Creating Sacred Spaces in Your Life for Healing

Creating sacred spaces for ourselves allows for healing in our own special place!

"We all need a place of refuge, where we can reflect on our day, go inward for Peace and learn about who we really are."

The ideal setting for reconnecting with your soul is in creating a sacred space, a special area that you can return to for solace, where you will be uninterrupted by your surroundings.

In order for you to heal your body, you must unify your body, mind and soul. By creating a sacred space, you can have a place that is sacred for you and for you alone.

This special place may be just a corner that you set up in your living room, bedroom or other room in your house or it can be a healing oasis, like a garden or a special building or room.

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When you create your own sacred space, this is where you can meditate, cry, center your prayers, and give praise and thanks to God/Universal Love. It is a sacred space where you can do your intuitive movement and your Body Blessing Prayer.

It is a place where you can also create your positive affirmations for health. It is a sacred space where all the negative baggage in your life is left behind, and where you can just be you. It is a sacred space where you stay present to yourself, and provide yourself love and warmth in your journey towards healing. It is a healing space.

Physical or Metaphorical – It’s All the Same Sacred Space

Creating sacred spaces may only consist of places that exist as a metaphor in your mind as opposed to an actual physical space. You can visualize your sacred space when you need to, to create peaceful feelings when you are in an emotional moment in which you feel out of control. Visualize your sacred space and use the 90-second rule to return to homeostasis, or emotional balance. (See how emotions affect our body for an explanation of the 90-second rule).

I have two sisters that have created healing gardens. One calls her healing garden a prayer garden. They are both beautiful and peaceful gardens out-of-doors that have beautiful plants, water fountains, flowerpots, arbors, vines, garden ornaments and stepping-stones with inspirational designs or sayings.

They have gone to great lengths to create sacred spaces – a meditation area of calm and the result is beautiful. You can create your own sacred space just as they did.

My sacred space is outdoors on my deck, what I consider a real healing space. It overlooks the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and the Spanish Peaks in Southern Colorado.

The deck is actually removed from the house, out on a small hill with a tremendous view. If my husband is unable to find me, he knows that this is where I am. The view from the deck never ceases to inspire me, despite owning the property for many years.

There is plenty of space for my yoga mat and foam roller, my two instruments for meditation and intuitive movement. I go there whenever I can to watch the sunrise and sunset, which I often incorporate into my meditation and healing practice. I am often more moody in cold and inclement weather, because I need to stay indoors for my stillness practice and movement therapy and can’t do it on the deck.

My yoga mat on my deck with a mountain view, my personal sacred space.My Yoga Mat on my Deck with Grand Mountain View

You can create your own sacred space outdoors wherever you go. Often when people are outdoors, they tend to have to be going somewhere all the time, instead of using the outdoors for creating sacred spaces.

The next time you go outdoors, try stopping in the middle of your hike, run, bike or drive and sit still for a few minutes. Meditate on the beauty of the natural cathedral. There is spirituality wherever you go when you are outdoors. 

All places outdoors can be sacred spaces. Look at the sky, the flowers, or sit by a stream and empty your thoughts. Creating sacred spaces is only as limited as your ability to see, really see, and your willingness to take the time.

Since I travel a lot, my yoga mat defines my metaphorical healing space, my personal sacred space. When I sit or stand on the mat, my demeanor changes instantaneously.

I sit half-lotus style on the mat to meditate and say my affirmations. I perform all my yoga postures and intuitive movement on it. When it is not in use, I roll up my sacred space, to protect it from intrusion.

If I am at home and indoors during inclement weather, I light candles to add to the feel. It is a way to add ‘light’ in the darkness during the winter when my slight seasonal depression kicks in.

There is my body-mind-soul issue, for sure - the seasonal depression that hits me every winter. Without my stillness practice and my intuitive movement, I would really struggle through the darkest winter months.

If you are creating your own sacred space indoors or in a separate room, you can simply place a soft cushion on the floor in a corner. Add a cushion for your back if you like.

Put a small stand by the cushions that have candles, incense, faith symbols, pictures of religious icons, or whatever connects you with your soul. Some people make a little altar, place crystals or stones or images that speak to them or give them energy.

You can place pictures of loved ones, Jesus, angels, spiritual leaders or spiritual paintings. Follow your heart, and change the objects as you feel. Creating a sacred space is very personal and it is your sacred space – yours alone. 

Your Own Sacred Space

Sometimes you have to answer to others when creating sacred spaces. It may be embarrassing to create your own sacred space if it is an actual room or corner. It may be awkward for you if your family doesn’t share your beliefs.

I hope you will not be ridiculed for your efforts. Maybe start out small. Say you are going to create a corner to escape and to ‘read.’ When you come out loving and refreshed, I know your family will soon learn of its value in their lives as well as yours!

Slowly add objects if you want. I hope you try it and create your own sacred space in your life. Creating sacred spaces brings a whole new dimension to your health and healing.

You can create your own sacred space to bring you Peace and create positive energy, God/Love – energy where you can go repeatedly. Everyone needs a sacred space, a healing place where you commit to never being negative, never allowing non-healing thoughts to enter.

If you start with a ‘space’ to create only positive energy, it will slowly seep into all areas of your life. And slowly your life will be a different life, one of different perspectives and understandings.

Use your sacred space for healing on a daily basis. It is important that you connect with your spirituality whenever you can to find calmness and peace, if only for 10 minutes each day. It must become part of your routine to find the healing space you need to heal your body-mind-soul. So make a commitment to create your own sacred space today!

By creating sacred spaces we can have a healing place we can go to escape the pressures of life. We can create an area that promotes calm and connection to our body-mind-soul for health and healing.

May you daily turn to your own personal sacred space in your physical area, or in your mind, to re-capture your soul!

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