Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

What does it mean to have a healthy body and healthy mind? Can one exist without the other? Do we need to add the healthy soul?

’Some people have a foolish way of not minding, or pretending not to mind, what they eat. For my part, I mind my belly very studiously, and very carefully; for I look upon it, that he who does not mind his belly will hardly mind anything else.’ ~ Samuel Johnson

Interestingly enough, over three hundred years ago, the English author and poet, Samuel Johnson, made a timely quote. Indeed, his comments are relevant today, as most health experts state that in order to control your risk for developing heart disease and other diseases, you need to keep your abdominal fat down.

If you are a man with a waist measurement of over 40 inches, or a woman with a waist of over 35 inches, your risk for disease starts to go up dramatically. Yet more Americans than ever are obese.

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Our lives have become so hectic and goal oriented, that we totally disconnect with our bodies. In our journey through life, we need to re-integrate our bodies back into our lives, back into our mind and soul. The reintegration is vital in order to have a healthy body, healthy mind and healthy soul.

When we fail to listen to our bodies, which are a reflection of our souls, we instead live the emotional roller coaster of chronic stress that feeds dis-ease, injury and illness. You can only integrate your body-mind-soul through the daily practices that lead to wholeness. A healthy body creates a healthy mind and soul.

You must commit to healthy lifestyle changes and healthy lifestyle habits that will create healing in your life. Health is a process of being that comes only when you believe that your body, mind and soul are sublimely intertwined. What you do to one, you do to the other.

If you abuse your body, you abuse your mind and your soul. You know how to care for your body, mind and soul. In order to have a healthy lifestyle, you just choose it and do it! Absolutely no ifs, ands or buts!

Your Body Window is the most important tool for you to access your inner self and create both a healthy body and a healthy mind. 

Alpenglow at sunrise in the Sunlight drainage under Jagged Peak, COAlpenglow at sunrise in the Sunlight drainage under Jagged Peak, CO

The following are key points in maintaining your body-mind-soul health:

  1. Learning to listen to your body, as described above, to find where your personal issues of stress-holding lie. See how to do a body scan, if you are not familiar with this concept in my article called, Developing Intuition By Using Your Body. 
  2. Creating joyful and mindful movement that you will stick to because it's fun and your heart and soul loves it! I call this "Intuitive Movement." It works so much better than exercise regimens that come and go with whatever is popular at the moment. It is imperative that you learn to listen to your body, especially when it comes to pushing yourself through a joyless exercise program, in the belief that you are doing something good for yourself.
  3. You need to learn to manage strong emotions so your body does not absorb the negativity and pain. You can learn to feel it and heal it! If you wish to learn how, read How Emotions Affect Our Body. Learning to feel it and heal it will keep your body healthy and therefore your mind and soul as well.
  4. Now you need to add a daily meditation practice to still your craziness and quiet the external noise. You must learn to become present to yourself in order to heal yourself. The Benefits of Meditation/Centered Prayer will help you plan for this.
  5. Staying positive and Creating Positive Affirmations for Health are vital in moving forward with your Body Window messages. Learning to love your situation, instead of always believing that you need to change it, is a matter of how you view life. It is your thoughts that change, not the situation, to provide you with a healthy body and healthy mind. Learn how to maximize your body's healing capacity through the powerful healing hormones called endorphins.
  6. Healthy Eating as a source of energy and nourishment in the body-mind-soul is an issue that you need to address. My approach is one of simple, non-stress-producing and non-dieting tips.
  7. If you wish to lose weight, you can try my healthy weight loss tips for a healthy body and a healthy mind. Often if you just change your eating habits to more healthy choices, the weight loss is automatic.
  8. Create a Sacred Space to shelter you, spiritually, mentally and perhaps physically to help you separate from the hectic activities of daily living. This place is sacred to you, and will always be there for you for healing and health. A healing space is essential for a healthy body and a healthy mind, even if it is only a metaphorical space.

If you develop these healthy lifestyle habits, you will have a healthy body, healthy mind and healthy soul and this will lead to wholeness and health in your body-mind-soul.

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