mother, it’s because I have to get the grocery shopping done!’ ‘It’s not that I don’t get along with my boss, it’s just that my boss doesn’t listen!’ ‘It’s not that I can’t get a date, it’s that I don’t have anywhere to meet people!’ How can you negate something that you brought up into your own mind? Where did that thought originate? It wasn’t in someone else's mind, but in your own.

The thought is already there, already spoken, already exists. Your own intuition wants to bring this into light but because you judge the emotions or thoughts as offensive, you deny them. But your denial is telling the world that nothing is hidden, because you have already stated it.

My absolute favorite quote is from Luke 6:45, “For of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.” You inadvertently give away that which is in your heart and mind all the time. You just can’t help it. Nothing is hidden!

It is important that you become aware of this process. Through awareness, you can invite wholeness and healing. Try not to judge what you are saying, or try to edit what you are saying, but stay aware. It is important not to judge yourself, but stay loving and compassionate to yourself as you decide to be more open to what is in your heart that needs to be said, and as you decide to be more open to what wants attention within you.

You can decide to hear what is really in your heart. Try not to punish yourself in this process. As you become aware that nothing is hidden, really, it can be a process of learning and growing. But you must choose to be honest with yourself.

Stormy Autumn over the West Spanish Peak, ColoradoStormy Autumn over the West Spanish Peak, Colorado

Embodied Emotions:

Just as your secrets slip out through your mouth unconsciously, just as frequently, they come out through your body. The mind-body connection is very strong indeed. Since your body is a window to your soul, nothing is hidden here either. Your secrets come out one way or another.

You often try to deny the very emotion that is asking for your respect and attention. This denied emotion is precisely where you have your own issues. If anger in another person repulses you, most likely you are repulsed by your own anger. You are repulsed by the very emotions in others that you try to deny in yourself and judge as bad.

You deny that you have the emotion, and instead of feeling it and releasing it, the emotion begins to build up in you as a memory in your body, in your tissues and cells.

Nothing is hidden really, but stored away, perhaps until you are ready to deal with it. Or if the suppressed emotions lead to physical pain, eventually the pain will have to be acknowledged and released, or treated with external remedies, i.e., seeing the doctor, taking medications, therapy, and so forth.

In this case it is your body that is telling you that nothing is hidden!

My Body Window Speaks:

A great example of my own struggle with the "nothing is hidden" concept is as follows. I have cognitively known for a long time that I have an issue with the expression anger. I grew up in a situation where anger and irritation were freely and strongly expressed, so I of course learned this method well. At some point in my life I decided that I needed to work on my anger issues.

Anger is a very strong emotion that we all experience, at one time or another, and it is very hard to control at least from my personal perspective. For me, anger always came out more in private settings at home, and I was more able to control it in public settings. However, I often failed there too. Suppression of anger was working fairly well, or so I thought.

Sometime in my adult life, I developed itchy ears. I have had it for so long, that I no longer remember when it began. I went to the doctor several times with the issue, and the antibiotic drops would cure it for a while, but the itch would always come back. As a self-directed person and self-healer, I read about chronic otitis externa, or external ear infection or more commonly known as ‘swimmer’s ear.’

I tried all the Ear, Nose and Throat specialists advice about blow drying the ears after a shower, avoiding putting anything in the ears, etc, etc. Nothing worked for long, and my ears would sometimes itch to the point of my insanity.

I would ask myself, since I knew about the mind-body connection through symbols and metaphors, “What is it that I am itching for?” “What is it that I don’t want to hear?” I would say affirmations like, “ I hear everything with love,” over and over again to try to cure myself. Still my ears itched. I finally resigned myself to having chronic external ear itching.

One day, more recently, I was writing about this phenomenon, and I was addressing the issue. I was reassuring myself that what I was experiencing was not infection in my ears, but simply irritation.

I got instantly, emotionally stuck on the word ‘irritation.’ A gigantic strobe light started flashing in my head! I got goosebumps all over and I knew instantly that I was on to something! I knew my feeling was right.

The itch wasn’t about not ‘hearing’ or ‘itching for something’ at all! It was about irritation or more appropriately spelled, ear-ritation! My ears were about my level of irritation in the moment, or my way of disguising the anger and irritation I was feeling! I was hiding my irritation from my conscious mind, but my body was telling me the truth about my inner condition.

Nothing is hidden! My anger was coming out of my ears!

Feeling It and Healing It!

This self-knowledge absolutely blew me away. I became extremely angry with myself that over all these years I had learned nothing at all about healing and health. I was still stuck in old patterns. I was just like that which I was trying so hard NOT to be like and thought I had conquered!

These feelings of anger against myself were pretty intense at the time. To come to the realization that I was unable to see what my body had been trying to say to me over the years, and for so long was stunning to me. I was a hoax. I knew I had to express and deal with this emotion so it would not be stored for later body symptoms!

Somehow, I managed to feel this emotion deeply, and as a result of feeling it deeply was able to release it. I did this by discussing it with a compassionate sister who shared my growing up experience. She is a spiritual guide and virtuoso.

Yoga Pigeon PosePigeon Pose Modified with Arms Extended Upward

Thoughts and Emotions Create Matter

This problem had only taken me about 20 years to figure out, or more appropriately, it took 20 years for me to be able to hear the message. The message was patiently waiting, until I was ready to hear it! Despite my belief that I was managing my anger from a conscious perspective, the emotion still was seeping out in a very cleverly disguised way, through my Body Window. Nothing is hidden! My anger was literally coming out of my ears!

How powerful indeed is the body-mind-soul connection? How amazing that the body, mind, and soul are all one.

It is our mind's energy, the emotion or thought that is transformed into matter, or the physical symptom in our bodies. Our physical body is stating our Truth.

The body is just giving us the information by translating the energy from our True Selves. The body must do this, since the left-brain is blocking it from our consciousness. Thought creates matter. Emotion creates matter. The mind-body connection.

Nothing is hidden!

The Body Window Delivers an Ongoing Message:

This above illustration is to point out just how hidden our true selves can be to us. We think we are effective at hiding our true emotions, our true state of being. It is an illustration on how deep our emotions can be and how they can affect our body as it tries over and over again to be heard. Nothing is hidden! It may be hidden to our minds, but not to our bodies!

Even when we are actively seeking an answer, our true selves can elude us. This is where I believe a caring, non-judgmental professional can help, as well as a compassionate attitude toward our own selves, our own becoming. It is with the loving, guiding presence of another human being, who validates that it is safe to be who we really are, and supports the process of inner discovery.

It is the partner and guide who does not direct, but allows the individual to discover their own inner truth and wisdom. In the process the guides themselves are supported and validated and changed by the inner journey of others. The partnership is a two-way street of tapping into the collective being, of what it is to be a human.

Such partners can be spiritual directors, support groups, holistic health coaches, and bodywork practitioners: body rolling, Feldenkrais or Rosen method practitioners, massage therapists, chiropractors and psychotherapists or any method that speaks to your heart.

I wish I could say that my ears no longer itch, because on occasion they do. But when they itch, I now know that nothing is hidden and my anger needs to be addressed. It is a strong signal to me from my physical body, letting me know that I am irritated by something, or I don’t want to listen to whatever is trying to unfold itself to me. I stop, take a few deep breaths, and allow myself to focus on the irritation, and fully experience it. I don’t choose to dwell on the irritation, but feel it, in the moment that it is happening.

Then a few seconds later I can re-focus on what really is going on, what is causing my anger. It is always humbling to know that nothing is hidden, my anger always shows itself.

Emotions are Neither Good nor Bad – They just Are!

Because my feelings are OK, not good or bad but just information about my inner condition or desires, this allows me to release my feelings and bring about a rapid change in my demeanor. I always make sure I thank my ears for letting me know I am angry or irritated. In this way, my brain acknowledges my anger, it is acceptable for my heart to feel it, and my body does not have to store it up for another time and another physical manifestation.

Nothing is hidden!

Rock formations, Canyonlands, UTA peek through a rock "window" at Canyonlands, Utah

My Patient's Body Window Speaks:

Here is another story to illustrate how nothing is hidden. I had a patient who I was seeing in the home that was suffering from immobility from a chronic disease that involved a lot of physical pain. She was elderly, but in full mental capacity. She lived with her husband who was her opposite: He was physically capable but mentally disabled. They had caregivers that were in the home 16 hours a day, and I, the RN, would see her 3 times a week to manage her care, under Medicare guidelines.

She would lie in bed for up to 12 hours a night, on her back, rigid and without moving. She claimed this was the only way she could relax and be without pain, but to see her, she appeared anything but relaxed. She always presented as a bundle of nerves, lying there, with her body rigid and full of tension. Her arms were crossed tightly over her chest and her legs were stiff and held tightly together. (If you are observant you will see that nothing is hidden, really! You just need to pay attention and open your eyes.)

She had a superficial bedsore, on her backside, at the time of her admission to our home care services. She also appeared to have problems with controlling her bowel and bladder, even though she lacked a medical diagnosis to substantiate the control problems.

I usually saw her in the early morning, in bed, so I could more easily assess and treat her skin condition. I would monitor her care from the caregivers, and ensure that her bedsore would heal up.

Just as I would get ready to discharge her under the Medicare rules, on my next visit she had developed another superficial bedsore, even though her care had not changed. Her bladder control was directly proportionate to the bedsores. When she was up and out of bed, she could control her bladder just fine, but in bed, she could not. Wet skin was contributing to the bedsores.

Being the responsible nurse, I had explained to her that under the rules of Medicare I could continue to visit her as long as she had the bedsore. The rest of her care was what Medicare called “maintenance” and did not require the skilled care of an RN, but the caregivers she already had were sufficient.

We would also chat about her anxiety, and how it affected her pain level. I even took her through deep breathing exercises to try to help her gain awareness regarding her tension. Her life-held patterns of tension were very great, and she would try to use her ‘mind’ to help her relax. Her medication was also slowly helping her pain.

I was able to help heal her superficial bedsore, and then she would develop another. I would get that one healed, and she would get yet another. This would go on for weeks.

I don’t know why it took so long for me to recognize, but finally I did. She was using her skin to keep me in the home, to keep me visiting, because she was afraid I would stop coming. She was using her urinary control issue to contribute to the bedsores! Nothing is hidden!

I sat on the edge of her bed the next visit, and we discussed her fear. I assured her she had top-notch caregivers, and it was time for her to ‘graduate’ from me. She actually was able to recognize that she was controlling her environment through her skin, and that her emotion of fear was involved in whether she had a bedsore or not.

Her facial expressions confirmed to me that this was a new awareness for her, that indeed, she had not been doing anything intentionally. I’ll never forget the look she gave me, of embarrassment and guilt, laying on the bed, with her quilt held tightly under her chin. Her face was red like a little child who had been caught with her hand in the cookie jar.

But I assured her, that it was no fault of her own. Her skin, via the bedsore, was expressing her fear that she was losing a trusted care provider! What an unusual way to be thanked for my care! Her Body Window was being used, through her skin, to express her emotion of fear, unbeknown to her. The body is a window to the soul - your inner condition. Nothing is hidden!

The key to understanding emotions is that emotions are neither good nor bad! They just are! They are merely sources of information about your inner condition, your inner desires!

Nothing is hidden!

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