Achieving Emotional Health through the Mind-Body Connection

Your emotional health can be vastly improved through the use of bodywork tools. Here is my personal experience with body as a tool for health

'The body is the place that memories call home.' ~ Deepak Chopra

Creating health for my emotional state happens best for me in the early morning. All is quiet and still. I love this time when the freshness of the new day brings new hope.

It is in the early morning that I can better tune into myself for the creation of emotional health through my body that I call intuitive movement.

It is through my mind-body connection that I can start my process for healing of my body-mind-soul. I use my body window - my body as a window to health, a window to my soul.

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I remember my mother's advice as a girl, when in the evening I would be sad and discouraged about something. She would always say, "Things will look better to you in the morning!" And she was right.

In the newness of the morning I can begin the day with clarity and gratitude. I am rested and I'm in the proper frame of mind that I need for self-love and self-care.

The early morning is the time when I can find emotional release from all the prior day's concerns and issues. The emotional energy that is stored in me from the prior day needs to be released. Dreams from the night need to be recognized and processed as well. I relish the self-care that bodywork provides.

I nurture myself when I do my bodywork. The release of old emotions that comes with bodywork, allows me to gain more emotional energy, so that I can provide others with the emotional support that they need from me.

This is how I create emotional health, because I know without a doubt that emotions affect our body.

If I move my body in meditative fashion, with awareness through movement, I can stay healthy physically, emotionally and spiritually. What you do for the body affects the mind and the soul. What you do for the mind affects the body and the soul. What you do for one, you do for the other. This is why bodywork is so important!

It is proven that when you relax your body, you relax your mind and find better health. Your emotional health is reflected in the physical state of your body!

Never underestimate the power of the mind-body connection to create or destroy your health. Emotional health can be achieved through bodywork.

Body-Mind Meditation

In the freshness of the morning I go to my sacred space. I light a candle. I sit on the floor on my yoga mat in the half lotus position. I begin to center myself and become more aware. I am aware of my breath. I am aware of the birds beginning to wake up and chirp. I am aware of the ache in my hips and lower back - the ever-constant reminder that I have to acknowledge and release the emotions that I store deep in the core of my being. I thank my hips and lower back for their ongoing message to me. 

As I breathe deeper, I say a prayer of gratitude for all my blessings. I say my positive affirmations. I say prayers as I feel necessary. Then, I become still to the Presence and the Awareness.

I stay silent and remain aware of my breath for as long as I feel.

Seated, Wide-legged Side Bend at Playa del Carmen, MexicoSeated, Wide-legged Side Bend at Playa del Carmen, Mexico

After a time, as my breath deepens, and when I am ready, I slowly stretch out my left arm to the side and move toward the ground with my upper body. I am aware of the pull in my right side. With each deeper breath, I move just a little lower, a little deeper into the stretch. I tell my right hip and right side that I give it permission to release.

I intuitively move toward the other side, to maintain my body balance in all things. I hold the stretches for as long as I desire.

I intuitively know where the physical hurt is, where the held emotional pain is, where my inflexibility is. I move toward that area next and stretch it. Or I foam roll it. I especially use the foam rolling for my upper back and lower back to roll deeply into my emotional core.

I sink into the movement, recognize my emotions tied to this area, and give them permission to release. I do Yoga poses for this area. I work on my hips too, doing foam roller exercises for the iliopsoas, and foam roller exercises for the piriformis and gluteus muscles. I move into various poses and stretches in this area, or in other areas as I feel the need or want.

Freedom in Movement

There is great freedom in movement. You can actually turn off the mind and just breathe and move. The movements are slow, meditative and inward looking. This type of movement and stretching is effective for me because it is still ‘doing something.’ It is very effective when I can’t turn off the ‘having to do something,’ and I now can concentrate on the movement itself and the deep flowing breath. This intuitive movement technique also brings about emotional release, and the resultant emotional health.

My hips and lower back are strong emotional centers for me, and when I need to understand a message that my body is saying to me, my hips and lower back can really ache. I know now that the stronger the ache, the more urgent it is for me to listen to my body. I know that it is very important not to skip the bodywork, not to skip the Yoga or foam rolling. The emotions that I carry in my hips and lower back tell me that if I don’t deal with this my emotional health will suffer.

It is precisely when I have the most body issues that the emotional pain is the greatest, and the more important it is to do my body meditations and intuitive movements. Even though it feels like I have no time or no energy, the meditative movements are so beneficial to me for my emotional health. I connect to my emotions by using my body, through this powerful mind-body connection.

Lately, I feel heavy and drained from the grief that I carry from my father’s passing. (See In Loving Memory) Connecting with my inner self through my body allows me to find peace and to release my grief for the time being. This is how powerful the mind-body connection is for emotional health. Even my grief can be assuaged for the moment, when I connect through my body. Meditative movement, in the moment, brings me peace.

So give it a try today. Learn how to enhance your emotional health by connecting with your soul, through your body window. Learn how to use the mind-body connection for health and total healing in your life. This type of bodywork might just save your health.

'The physical world, including our bodies, is a response of the observer. We create our bodies as we create the experience of our world.' ~ Deepak Chopra

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