In All Situations, Put Together Your List of Affirmations

When life is tough and you are discouraged, put together your list of affirmations.

'I love the man who can smile in trouble, who can gather strength from distress and grow brave by reflection.' ~ Thomas Paine

When it all seems futile and when everything seems to go wrong, breathe, remain calm and work on your affirmations to change your energy. When your body is tired and your health is suffering, still put together the list!

We all go through challenges in life. We all ask ‘why’ and ‘why me.’ In our self-absorption, our own world seems to be the only thing that matters. We focus on ourselves only, and on our own problems. We fail to stay present to the moment, present to the Universe around us. We fail to see the endless possibilities. All we see is the failure, the pain, and the unfairness of it all.

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Changing our attitude and our negativity to one that is positive is always possible. We all have negative thoughts. The negative thoughts and emotions in and of themselves are not bad. We can accept that we will have negative thoughts and negative emotions.

As we learned in how emotions affect our body, thoughts and emotions are neither good nor bad. They are just information about ourselves. They are information on what we really feel about the situation. Every emotion that results from our thoughts does need to be acknowledged.

What happens next is what we do have control over. We can choose to hold that negative thought and it’s concomitant negative emotion, or we can choose to replace the thought with something positive. All future thoughts are now a choice.

The only way to change negative outcomes is to replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts. When the negativity comes, the feeling of worthlessness, the pain, the ache and such, replace the thought with something from your list of affirmations.

You can create positive affirmations for all things. I helped you create positive affirmations for health. You can apply the same principle to all things in your life that you hope to change. 

Negative thoughts are affirmations too. They are just negative affirmations! They affirm that you are negative, that your substance is negative and your emotions are negative.

Repeated negative thoughts and emotions affirm that your being is negative. The energy created is contracting, flowing inward as you internalize the negative thoughts. Then negative thoughts and feelings become your beliefs. Your beliefs become your reality.

The internalized negative energy is stored in your body to create blocked energy, congestion, muscle knots, muscle hot spots and dis-ease.

When negativity becomes a way of life, it may become difficult to change. I think we all know people who are chronically negative. It is miserable to be around them. There is a reason why people choose negativity over positivity.

Storm over the Mountains of Puerto RicoStorm Gathering over the Mountains

How to make your list of affirmations work:

  • Be grateful for all you have and all that you are
  • Bless yourself with Love
  • Say them before you believe them
  • Make them positive
  • Make them in the present tense
  • Write them down
  • Say them out loud
  • Say them into the mirror as you smile
  • Say them daily
  • Say them before you fall asleep at night
  • Bless yourself with Love
  • Be grateful for all you have and all that you are

Even when you don’t believe it you still say the positive affirmations. Even when you don’t believe it you will create your list of affirmations. The power of the spoken word from a created positive thought changes you.

Just thinking of something happy or something pleasant changes your body, changes the surface of your skin to one of expanding energy. It creates the flow from within to the outer world to attract your desires.

The trick is to create your list of affirmations from your list of what it is you wish to achieve. Then, repeatedly thinking and saying the affirmations from your list creates the energy to make it come true.

Positive affirmations need to be said every day and before you go to bed at night. Instead of stewing on your negative thoughts all night, percolate on the positive from your personal list of affirmations.

Your personal list of affirmations can include prayers, meditations, sayings you like, songs, verses and poetry or whatever brings to your mind your desired result. If you like mine, use them or create your very own. You can also say the self affirmations that I have created.

Make it a habit to write down your dreams, your hopes and your desires. Then look at the list of dreams and turn them into your personal list of affirmations!

Say you wish to slow down more and enjoy life. You wish to have more energy and less stress in your life. You wish to simplify your life and simplify yourself. Instead of focusing on what’s wrong and ruminating on the negative, write down everything you would like. Then create your list of affirmations for that desire, like this:

  • I have plenty of time to accomplish what is important.
  • I move and flow with ease through life.
  • I move to the rhythm of life.
  • I move to the rhythm of the Earth.
  • I bless my body with Love.
  • I am enough.
  • I am grateful for all that I have and all that I am and it is enough.
  • I am happy with what is today.
  • I have all that I need.
  • I breathe in Love and breathe out stress.
  • I breathe in Hope and breathe out fear.
Alpine Lousewort WildflowerAlpine Lousewort Wildflower

If you repeat these affirmations on a daily basis, you will notice the change. Your attitude will change and your energy will change. You will now attract to you that which you desire as you move toward that which you want. Your attitude and energy moves first and then the positive energy will be manifested in the physical world.

We all know that research supports the notion that when you think of a warm, fuzzy kitten, your demeanor changes. You breathe deeper, your heart rate slows and your blood pressure goes down. This biological response can actually be recorded on the surface of your skin. It is the principle behind biofeedback.

What are your thoughts? What is in your list of thoughts? Are they lists of affirmations and positive thoughts or are they lists of negativity?

Negative thoughts are not bad. Everyone has them. But what you do with them is a choice. You can ruminate over and over again the negative thoughts. Or you can choose to change your biologic response by thinking and saying what’s on your list of affirmations instead!

When all else has failed, make your list of positive affirmations. Make your dreams come true! Just choose it and do it! Don’t wait another minute to put together your list of affirmations.


You can also move your attitude toward the positive by moving your body and listening to your body. The outward flow of energy that is created through movement of your body will help you create positive energy and therefore positive thoughts. This is my personal favorite. That is why my best results happen when I say my list of affirmations as I do my intuitive movement and long-held Yin Yoga poses!

You may wish to start with your body as well. Yoga, exercise stretches, foam rolling, body rolling and meditative walking (or other activities) can all help you create that initial positive flow to get you going!

Say your positive affirmations as you do these activities. You will get the benefit of two forces – the positive energy from your body as well as your mind – Powerful, indeed. This is a perfect combination for body-mind-soul healing.

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